PlayStation VR Exclusive Summer Lesson: Allison & Chisato Gets English Trailer About Chisato Shinjo

A new trailer of the upcoming PlayStation VR exclusive Summer Lesson: Allison & Chisato stars the archetypal ojosama waifu Chisato Shinjo.

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Magnus203d ago (Edited 203d ago )

I just don't see why they can't port Summer Lesson to North America

plmkoh203d ago

You can't imagine all the bullcrap spin stories about this and that ethics 'n morals? I mean GTA got hammered for what it wasn't but fortunately it was a popular enough game for people to smell through the trash, this I can't imagine anyone raising their hand to spell the truth given subject matter.

ibrake4naps203d ago

This would just tease me into wanting a VR porn game