Days Gone Screens Show Off Stunning Vistas, Hungry Wolves, Enemy Camps, and More

Days Gone may take place in a dark, gritty, post-apocalyptic world, but it is, in its own way, still a very beautiful game.

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Alexious204d ago

Looking good, but not quite great. Perhaps the delay will help.

JaguarEvolved204d ago

This game looks amazing and I can't wait to buy it day one

DarkVoyager204d ago

How do you see the images at 4K? I’m on mobile and clicking the images does nothing.

BehindTheRows204d ago

Good "but not quite great"..... Okay.

OT: Although the screens look fantastic, the option to actually see them at their full res isn't here. Regardless, the game is looking ready for prime time! Very excited for it!

NXFather204d ago

The denial with the downvotes is real but, outside of these still shots the game looks awesome.

trooper_204d ago

Perhaps you need to get your vision checked.

hamzilla204d ago

LAME TROLL ALERT.............. these screens look so amazing. can't wait for this gem to come to PS4.... dont let these useless souls called trolls try to ruin good stories/posts on here... these type dont have a life and need to seek help ASAP and also only like to try and make others upset or pissed off....

Christopher203d ago

Gamers fascination with greatness doesn't line up with the success of so many not-so-great games.

This game isn't going to win awards, but it's definitely likely to make a gamer happy for a few weeks. Sounds like a win to me.

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ConsoleGamer204d ago

Can't wait. Imo it will be another sony heavy hitter!

Christopher203d ago

It won't be a heavy hitter, but it's looking to be a good game. People over hype and downplay games without realizing there's a wide middle space where most games exist and thrive.

Einhander1971204d ago

Stop going on about PS5, PS4 still has plenty in the tank. With PSVR as well I’m in no rush.

Tazzy204d ago

This game is going to be sleeper hit for Sony and I said it before its going to be a game with sequels I can't wait to get it.

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