The new Iron Banner emote in Destiny 2 costs $10 and isn't available elsewhere

PowerUp! - "The new Iron Banner emote in Destiny 2 is available for purchase from the Eververse. Guardians are able to pay 1100 Silver, which equates to about $10 USD and $14.95 AUD."

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Notellin177d ago

What an absolutely awful deal. I play Destiny 2 but refuse to spend money on this predatory garbage.

corroios175d ago

I think bungie can put this emote where the sun doesnt shine. Right UP there.

Kokyu175d ago

Not surprised Bungie has sold its soul.

Neonridr175d ago

Bungie never fails to amaze me. It's like every time they do something stupid I say to myself "This has to be the last time.. right?"

InTheZoneAC175d ago

Call me backwards, but I've never been about microtransactions for items you're able to earn in game, but never had an issue for exclusive items you can only buy as long as it's not pay to win.

Eulderink175d ago

i guess it's just about making people more aware that these practices should not exist in games. Since these products are praying on the weak. I don't care for it myself, but i don't want this to be a common practice since it is literally ruining the gaming industry imo.

I wish we could go back where everything was included and when dlc was really adding something to do the game without it being pre-planned. I guess those days are pretty much numbered though.

Gh05t175d ago (Edited 175d ago )

How is a limited edition emote item "praying on the week"?

It's not a "chance" or "gambling" it's hey here is an emote we are only selling during this period. It cost $10 if you want it. That is just offering something for sale for a limited time. Loot boxes I can understand but this is the equivalent of just shopping.

My only complaint with this garbage is it's F2P practices in a P2P game.

amielucha175d ago

I agree with Backwards. If it's not giving the sucker who paid for an emote in a video game any advantage, who cares? Let them have it.

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The story is too old to be commented.