PS4's Dreams is a toy box of delights, even when you're trying to build a nightmare | GR

Rachel Weber: "We do not deserve Media Molecule. Hands on with Dreams, the dazzling game and toy box of artistic tools, it's immediately clear that my talents are not worthy of its potential. But somehow, building a wonky world for Francis the fox character, and creating my own soundtrack for it like a budget Clint Mansell, none of it mattered. Media Molecule's magic had fired up the part of my brain that made childhood art classes or a new pack of felt tips such a thrill, and I forget about the time ticking away, the EDM thud of the event venue, or even the smells of the hot pretzel bites."

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LOCO209207d ago

Sweet... So many people's dreams made into reality (well games) so others can experience them.. Can't wait.
Play. Create. Share... your Dreams.

generic-user-name207d ago

I can't wait to see what kind of crazy cool shit people make in this. You can create your own music albums if you're good enough. It's nuts.

ZaWarudo207d ago

We're going to see porn on this aren't we? they did it in Little Big Planet.

telekineticmantis207d ago

I hope they put out so.e videos soon.