Illuminating the Shadowy Group Celebrating Valve's Latest Censorship Drive

Gamasutra contributor Katherine Cross digs into the history and agenda of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, a right-wing advocacy group gleefully campaigning for Valve to censor Steam games.

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MasterChief3624178d ago

It will never cease to boggle my mind that people are going to campaign against the games with sexual themes but not the ultraviolent ones. It's totally fine to have a game that will actually psychologically damage some people, where it starts out with watching your mom get beaten by your dad, then you're forced to shoot your dog by that same dad, and then not even 20 minutes later, your wife/girlfriend is decapitated right in front of you, with their head being played with for laughs by the villain.

But no, an animated nipple here and there. That's the real issue.

To clarify, I'm not saying they need to go after both violent games and sexual games. I'm saying that they should let developers stretch their wings for artistic freedom, especially if the game is clearly labeled to be for a mature audience.

Smokehouse178d ago

Gamasutra still exists? I thought they tanked after they went after games and gamers for misogyny? What was that woman’s name lol? Kinda ironic..