We Happy Few Has Been Refused Classification In Australia

In a very odd turn, We Happy Few was yesterday refused classification in Australia.

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Mr Marvel33d ago

The game looks rubbish anyway, so I'm not concerned at all.

robtion33d ago

Doesn't matter about the game, it is the principal.

The censors in Australia are so out of touch with reality it is embarrassing.

TomatoDragon33d ago

Holy sneezes man, that’s not the point.

AfroGear33d ago

Well this is good news to me! I like games that delve into mature themes. Sorry Australia! This game looks good and I'm personally excited.

robtion33d ago

Yep guess I will have to import or download from the US ps store. Oh well.

lociefer33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

aka the game didn't sit well with someone's moral agenda so millions of people can't play it

robtion33d ago

Yep. I don't want to point fingers but it is usually a particular group of ignorant people with with certain beliefs and agendas that do this sort of thing.

Not quite sure what they get out of it but I'm quite sure they can't be reasoned with as they are in the habit of ignoring rational debate and critical thinking.

salmonade33d ago

That's so true and it makes me so F***ing angry. I'm a 35 year old Australian and because of a few people, my favourite hobby of gaming can get censored and certain games restricted. I'm at least thankful that DETROIT got through unscathed.

deckardreplicant33d ago

what's happening to this game? is it released yet?

LgbtWarrior33d ago

The title of the game is awful. We happy few? Dumb.

Parasyte33d ago

Look up what the game is about before commenting. The title suits it.

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The story is too old to be commented.