BioShock Video Comparison - 720p

See how 2K's acclaimed FPS compares on PS3 and Xbox 360.

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Hagaf223291d ago

is it just me or couldnt that all be demo footage again? if you were to do a comparison of the full game you should probably show something farther in than the comparisons weve already seen...

jtorry3291d ago

Footage is taken from final versions of both games, not the demo. It's from early in the game to avoid spoilers.

Fishy Fingers3291d ago

Aren't 2K working on a patch to sort out the PS3 visual problems? Surely comparison should wait until after that. Or do we have to go through it all again once released?

Liquid Dust3291d ago

If you have questions about the patch for PS3 version, bring it up in the official 2k Forums. Here is the thread that discusses the patch update.

dro3291d ago

the funny thing is if they used the ps3 cell propley they would not have been any need for all this videos.!!!

try doing a mgs4 vs gears of war 2!!!!!!!!

Time_Is_On_My_Side3291d ago

Comparing games from similar genre doesn't make sense to the hardcore gaming community. It makes more sense to compare identical games instead.

u got owned3291d ago

I don't see any differences, same game, awesome game.

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Martini3291d ago

360 > PS 3 but it still looks great on the PS 3.

thereapersson3291d ago

The only difference is that there is a blur effect over the whole screen on the PS3 version, in effect making the 360 version slightly sharper. This has been confirmed by 2K themselves. The textures and framerate are the same, however.

Martini3291d ago

There is a reason for the smeared grease effect - we will found out more when Eurogamer does their "uber" comparison in the future if they do it.

peowpeow3291d ago

OMG agaiiiiiin
im sure ive seen more than 10 in 2 days

IQUITN4G3291d ago

Yes the PS3 version is without doubt quite a bit worse having just spent about an hour with the demo.Framerate stutters all over the place and that usual blurry quality you get from a lot of PS3 games

It's not the best of conversions and you definitely wont be getting a great version here.Certainly not unplayable though in this state and worth a try if you have a PS3 ONLY

This isn't a dig rather a stating of what i saw on the same 42 plasma set as what i also run my 360 on

morganfell3291d ago

Not a single stutter in the PS3 framerate and anyone that actually played the demo knows this.

crillyconlig3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

i noticed this with my old ps3,framerate wasnt brill, my new ps3 tho its perfect, what ps3 you got?

bouncybullet3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

It's not the framerate that make the PS3 version worse.

It's everything else.

And the fact that everything looks dull and blurry instead of shiny, glossy and clear.

The contrast has been sucked out of the game somehow.

And this is something that was even admitted by the developer.
They tried to spin it as a way to steady performance.

Cynical-Gamerzus3291d ago

Im still not convinced because the video quality is so crappy..
Im thinking there had to be some sacrifice given the Cell/RSX complexity and limited Video Ram on the PS3???
The game on the PS3 does look a bit blurry and not crispy as say Uncharted???
is there something going on here???

digger183291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

Yup after viewing that video, the 360 owns the PS3, but its not down to Cell/RSX and limited ram on the PS3 like you said. Its just that the PS3 is not as good at handling the game engine as the 360 is.

Take a look at Dead Space, after looking at these pics, you can see the PS3 is more than capable of handling graphics.

Masta_fro3291d ago

i wish i was really small so i could see those images in a large size.

bouncybullet3291d ago

Those dead space suits are different.

The 360 pic's suit has way more stuff on the back.

Is it supposed to be the same suit?

Because the 360 pic shows a bulky baggy suit.
And the PS3 shows a thin spandex looking suit with less details on the back.