Detroit: Become Human Has "One Of The Best And Emotional Stories In Video Game History"

Detroit: Become Human is "by far one of the best PS4 games ever and especially one of the best and emotional stories in video game history. Can't wait to talk more about it and see what paths everyone will take".

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chrisx30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

wow this game has been getting some real positive buzz and vibes going for it which is great. hopefully it gets reviewed as it's genre and not what it's not. can't wait

IamTylerDurden130d ago

Detroit is getting great buzz coupled with a great demo. The one early review gave it a 9/10. I expect the game will be the apex of the genre, but i hope critics treat it fairly.

Eonjay30d ago

Its gonna be a tough pill to swallow for Sony to have back to back critical successes. That company Microsoft is offering a 68 and a 69 for their last two releases (game pass is brimming with quality...) so get ready for a steaming pile of hate.

DigitalRaptor30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Got a good feeling about this one. There are plenty of other people who have tweeted that they've played/finished the game and want to talk about it, implying great things. ;)

outsider162430d ago

And it begins....i really hope it's a success.

ArchangelMike30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Well if Tidux is also to be believed then Detroit Become Human is going to blow peoples minds. Another PS4 Masterpiece?

Edit: I accept that he doesn't name the game he has just played. But, given than review copies of Detroit are in the wild, it's a pretty good guess that this is what he is referring to.

SuperSaiyanGod4130d ago

The gameplay might not cater to the masses but millions of people love games where u have many choices and if the story in the game is amazing, that just adds to the whole experience. This will probably my first game of this genre.

CorndogBurglar30d ago

So is this along the same lines as Until Dawn? Because I frigging loved that game and would highly recommend it to you.

Monolith30d ago

Yes. Similiar but different in theyre own respects. If you enjoyed Until Dawn, do yourself a favor and get Detriot. Or even Heavy Rain, Beyond 2 Souls.

SuperSaiyanGod4130d ago


I haven't tried that game out yet. I keep forgetting about these games. I'll have to check that game out too.

cigi30d ago

You mean the best interactive video right...

The_Sage30d ago

Are you proud of yourself?..

outsider162430d ago

Best interactive video game. It still is a video game.

morganfell30d ago

An incredible interactive experience that thrills those who play it and drives to jealous posting those that do not.

T2X30d ago

Because, God knows, everything has to be an action, fps with a battle royale mode for everyone to like it. Correct?

Mmmkay30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

did your mama let you use the internet again. she must be proud of you for finishing your homework. maybe you will get forza and cod for christmas. again.

IamTylerDurden130d ago (Edited 30d ago )

It's an interactive cinematic adventure. There are many different genres, and room for them all. Have you not played a Tell Tale game? TWD, Wolf Among Us, Until Dawn, Heavy Rain? All terrific GAMES.

These are highly cinematic, narrative driven games dependant on player choice. There are mp games with no narrative. Repetitive mp games with virtually no writing and no story. This is just the opposite end of the spectrum. It's a wide world out there with plenty of variety.

stuna130d ago

Let me guess you're from the other camp, and playing something better!? If so, aren't you tired of getting burned??

Eonjay30d ago

Microsoft appreciates your compliance.

UCForce30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Nice try,buddy. But it’s not working.

gamerzero30d ago

Take note: Variety is why PS4 is kicking xbox's ass this gen.

Tototot30d ago

Naah, we already have one of those, its called FMV game, 'late shift' is probs a recent example of fmv game

kowan29d ago

Right, you should record yourself watching it then without any controllers. Maybe it'll give you an exclusive ending.

meka261129d ago

Or the same outcome with small nuances lol

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