Days Gone dev on zombie saturation: It’s like saying ‘superheroes are played out’

The creators of Days Gone have heard the criticism that there are too many zombie games out there, including some from Sony’s Naughty Dog studio that are among the finest games with the walking dead ever made. Nobody wants to create just one more zombie apocalypse game, even if it features a different setting from the usual urban rubble.

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PhoenixUp203d ago

Yeah it makes sense. There can never be a limit on how much entertainment media can be based on a certain genre or subgenre

UCForce203d ago

“Right now we’re just tuning. Tuning and polishing. The open world team is working hard to get the number of ambient events dialed in. The mission designers are busy polishing every part of the game. We have engineers polishing the animation. We have the audio team going through and polishing up all of the sound effects. Every part of the game is being polished. It’s 100 percent playable, like I said. I’ve beaten it. We feel pretty good about where we’re at, because now we can really pay attention to making it more fun and looking as good as we possibly can.” That’s good to hear and now they can focusing on polish and tuning the game. They have plenty of time.

Knushwood Butt203d ago

It's a fair point, but they should avoid wasting time on this topic, and instead focus on polishing the game.

No one will care about this zombie thing if the game is great.

UCForce203d ago (Edited 203d ago )

They did said that they are focusing on polish and tuning the game. The game is pretty much playable from start to end, now they have plenty of times to polishing it.

Knushwood Butt203d ago

Oh yeah, your post confirms a lot of polishing!

We must have posted at the same time.

UCForce203d ago

Well, they did said the game is finished and now they have plenty of time to fix the game. Just like God Of War, before release Cory Barlog did said that the game is finished and his team were just need more time to polish it.

Knushwood Butt203d ago

What is the release window for this again?

I think they have a lot of time to polish.

UCForce203d ago

Not so sure, but they did said that they will announce the release date soon.

PhantomS42203d ago

But...there are people who say superhero movies are played out. The difference is a lot of superhero movies are pretty good. Zombies are just stale and bland and boring no matter what medium they are in. Superheros you can always find a different one you like that changes things up for you, it's very hard to put a good enough spin on zombies to make them interesting. iZombie did a good job with that but The Walking Dead was pretty boring on touch down. 28 Days Later was kinda of interesting but the human side did the same stale zombie apocalypse tropes.

P_Bomb203d ago (Edited 203d ago )

I disagree. I like the zombie genre, and I like superheroes too. But naw, a lot of superhero movies and games have sucked hard as well.

How many decades did we wait for a good Batman game? Superman64? Have you watched the newest Fantastic Four? Punisher: Warzone? Blade 3? Ghost Rider Vengeance? Xmen Origins: Wolverine that even the Deadpool movies call out as trash? The inhumans TV series that was cancelled before it even finished airing? Yeah Zombies gave us Carl memes, but BvS gave us Martha.

The difference is you just don’t like zombies/apocalypse settings. That’s fine, but not enough reason to kill a genre. Hell my eye twitches every time I see another game set in WW1 or WW2. It is what it is.

PhantomS42203d ago

Well I said "a lot" of superhero movies, not 'all'. Which is a massive difference. But the fact remains if you get sick of reading/watching Superman you can to go Batman or Deadpool for something different. With zombies there are very few standouts that really put a spin on the concept. But you can say this about literally any genre of media for example you could say cop drama tv shows are played out and follow the same beats/troupes/character arcs but there are still a few standouts that put a spin on things to make it interesting. The zombie genre is at a point where to make an actually interesting zombie game/movie/show you need to go very far outside the box to make the zombies interesting and then make the survivors not fall into the boring trope.

jaymacx203d ago (Edited 203d ago )

What causes Genre fatigue is the lack quality of the games being released and the releasing of multiple clones. As with Super heroes the good films/tv shows stand out and are appreciated, while the ones with poor writing/plot are causing the fatigue. This is true for games as well. A quality game will be appreciated. We just don't want companies making a zombie game without great writing and gameplay.

81BX203d ago

It's a factor but not the only 1

Knushwood Butt203d ago

I recently saw the new Avengers movie, and regretted it.

Irony is, on the same day, before going, I watched an episode of Friemds, season 1, from like 1994, and there were way more laughs and entertainment in those 22 mins than the entire 149 min runtime of Avengers IMAX 3D .....

rainslacker202d ago

Bad superhero movies are played out. Good ones are always welcome.

Plus, when it comes to superhero movies, you're always going to have people who complain about it, because that community is more divisive than gamers are.

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Madmoose203d ago

They kind of are though. I mean as much as I love superheroes and such, I can also say that I feel like I'm getting bombarded and kind of overwhelmed with superhero stuff. And I say that while still thoroughly enjoying a lot of it and conceding that a lot of it is pretty damn good. However, I had to start limiting my intake, because it was just becoming too much. Nonetheless, as long as they game nails the things that it's supposed to, that's not going to matter in the long run. So just worry about that my friend and the rest will sort itself out. A lot of things go in Cycles anyway.

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