God of War Update 1.23 is Live; Here’s What it Does

Santa Monica Studios has done an excellent job of identifying any issues with God of War and quickly nixing them through to give gamers the best gaming experience around. Update 1.23 has dropped and is ready to download.

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arkard124d ago

Bug fixes and improvements

chris235124d ago

thanks for saving me the click

TheKingKratos124d ago

I want new game plus damnit

Highlife124d ago

Yes and a surprise announcement at E3 God Of War DLC.

bloop124d ago

They said there's no plans for DLC, but like you, I'm still hoping too 🤞🏼I don't think I can wait for the sequel to get my fix.

O2003O124d ago

What is the size of the update please?

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen124d ago

I was thinking about replaying it once I'm done with DBH and Ratchet & Clank this weekend. God of War is an amazing game. This article is a waste of internet.

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meka2611124d ago

Not sure why there are so many updates for this. Didn't encounter a single bug while playing, it played great. I mean it's cool they are on top of things but just seems nuts.

Sunny_D124d ago

Me neither. Impressive since the game stays all in one camera shot.

TheDreamCorridor124d ago

I’ve noticed that these patches have gone a long way to improve the performance mode on PS4 Pro.