Should RAGE 2 Have Been Developed In-House at Bethesda?

"RAGE 2 is almost certain to be a winner, however, to play devil’s advocate, its publisher may have benefited immensely from keeping development in-house at Bethesda Game Studios."

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146d ago
isarai146d ago

No, i don't think bethesda can pull off an open world game with good combat, let alone one that looks nice or is stable/polished

r3f1cul145d ago

and what avalanche games has??? most of their games run like an utter dumpster fires ... in fact just cause 3 is probably one of the single worst running games ive ever played in my whole 30 years of gaming lol mad max was semi ok but lets not act like they are even close to pumping out game of the year contenders here ... the less ID the worse IMO i dont care what people riding the hype train are saying ...

isarai145d ago

"Most of there games"? JC3 is the only one theyve had with real performance issues. Previous JC games ran fine and mad max was locked 30fps

Parasyte146d ago

Nope. If Bethesda had made it, it would be released as a buggy mess.

EDKICK146d ago

Yea Just Caus 3 launched in real good shape /s

_LarZen_146d ago

On PC it was and still is GLORIOUS. On consoles...not so much.

thedr904146d ago

Probably would be better but I'd rather Bethesda focus on the new TES or Fallout.

Eidolon146d ago

And a new engine for Christ sake

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The story is too old to be commented.