Quantum Break is the Best Xbox One Exclusive

Paul Writes: "Today marks the fifth anniversary of the Xbox One's official reveal. In honor of this, we decided to look back at the library of exclusives that the system had to offer. One game, in particular, stood out: Quantum Break."

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chrisx183d ago (Edited 183d ago )

Really? Quantum break had a lot of potential. I love remedy but this game was painfully average at best. The resources spent on the tv stuff should have been spent on making a better gaming experience.

bouzebbal183d ago

i would say Sunset Overdrive is the best exclusive of the non racing genre, of course!

Skull521183d ago

It’s not, but I enjoyed the game, and it really looks great. The TV cinematics or whatever you call them though were a wasted effort that killed pacing and could have been left out.

Tear111182d ago

Agree, no one thought the game will be massive and great.

QB was a disaster , it had alot of potential but it was disappointing.

darthv72182d ago

Sunset is certainly good. Fun and fast paced. I really dig it.

On the flip side i also dig QB and it isnt perfect but it too has its moments of fun and fast paced action. The TV stuff.... god that is just a waste of resources but hey, you can't make an omelet without breaking eggs. They tried to make the best omelet they could but the flavor wasnt there despite having a nice presentation on the plate.

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Youngindy21182d ago

Sunset Overdrive was a blast. One of the most original games in a long time.

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Septic183d ago

QB was weak.

Forza Horizon 3 is the one.

I would say KI is one that's often forgotten.

Ori is decent . Sunset OD is fun.

Halo 5 for its mp

Not much else though other Forza Motorsport.

Pretty weak showing this gen.

Rhythmattic183d ago (Edited 183d ago )

FH3 is on PC.
Just a reminder its not a Xbox One Exclusive, like a few you mentioned.

Saijahn183d ago

@Rhythmattic, you have to stop thinking of MS exclusives being console only. The play anywhere initiative shows the direction they’re going with Xbox - PC exclusives and crossplay.

Wouldn’t bother me if there was a carrot for Xbox users. PC can play online for free, console players lose exclusives and still pay for online which includes party chat now too.

morganfell183d ago


So is QB. And Ori. And KI.

mcstorm182d ago

Fh3 for me best game on the Xbox one then Forza 7 followed by Forza fh2 then ide say KI, QB and sea of theves. That's my choice though. Just like I thought the best games on the wiiu were pikmin 3 then mk8, dk, mario 3d world and wonderful 101

spicelicka182d ago


No because all MS published games will be on Windows from now, and Quantum Break is on windows too. Don't understand why people use semantics to downplay the entire purpose of discussion, it's a Microsoft exclusive happy?

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DJStotty182d ago


You need Xbox live to play Microsoft exclusives online, even on PC

Christopher182d ago

Ori is the best for me. But, I'm not a fan of Halo or Forza, so those automatically get thrown on for me.

SSO wasn't bad, but not good. Ryse was okay. QB was underwhelming, IMHO.

rainslacker182d ago

Haven't played all of them on that list, but I would say that Ori and FH3 rank up there as the best.

QB is average at best, and really shouldn't be held up as a "as good as it gets" type title.

Rhythmattic181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

Talk about Triggerd!!!
Faarrrkkkk !
Exclusive ..... Look it up.
Adding a few words is all you've got.
Seriously, Damage control almost beyond borders...
I can play it WITHOUT an Xbox...
(Though Haven't... Still $40 OZ ..Will wait for the $5 version)

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FinalFantasyFanatic183d ago

It's alright but needs polish, it's pretty average everywhere but the graphics are nice, I've been playing on PC lately.

RandoCommenter182d ago

I thought this game was underrated, but totally agree that the TV stuff could’ve been cut by 90% & time & money put towards an even better game. I just loved how the time power effects looked & the stylistic graphic design throughout the whole thing. I also thought the acting (in-game) was good. It was enough unique for me & fun to make it memorable & agree with the article.

jmetalhead77812182d ago

I totally agree. I really liked the game, but felt the experience coulda been a home run if they used the TV resources for a longer capaign. Another game that is way underrated IMO, is Super Lucky’s Tale. I know I’m in the minority, but I really enjoyed the game and both DLC’s so far. Recore once fixed was a pretty fun game too.

Aceman18182d ago

If anyone thinks QB is the best exclusive on X1 then that's not saying a lot about their exclusives. QB was a massive disappointment for me, and if I still had the system I would think that Cuphead was the best exclusive no?

starchild182d ago

I played Quantum Break on PC and really enjoyed it.

It really stuck with me. The narrative was awesome and gameplay was pretty unique and fun.

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ArchangelMike183d ago (Edited 183d ago )

I remember playing this game at EGX and really loving it, unfortunately I never got a chance to complete the game. But if I may say so, I wonder if Quantum Break would have done better on the Playstation, as I think Playstation gamers are more attuned to these sort of games; they've been raised on a more... balanced gaming diet than just shooters and racers. It might not have though, and might have been panned even harder by the critics. Shame really as it's the type of metric that MS uses to guage investment in the type of IP's to invest in, hence perpetuating the cycle of the shooter/racer diet.

emiyaxtousaka183d ago

It’s interesting what you say. If those who love their games but really movies on the PS4, I think it would have been better and more appreciative on Sony’s system

Lilrizky183d ago (Edited 183d ago )

Not really. Im a big fan of story driven single player games that sony usually makes like uncharted or the tlou or horizon and while I was excited for it i thought Quantum break wasnt very memorable. Its just not at the same level. I also really didnt like the tv episodic stuff. Alan Wake on the other hand is much better in my opinion

Except for the Order 1886. I think at the very least, QB is a better overall package than The

ArchangelMike183d ago

Dude you left us hanging with that last sentence :)

lociefer183d ago

LOL they beat me at trolling

Oh wait... that's for realz ? I played this on PC and it's medicore at best. Even as a ps fanboy i can tell xbox has better exclusives than this

Xavi4K182d ago

A fanboy admits being a troll 😂😂😂

lociefer182d ago

na, troll admits to be a fanboy

doggo84183d ago

Sunset overdrive is much better in my opinion

Nyxus183d ago

I also think Sunset is the best XB1 exclusive.

UltraNova183d ago

Actually it is the best. Gears 4 comes second and Cuphead 3rd imho.

kevnb183d ago

All 3 of those are on pc.

Nyxus183d ago

@ kevnb: unless I'm mistaken, I believe Sunset Overdrive is actually still an XB1 exclusive. The only remaining one.

Razzer183d ago

Believe these are the last remaining true X1 exclusives:

Forza Motorsport 5
Halo: The Master Chief Collection
Halo 5: Guardians
Powerstar Golf
Rare Replay
Sunset Overdrive

kevnb183d ago

you guys are correct, sunset overdrive is stuck on the platform nobody likes.

morganfell182d ago (Edited 182d ago )

Actually its one of only 2 real exclusives. Sunset and HALO 5. If a game is on PC, it isn't an exclusive.

Nioh - Not exclusive.
Nier Automata - Not exclusive
Gears 4 - Not exclusive
Cuphead - Not exclusive
Quantum Break - Not exclusive

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doggo84182d ago

I think gears 4 is the second best one. Never played forza because I hate racing games, but those games could be up there too for a lot of people

kevnb183d ago

It wasn’t fun to play at all.

emiyaxtousaka183d ago

Some say the same about the last of us or uncharted. Not saying that’s true, I love those games.

kevnb183d ago

I've heard people say that on here, but those people are lunatics imo. If last of us and uncharted weren't fun to play they would not be selling in the millions.

FinalFantasyFanatic183d ago

It's the powers that get me, Time Vision? Time Shield? They could have done some really cool stuff, but I feel like they just went with some generic abilities and added time to the front of the name. I dislike the streaming live action part more than anything.


yeah how does time powers let you see through walls