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BioShock Video Comparison - 720p

See how 2K's acclaimed FPS compares on PS3 and Xbox 360. (BioShock, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Hagaf22  +   2481d ago
is it just me or couldnt that all be demo footage again? if you were to do a comparison of the full game you should probably show something farther in than the comparisons weve already seen...
jtorry  +   2481d ago
Footage is taken from final versions of both games, not the demo. It's from early in the game to avoid spoilers.
Fishy Fingers  +   2481d ago
Aren't 2K working on a patch to sort out the PS3 visual problems? Surely comparison should wait until after that. Or do we have to go through it all again once released?
Liquid Dust  +   2481d ago
If you have questions about the patch for PS3 version, bring it up in the official 2k Forums. Here is the thread that discusses the patch update.

dro  +   2481d ago
the funny thing is if they used the ps3 cell propley they would not have been any need for all this videos.!!!

try doing a mgs4 vs gears of war 2!!!!!!!!
Time_Is_On_My_Side  +   2481d ago
Comparing games from similar genre doesn't make sense to the hardcore gaming community. It makes more sense to compare identical games instead.
u got owned  +   2481d ago
I don't see any differences, same game, awesome game.
Martini  +   2481d ago
360 > PS 3 but it still looks great on the PS 3.
thereapersson  +   2481d ago
You are half right
The only difference is that there is a blur effect over the whole screen on the PS3 version, in effect making the 360 version slightly sharper. This has been confirmed by 2K themselves. The textures and framerate are the same, however.
Martini  +   2481d ago
There is a reason for the smeared grease effect - we will found out more when Eurogamer does their "uber" comparison in the future if they do it.
peowpeow  +   2481d ago
OMG agaiiiiiin
im sure ive seen more than 10 in 2 days
IQUITN4G  +   2481d ago
Yes the PS3 version is without doubt quite a bit worse having just spent about an hour with the demo.Framerate stutters all over the place and that usual blurry quality you get from a lot of PS3 games

It's not the best of conversions and you definitely wont be getting a great version here.Certainly not unplayable though in this state and worth a try if you have a PS3 ONLY

This isn't a dig rather a stating of what i saw on the same 42 plasma set as what i also run my 360 on
morganfell  +   2481d ago
Not a single stutter in the PS3 framerate and anyone that actually played the demo knows this.
crillyconlig  +   2481d ago
older ps3
i noticed this with my old ps3,framerate wasnt brill, my new ps3 tho its perfect, what ps3 you got?
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bouncybullet  +   2481d ago
It's not the framerate that make the PS3 version worse.

It's everything else.

And the fact that everything looks dull and blurry instead of shiny, glossy and clear.

The contrast has been sucked out of the game somehow.

And this is something that was even admitted by the developer.
They tried to spin it as a way to steady performance.
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Cynical-Gamerzus  +   2481d ago
Im still not convinced!
Im still not convinced because the video quality is so crappy..
Im thinking there had to be some sacrifice given the Cell/RSX complexity and limited Video Ram on the PS3???
The game on the PS3 does look a bit blurry and not crispy as say Uncharted???
is there something going on here???
digger18  +   2481d ago
Yup after viewing that video, the 360 owns the PS3, but its not down to Cell/RSX and limited ram on the PS3 like you said. Its just that the PS3 is not as good at handling the game engine as the 360 is.

Take a look at Dead Space, after looking at these pics, you can see the PS3 is more than capable of handling graphics.

Related image(s)
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Masta_fro  +   2481d ago
i wish i was really small so i could see those images in a large size.
bouncybullet  +   2481d ago
Those dead space suits are different.

The 360 pic's suit has way more stuff on the back.

Is it supposed to be the same suit?

Because the 360 pic shows a bulky baggy suit.
And the PS3 shows a thin spandex looking suit with less details on the back.
Fishy Fingers  +   2481d ago
Yep, both look like Bioshock to me.
LastDance  +   2481d ago

sometimes the simplest phrases can imply so much meaning.
bruiser81  +   2481d ago
Yeah aside from the lighting i could'nt really see a big diff either
IQUITN4G  +   2481d ago
What you're not seeing is how crystal clear 360's visuals are - truly a remarkable difference that leaves the PS3 version coming off as looking almost like an xbox1 game

I really had no idea PS3 was not as vibrantly clear as 360.An example would be Uncharted - nice enough but i was lead to believe it had heavenly visuals.Better than what Bioshock does here though in terms of it's muddy display but my time with PS3 and with one of PS3's "best games" has made it abundently clear that PS3 has a hard time with clearness and just general virancy

The experience detatches you from the game

How do you guys put up with this?
lordgodalming  +   2481d ago
"How do you guys put up with this?"
Dude, I'll try not to be mean to you, but your "time with the PS3 and with one of the PS3's 'best games'" obviously never happened. Please just enjoy your 360 and let us enjoy our PS3s.

Otherwise even more people will see right through the fact that you "put up with" your own sense of inadequacy by trolling on PS3 forums.

Enjoy Gears 2 when it comes out. It looks pretty cool. Peace (and I'm not trying to sound cool, I'm literally asking for peace between console fans).
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pumpkinpunker  +   2481d ago
ok, lordofgaming
I believe him. Proof of what he is saying is in the video posted above and countless other comparisons.

the PS3 has flat-out problems with crispness of image when compared to the 360 on many, many games.

If you don't see it from the video above then buy a pair of glasses. Not everyone is willing to be a total sony fanboy and call it blue when everyone else knows that it's black.
morganfell  +   2481d ago
Let's hurry up and get that comparison in before the final PS3 version. We wouldn't want to do the comparison after the graphics patch is released on launch day.
Aquanox  +   2481d ago
So we agree that the Xbox 360 version looks better right?

I don't know if a "Patch" will make the game look better in so many aspects if you ask me.
ravinshield  +   2481d ago
ps3 version looks like my a$$,extra nasty
Blaze929  +   2481d ago
360 wins this one. If you only have a PS3, then go for it. But 360/PC versions are better as you can see. No major or nothing though, maybe even marginal.
IQUITN4G  +   2481d ago
That is a quite untrue Morgan, iv'e just played it
digger18  +   2481d ago
Sorry but I agree with Morgan. I also just downloaded the demo and had no framerate stutters at all.

Your PS3 might be on its last legs, mine started to stutter in my games and found out that it was overheating, then died. Thats the last time I put either my PS3 or 360 inside a fairly close unit..lol
FunAndGun  +   2481d ago
I also agree with Morgan. I experienced no stutters in the DEMO.

Your downplaying of Uncharted's graphics are also laughable. "clearness and vibrancy" really? REALLY? Looked spectacular to me! oh, and Wipeout HD says hi.

are you playing on a B&W TV?

I also have a 360 and can admit there are amazing games on both consoles.
MK24ever  +   2481d ago
Same thing.
To some PS3 might look even better since sharp graphics are not the same thing as good graphics, the sharpness on X360 shows better the jaggers, which is the thing I hate the most in Video-Games.
MvmntInGrn  +   2481d ago
Mostly the same, bad textures will be fixed via patch. Blur is there but looks fine I think. I believe the game is confirmed 720p several times so blur was a design choice.

Both versions have their stutter points, good port. It will have issues competing this holiday though.

I agree with IGN though, it retains its predecessors flaws, and for a year some of them should be addressed. It is still the same atmospheric experience but this port was a chance to be the most polished version and it really just ends up the same with more content.
krakdol  +   2481d ago
I don't see much difference between both, honestly... Seeing the PS3 version has extended gameplay (new chambers) and a new difficulty level, along with trophies, I guess it's logical to choose that one.
Capt CHAOS  +   2481d ago
Yes. probably true but
'along with trophies' That's not a selling point for the PS3 version of the 360's achievements..
MK24ever  +   2481d ago
Same thing
PS: I meant jaggies, not jaggers.
IQUITN4G  +   2481d ago
Well on this 42" plasma Bioshock didn't look as impressive purely from a static point regardless of any jaggies 360 games may have.There is a delightfull crispness to the how 360 renders to screen that PS3 obviously has a problem with.

This is the first time iv'e had a proper look at the PS3 on the same display i run my 360 and i was expecting something a little better than what my 360 does.Iv'e defended at times the potential raw power of PS3 but what good is that it if the whole thing looks like cr!p

Gears of War textures are heavenly, i didn't know just how heavenly they were until i saw PS3 running like this

PS3 equals cr!p, something i wouldn't normally say but you learn don't you
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MvmntInGrn  +   2481d ago
Not even worth talking to you.
Silogon  +   2481d ago
This footage shows the Ps3 version in a new light. 97% of it was indistinguishable from the xbox 360 version. I think the biggest difference being the dynamic lighting on Big Daddy when he attacks the guy and throws him int the window; other than that these games are, to my surprise, very much the same looking.

Ps3 version might be a tad under par, but it'll still be invited back to the club house.
IQUITN4G  +   2481d ago
Well apparently Ratchet is also consistently 60 frames but that also has stutters in places and i'm, guessing people don't see this for the most.360 version only stuttered when it was to do with the cache, not like here where it drops 1 or 2 frames every second.It's not hugely stuttery but not like 360's mostly consistent framerate
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FunAndGun  +   2481d ago
Could you please use your superhuman observational skills and count the pixels that make up the whale in the intro. There might be a discrepency between the PS3 and 360 versions; your services are needed!
LiquifiedArt  +   2481d ago
WHy are you always comparing ...

Epic obviously doesn't want to optimize it further for the PS3. Maybe its not worthwhile and this Code was PORTED not written from scratch.

SO duh!
Sir_Ken_Kutaragi  +   2481d ago
That Main photo???
Is that 'pp' CRYING!!! ;-D
CliffyBee   2481d ago | Spam
young7yang  +   2481d ago
i have the 360 version and have play the ps3 demo on a 1080p sony 40inh lcd tv
i hate to disapoint all the 360 lovers

but there identical

with a few exeptions... the ps3 version has improved textures

you need to compare the game at 1080i or 1080p
you will see

and the patch wich is out already fixes all the texture issues with the big dadies
IQUITN4G  +   2481d ago
Yup this is not showing PS3's raw power whatsoever

It's more powerfull than the 360 in polygon terms and all that floating point business

PS3 clearly has a problem with clarity and a lack of great standout textures for the most.Coming from a 360 to PS3 shows a remarkably noticable difference in this area

I'm actually quite stunned how poor PS3 is at handling visuals
slpknt6sic6  +   2481d ago
"I'm actually quite stunned how poor PS3 is at handling visuals"
look i get it your 360 is amazing halo 3 graphics are number 1
gears 2 looks better than mgs4 and killzone2 and uncharted
ninja gaiden sigma looks way worse than ninja gaiden 2 on 360
dude its the unreal engine forth the millionth time!
i dont understand you 360 guys who say the ps3 cant handle 360's game(s) yet the best looking game(s
are on ps3
i own both and my 1080p sony bravia will tell you mgs4 and uncharted kill anything on 360
bruiser81  +   2481d ago
I still think they look the same, i think your being a bit over dramatic about the diff in graphics
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IQUITN4G  +   2481d ago
young7yang this simply isn't the case unless you're blind
young7yang  +   2481d ago
again sony 40 inch lcd bravia 2008 model with 1080p full resolution

i guess im blind then

i own 30 games on 360

including the special edition of bioshock

and currently only have 9 games for ps3.. and after taking the time to compare them side by side for nearly an hour...

they are identical in almost every way... with the exeption of the textures.. and when you are playing at full resolution on 1080p you can see they are identical

pluss the ps3 version has improved textures in certain areas.. look at the ign video review to get a better idea of what i am talking about.... also... if you do not have a 360

buy this game its well worth it

f*&k what everyone else says
IQUITN4G  +   2481d ago

Iv'e not had the chance to see PS3 running until today

I'm not overly complimentry about Sony but have always thought their Machine to be the best this round - it is of course regarding storage, general polygon power and floating point potential
in games

The reason iv'e wrote what i did concerning my experience with the PS3 is because i am now at least able to offer a factual opinion based on what i have seen

360 obviously has a better quality to it's graphics shown on screen, that much is very clear having seen it with my own eyes - dispute what i say as truth regarding my time spent on the PS3 today as much as you like, you simply don't know

This isn't going to stop people enjoying their choice of hardware but it's quite a shock seeing the PS3 in action coming straight from a session on a 360
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slpknt6sic6  +   2481d ago
well maybe you should see uncharted, or mgs4
now that is one hell of a sight
turn off all resolutions except 1080 p and uncharted looks even better
lordgodalming  +   2481d ago
Actually, Adropacrich2
You have just proven me right. Your comments earlier sounded like you had sat down for a good long time with the PS3, specifically Uncharted, which now you're contradicting. You say today is the first time you've seen the PS3 in action on your own TV, meaning you haven't had the time to do any real gaming.

I called for a truce, but you are choosing to make a horrible name for 360 fans right now. You've got a good system at home--TWO of them if you do indeed own a 360 and a PS3 now--so stop trolling and go play some games.

Edit: Just saw you're out of bubbles for this thread. Maybe that's best.
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IQUITN4G  +   2481d ago
Uncharted lol that's the game i thought was going to knock me out, what a wake up call

That said it's an excellent game that i wouldn't hesitate to own if it were on 360.Classy scripting and acting too

Haze too was not at all bad and goes to show that sometimes people should just go with their feelings

At some point maybe in a few years i think it's highly likely i will get a PS3(too many great games i would rather not miss out on) but i'm really taken back by the quality is all


Uncharted looked perfectly splendid.In all honesty though it looked far less stunning than what i had read so often about it.As for contridiction, i'm banging on about visuals here not gameplay

No i only sat down long enough to see the visual differences between the two machines, something that doesn't take any time at all - PS3 is inferior here.Were this not the case, i wouldn't have bothered posting this

You have a wierd understanding of what contradiction by the way or maybe this is just an assumption about what you think i'm suggesting.PS3 just like any machine has and will continue to have great games, but it sure is a pile of junk when directly comparing to 360 in this area

360 is a pile of sh!te as well as far as hardware and absurdly loud dvd noise but i can live with this because graphic sharpness is so super crisp

I'm glad to have pointed out the differences true that they are and i'm not expecting anything but disagrees here of course

Anyway it's good to be out of bubbles because truth sometimes doesn't like to be heard
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IQUITN4G  +   2481d ago
Did you honestly have to use the word rape?
CliffyBee  +   2481d ago
ok, he surprise sexed me
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   2481d ago
So that settles it, Big Daddy's foot looks better stomping you on the 360 version than it does on the PS3. Or should I just be truthfull and post some numbers.

360 5943
PS3 3

Whats that smell? AHHH! I stepped in PS3 sh!t, quick some one hand me a stick while I wipe this off in the grass.
ezcex  +   2481d ago
i have both systems
which should i get it for. 29.99 or 59.99 ?? if my pricing is correct. was thinking ps3 since bioshock2 will probably be multi
enjoi187  +   2481d ago
yeah if i where you id get it o the ps3 because i think i played this game 3 times already like a year ago........have fun its a good game

EDIT: ps get dead space....that game is so freaking awesome it really is a good game
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Lord Vader  +   2481d ago
Extra year of development... 5 Gb install... lol = Epic Fail
Time_Is_On_My_Side  +   2481d ago
Lord Vader
The real question is, would it have been the same if every XBOX 360 had an HDD? Criterion Games with Burnout Paradise couldn't do it when going online. What about Grand Theft Auto IV would it still be on option if everyone had one?

Now that's the real question.
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