Super Nintendo Mortal Kombat Finally Bleeds

Carl Williams writes, "Back in the day Nintendo had this weird knack for censoring games. On the 8-Bit Nintendo Entertainment System this was not all that much of a problem. Sure, we had a few questionable games slip through Nintendo’s weird censoring program, such as Monster Party which featured bleeding skulls and other imagery that NES games were not known for. For the most part though, on the NES, Nintendo censorship was uniform. On the Super Nintendo is where things got weird. Particularly with a title called Mortal Kombat. Maybe you have heard of this one."

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lociefer183d ago

Welcome to womanhood mortal kombat

Neonridr183d ago

lol, I remember the commotion when this game first released because all the kiddies wanted their blood. Obviously when MK2 released fully intact, this became a non-issue and the SNES versions became the preferred release.