The PS5 will launch in 2020 prediction based on Sony CEO John Kodera comments

When will the PS5 come out? At an investors conference in Japan, Sony CEO John Kodera may have just revealed the launch date for he PlayStation 5 next-generation console.

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SlappingOysters208d ago

I reckon PS4 will have passed 100m by then and go down as one of the great consoles.

DarkVoyager207d ago

“Next PlayStation Is Three Years Off, Sony Says”

Company will spend the time preparing to ‘jump higher in the future,’ says head of videogame unit

milohighclub207d ago (Edited 207d ago )

The other article that's in the hottest says he didn't comment on a release date and I believe they have made this prediction based off sony stating a drop in profits for march 2021.
March 2021 is when they'll submit tax for the previous fiscal year.
Meaning the drop of profits will be for the year April 2020 to match 2021.
I still say fall 2020.

stefan_771207d ago (Edited 207d ago )

He also said PS4 is the focus until 2021. Early 2021 announcement, November release

SlappingOysters207d ago

I thought he just committed to supporting PS4 to 2021... so we will probably see some cross-gen games

Eldyraen207d ago

“2021” was from a strategic meeting with a general Sony plan for the next 3 years—ending March 31st. So 2020 makes a lot of sense actually. Anything past March 2020 would fall into that category (spring 2020 which Sony has liked this gen) so maybe last hurrah titles then ps5 in Holiday.

Or it could be sooner and that’s just when ps5 is expected to peak above revenue streams from PS4 in the same time period (probably not though). It’s all fincancial talk and no real specifics were given. They said to expect a “crouching down” until 2021 (lower profits than recent years) which could be because ps4 is tapering off to begin with, but also a new launch is also a time of lower profits since install bases are lower and production costs are at their highest. So 2020 is still a possibility, maybe even earlier rumored 2019 (still doubt but we should know by end of the year—e3/gamescom/PSX announcements).

obidanshinobi207d ago

Too soon ?

There really is no point in next gen consoles unless they can deliver a native 4K at 60fps for almost every game.
Can a games console contain that much power and release at an affordable price as early as 2020?

That_Guy244207d ago

No consoles still cant hit [email protected] in every game. There still isnt a single gpu that can [email protected] on 99% of games on pc yet with out having to turn down settings. Hopfully amd's Navi and Nvidia Turning or Volta which ever they use in the 1100 series gpu's will make 4k much easier to run.

thisismyaccount207d ago

Question is, is he going to be more like fat Kaz (2000)? or older Kaz(2013)? I got some bad vibes ..