Sony Will Win This Generation, And The Next, As Long As They Give Fans What They Want: Pachter

As long as they continue to offer fans what they want, they will always triumph over Xbox, Pachter says.

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Reaprr29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Doesn't really take a genius to know this. I just want every company at their best. I don't care what position they fall in on the market.

Thatguy-31029d ago (Edited 29d ago )

The PlayStation brand is the strongest in the industry worldwide. The last generation they were able to make a comeback for that reason alone!! They launched late at a 600$+ price tag with crappy third party ports and look how they still managed to sell 80+ million WW. No other company would've been able to survive that. MS scrapped a lot of the things that people weren't liking about the Xbox one before they even launched the system and look how the damage is still affecting them. As long as PlayStation stays its course and offer us what truly matters which is gaming experiences that can't be found anywhere else then they will always win in gamers eyes.
I still chuckle at this because that's the same E3 Sony slaughtered the Xbox brand and dragged it in front of gamers worldwide lol

29d ago
Thatguy-31029d ago (Edited 29d ago )

You're point is??? It's not like they're investing all that money into their gaming division. It's well known MS makes a ton of money since the majority of it comes from things outside of their gaming division. But I got one question. As an XBOX consumer, what are you getting from all that money they make as a company sir?

darthv7229d ago

Well, you got to admit that MS's arrogance was what really helped Sony win before even leaving the gate. People were so turned off by the thought of what was in store that there was no other choice but to flock to Sony for safety and comfort.

Best thing to happen to the PS4 was the XBO reveal.

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UCForce29d ago

@j-blaze Well, one problem with MS. MS doesn’t think outside of the boxes. They have more money than Sony and Nintendo, but they don’t take risk.

UCForce29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

@j-blaze Then tell me this,why MS ignore competition ?

zeuanimals28d ago


How do you suppose that their gaming division is the best financially when they've sold less consoles and games in every generation? And you do know that they lump a bunch of other, non gaming things in with their gaming numbers, right?

JaguarEvolved28d ago

Sony PlayStation is the best console gaming company and I really like that they focus the most on core gamers. While other console gaming companies will make a lot of money then abandon their core audience to cater to casual gaming crowd Sony doesn't but would rather to make a lot more games for their core gaming fans.

trooper_28d ago

j-blaze: Let me know when you can shove money in an XB1 and play games on it.

Otherwise, no one gives a hoot about profits if it's not being used!

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Gaming_1st28d ago (Edited 28d ago )


Thats value and im sure as MS does with everything, it's a little skewed for sure. Cause we know for a fact MS lost billions of dollars during the first 2 consoles they launched and just recently started profiting in the Xbox division.


Did you just really say Sony copied everything MS has done? Each console makers does thing from each other. Sony is a leader not a follower. And always has been.

Realms28d ago


Good for MS but are they investing all that money into the gaming division? Nope corporations are set up to make money otherwise they wouldn't exist, what good is to point out all the money MS is making only to realize that they aren't willing to invest much of any of that money in the console you love so much.

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Ceaser985736129d ago

Sony is delivering on games and if they do BC on PS5 people will go crazy and the PS 5 will sell like hot cakes instantly

Kiwi6629d ago (Edited 29d ago )

But people apparently don't care about or want BC according to some on here who like to point out that BC is amongst the lowest requested/used features on consoles, so what makes you think that BC on PS5 would change that ?

Ceaser985736129d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Well by the time PS 5 comes out i am expecting the PS 4 to do over 100 mil units sold to customers

So i believe if Sony can introduce BC on PS 5 say 2 years after PS 5 launches since the support to PS 4 will stop post 2022 i believe, so those huge number can jump to the PS 5 giving the console a boost in sales

Also Sony can come out during launch or after a year and say all digital games bought on the PS 4 are playable on the PS 5 , that will be awesome

kneon28d ago


BC is most useful at the beginning of a generation when there aren't enough games available. After a few years it's just not that important.

Kiwi6628d ago

So people are down voting me for saying what others say about BC or do people suddenly suffer from amnesia

Mmmkay28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Digital ps4 games will be playable on ps5, why else would all the yakuza games be remastered this late in the generation? To set it up for ps5 launch!

Stogz28d ago

@Kiwi66 I haven't seen anyone say they dont want it, people have said it's not as big of a thing as xbox fans make it out to be. You guys make it out to be this huge deal when it's nothing more than a nice feature.

Razzer28d ago

"BC is most useful at the beginning of a generation when there aren't enough games available. After a few years it's just not that important. "

Exactly right.

Kiwi6628d ago (Edited 28d ago )

To those disagreeing guess you guys have never seen the comments from some who say that they didn't buy a new console to play old games which includes BC or the ones who talk about opinion poll results about BC which state that BC isn't a highly requested feature

zeuanimals28d ago


Backwards compatibility, when it started, was there to give people access to a larger library at the start of the generation. It's always been a crutch. The fact that it's now being rebranded as something so amazing and especially this late into the gen is telling. Xbox is that damn dry right now.

Razzer28d ago

BC isn't a highly requested feature three plus years AFTER launch. I and others have said that BC is a "nice to have", but hardly a must have at this point in the generation. How can anyone say it is really that important NOW when Xbox One still lags behind in sales DESPITE having BC for what.....three years now? But if Xbox One had included BC day one of its launch then the state of consoles would probably be very different right now.

I expect both Xbox and PS consoles going forward will include BC as it is not very likely that they are going to make a major CPU change like they did from last gen to this.

Silly gameAr28d ago

I can only speak for myself, but yeah. I really couldn't care less about having bc. You shouldn't try to lump everyone into a group with blanket statements like that Kiwi. It make you look kind of clownish.

trooper_28d ago

Kiwi: BC is not the selling point of a console. Exclusives that show what the console is capable of are.

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Gaming_1st28d ago


BC is only really useful at launch of new console. After 2 years in you should be getting steady games and AAA exclusives. And it won't matter much, unless you're not getting any games.

Realms28d ago

@ Kiwi66

LOL. No one has ever said BC isn't a good feature but it shouldn't be your selling point, the fact is that most PS consoles have had BC with the exception of the PS4 so why wasn't it a big deal until this generation? Some of you do sure like to move the goal post. Enjoy your BC while the rest of us play current generation games because there sure isn't a shortage of games to play that's for sure.

FinalFantasyFanatic27d ago

Well, anyone with half a brain should understand why the ps4 doesn't have BC, I'll be shocked if the ps5 doesn't have it. I wouldn't mind a more expensive sku with ps1/2 BC capability as well.

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Zabatsu28d ago

Only took the guy 5 years to understand.

Relientk7729d ago

Sony already won this generation and if they keep doing what they're doing they'll win the next one too.

Shiken28d ago

In other news, water is wet.

SegaGamer29d ago

Been saying this for years. Sony cater to all gamers, this is why they will always win. They have the big hitters, they have the niche titles, the have everything for everyone on their system. They have been doing this since the PS1 and it's why they are where they are now.

Tobse28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

They dont cater to the multiplayer gamer

Prettygoodgamer28d ago

Really ? I have plenty of multiplayer games on my ps4....

Aceman1828d ago

I've come to realize that the newer generation of gamers has a shorer attention span and that's why they say things like single player is dead, or thats not there type of game.

They need multiplayer games because these games offer instant gratification or something like that.

Stogz28d ago

I can never keep up with the goalpost moving from xbox fanboys. So when people talk about all the games ps4 gets and say xbox has no games, you guys say "theres plenty to play!" Then rattle off multi plats. So when we say theres plenty of mp games on ps4, do multi plat games all of a sudden not count? Also there are exclusive Sony mp games, nothing as big as halo and gears but guess what, halo and gears aren't as big as they used to be. And with your recent mp games, you dont have much to brag about either...

Razzer28d ago

The games market is flooded with MP games. You have a new Call of Duty every year. You've got GTA, Battlefield, Battlefront, Madden, FIFA, Overwatch, Monster Hunter, Rocket League, Destiny, Division. Then you have freebies like FortNite, Smite, and Warframe.

Why does Sony even need to try to "cater to multiplayer"? I think the market is pretty well covered. SP? Not nearly as much.

IRetrouk28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

They made their biggest ip an mp focused experiance, gt sport.

trooper_28d ago

Yes they do.

Factually incorrect.

TomatoDragon28d ago

They do actually. They have more multiplayer titles than Xbox.

milkshake228d ago (Edited 28d ago )

And how did that help M$ this generation?
Silly argument
Xbots and their endless flip flopping smh.

Imalwaysright28d ago (Edited 28d ago )


Or maybe people want games that focus solely on gameplay like mp games do. If you are older than the new generation then surely you know that even back in the day the biggest and most popular games focused above all else on gameplay such as Tetris, Pong, Mario, Pac-Man, Sonic, Doom, Gran Turismo, Street Fighter, MK... with the exception being FF and later MGS. Maybe yours and today's generation really isn't that different and what the majority of gamers want from their games is basically the same: gameplay above storytelling and challenge over handholding us over corridors so that we can get to the next cutscene.

Tobse28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Love how I instantly get called a xbot because Im not into scripted walky talky games and prefer fun with friends and awesome gameplay instead.

milkshake228d ago

Yeah awesome like Sea of Thieves. So awesome /S

nowitzki200428d ago

What great multiplayer games does Xbox One have that PS4 does not?

Stogz28d ago

Dude you realize we can see your comment history which is completely full of white knighting for MS and trashing anything Sony, so yes, we all know you're an xbot. Its cute you think you aren't tho 🤣

Tobse28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

I dont even have a Xbox atm . PC mustardrice

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-Foxtrot29d ago

If I was Sony in this position I would probably do a community related announcement at E3 where I would ask fans to go to a website created by the company to say what THEY want to see in the coming years game wise. So you would go to the website and there would be polls or just a long list of messages with people saying things like "I want to see Legend of Dragoon remake then a sequel" or "A new IP directed by Cory Barlog before he does God of War 5".

Just gives fans a chance to have some input on future games and also lets Sony know what people want so they are most likely to buy it

Thatguy-31029d ago

didnt they have a website that did that during the ps3?

UltraNova29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Then I would ask for Sony to form an Internal super group and have them make a BR game that will feature all of Sony's iconic characters in a huge map. But get this, all characters will get to gave their defining ability/weapon and general characteristics in a completely light-hearted batshit crazy execution!

Thatguy-31028d ago

Take my freaking money will ya !!!!!!!!!

zeuanimals28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Yo... Their version of Smash Bros. was Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale. The foundation for a modern Battle Royale type game from Sony was already set, they already have the title and everything! I don't know how I feel about PASBR stepping out of Smash's shadow and stepping into Fortnite's but at least it'll have a better chance of being good.