Days Gone is a moody, motor oil-stained take on the zombie formula | GR

Rachel Weber: "On my first visit to post-apocalyptic Oregon I only got to explore for 40 minutes - and the game is still months and months away from being finished, but what I saw showed a lot of promise. As the genre's name suggests, what's most important for an open-world game is the world-building at its core. Days Gone has one that feels familiar, sure, but it's also teeming with stories to uncover. My only complaint right now is that I have to wait until 2019 to get on my bike."

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UCForce204d ago

Like I said, the game impression is a mix positive. There is some problem in this game, but it has potential.

Christopher204d ago (Edited 204d ago )

I think the others focused heavily on the alpha stage of the game. To be honest, some of those issues could make it to publish, but hopefully they spend the next year fixing them all. UE4 is not known for its open world capabilities. State of Decay 2 uses the same engine and has some of the same issues we've seen in Days Gone as far as animations and glitches. Same with Conan Exiles.

IamTylerDurden1204d ago (Edited 204d ago )

It looks highly entertaining to me. I want to build a bike and take on the broken road. I want to infiltrate enemy camps using stealth, i want to blow away Freaker nests, craft weapons, upgrade my character, and take on swarming hordes.

I look forward to learning about the apocalypse and the history of Deacon. I want to make difficult moral decisions that could impact the game. I want to explore post apocalyptic Oregon and find stashes and secrets. I want to randomly bump into optional side quests and complete them without realizing. I want to defend against roadblock ambushes and crazy cults. I want to play this game.

This isn't TLoU, it may not have the narrative impact that ND's game had, but it doesn't need to. This is an open world, motorcycle riding, Sony Bend take on the apocalypse and it looks like a damn good time. I can't wait to play.

darthv72204d ago

What you describe sounds like Dead Rising 3, just more open world. Especially the crafting weapons and vehicular mowing down of swarms of undead.

Christopher204d ago

You won't be using vehicles to mow down infected in Days Gone. In fact, that damages your bike, which you have to maintain or be stranded on foot until you can repair it.

OB1Biker204d ago (Edited 204d ago )

'it may not have the narrative impact that ND's game had, but it doesn't need '
Exactly. Moreover the game doesn't need to please every one. Give me a challenging RPG survival open world on bike with a character I like very much and I don't care if most people prefer easy generic shooters (or able to play on easy, or mess about in the world ) I'm not saying TLOU is easy or generic and I love the game but its more for a mass appeal tbh whereas DG goes deeper into character skills and RPG like open world approach that's definitely not for everyone.

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KilluaX3204d ago

Another Zombie game. PS5 exclusives better be something else than Last of Us 3 and Weeks Gone.