EA @ E3 2018... Why God, Why?

EA at E3 2018 is an odd experience. Gamers should love that there are new games being shown, but the way EA goes about it just makes it impossible to get any satisfaction from the conference.

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I think this about sums up how I feel about EA in general.

DillyDilly60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

You will gotta pay to enter to see the show & pay again to sit down

lociefer60d ago

Assuming chairs aren't dlc

PrimeVinister60d ago

I lol'd violently and spat off-brand energy drink onto my keyboard :'D

DillyDilly60d ago

It's EA you will gotta pay even if they give out stuff

zackeroniii60d ago

Don't forget you have to pay to actually watch the show after getting seated.

narsaku60d ago

There's no point in adding another joke that was perfect.

indysurfn60d ago

I you to pay to sit down.
Pay to get in.
Pay to get ear muffs
Pay more to get ear filters because the ear muffs are cosmetic.
Pay to make the motion control STOP on your chair.
Pay to get in the double door exit line.
Pay to re enter the room after paying to use the close bathroom.
Pay to have your money changed into EA Micro transaction money.
Pay to sit in the room that skips the EA commercials
And Pay to leave before the speech is over.

Kun_ADR60d ago

Maybe there will be a dlc to unlock the whole conference.

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SegaGamer60d ago

EA's conferences are always boring, more often than not the worst.

DillyDilly60d ago

Not as bad as Ubisoft shows with whats her faces name as host

Araragifeels 60d ago

Ubisoft E3 host is so cringy.

Eonjay60d ago

She is always really cool and does a great job as host.

SegaGamer60d ago

I think they try a little too hard to be edgy, but they at least give us a show and show off some interesting games.

PapaBop60d ago

I actually like her and the Ubi shows in general, she's entertaining and isn't above self-deprecating humour which always goes down well at these sort of things. If only they got rid of their obligatory just dance crap, they'd be up there as one of my most anticipated conferences.

Kun_ADR60d ago

I thought she is very funny and her passion for gaming is real.

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gangsta_red60d ago

Agreed, I don't think I have ever been excited by an EA conference.

RainbowBrite60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

Yeah something like: Do you see? This is awesome. And the most awesome thing about it, you can buy every weapon and every piece of armor. So if you suck at the game it won't matter! As long as you give us money. And don't you hate when you have only one save file, well guess what for only 10 extra buckaroos you can have another save file Wooooooow EA it's in the gaaaame

thatguyhayat60d ago

Well you know what they say, get the worst one out the way first

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