Battlefield 5 Teaser Trailer

Never be the same. Join us for the Battlefield V Live Reveal on May 23 at 1 p.m. PT / 4 p.m. ET / 10 p.m.

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UltraNova204d ago

WWW2 you can tell from the goggles...damn I was expecting a modern setting....or even a bad company sequel.

Majin-vegeta204d ago

Modern setting is crap seriously it's way over saturated at this point in gaming.i like that Dice is bouncing around different eras.It keeps the BF games fresh at least from my point of view.

Yes you can tell it's WW2 the flag symbols seem to be U.K and the Wehmracht

JaguarEvolved204d ago

Lol. I guess I'll be back on bf4 mostly for a while longer until a more modern bf is made. I like bf1 and I'm sure if this new bf game takes place during ww2 I'll like it but I know I'll quickly become tired of the setting. To each his own. There is still hope BFV will have a modern time setting and I'm hoping it will

morganfell204d ago

Maybe its a Bad Company prequel. New characters set in WWII ala Kelly's Heroes.


Its not a Bad Company game or it would be called that, It's a main entry.

antz1104204d ago

Says you, Battlefield always did modern era proper.

Archangel25204d ago

modern setting is crap? you serious? over saturated? getting another ww2 game which would make it the 100th or 200th is better? stfu idiot

Jrios355204d ago

I'd argue that there are just as many WW2 shooters as there are modern shooters, and I'm not just talking about Battlefield, I'm talking about other franchises as well. It's always nice to keep a balance between the 2 eras (And even futuristic shooters).

Majin-vegeta204d ago

@Archangel Make a list of modern shooters within the last 10 years compared to WW2.Ill wait,:)

Majin-vegeta204d ago

@Jrios that's exactly what I'm getting at.Dice has never had full on BF experience WW2 game.Technology has come so far from when they made 1942.

ZombieGamerMan204d ago

I am upset it's not in Vietnam

gigoran204d ago

Right because they have never done a wwii game before

Oh wait

Well they haven’t done a wwii game more than once

Oh wait

Sorry your argument is insufficient to declare why wwii over modern setting

Tru_Blu203d ago

Let the lock-on kiddies stay on bf4, more adults to play the objective with in the world war II setting ;)

InTheZoneAC203d ago (Edited 203d ago )

Modern is saturated? Ok, let's bring back the most saturated era ever in ww2..../s

subtenko203d ago

yea youre right majin vegeta, instead of these super flashy fighting games while youre at it, we need bare knuckles old school fighting games that arent modern or future based...

same thing with racing games, we need less modern and go back to the fred flintstone models.

Less modern....wait WW2 style is starting to become overdone.....we need to do sticks and stones combat

cuz modern is crap seriously.....these graphics....they need to be downgraded to 4bit....less modern...crap...


PurpHerbison203d ago (Edited 203d ago )

It might not be a modern setting but I guarantee it will play like a modern shooter. These releases are bittersweet. Was BF1942 really the pinnacle of WW2 games? Although I will admit 1943 was a pretty sweet console shooter.

gapecanpie203d ago

Damn I wish they would just remake bf bc ....

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Septic204d ago

I was hoping for a modern setting too.

JEECE204d ago

There were four modern BF games between 2008 and 2013 (BFBC, BFBC2, BF3, BF4). BF4 still has an active player base on current gen consoles and PC. There hasn't been a true WWII battlefield since 2002. How does a modern setting make sense?

Vegamyster204d ago


I don't have a problem with a WW2 game but the reason i personally prefer the modern setting is the gameplay, there is a lot more weapons, Heli's and vehicles/aircraft variety which keeps it more fresh down the road.

PUBG204d ago

@ Jeece

Battlefield 1943 released in 2008 or 2009, so there has been a WW2 BF game within the last 10 years, and it was actually pretty good, especially for the price, which was $15.00 if I remember correctly.

naji2004203d ago

Modern settings will starts with next gen consoles.

JEECE203d ago


When I said "true WWII Battlefield" I was intentionally excluding BF1943. This was not a true iteration of the series, it was a remake of only a handful of BF1942's maps (and only Pacific theater ones for some reason) and it also limited the class system compared to BF1942.

Even counting that, considering it came out with BFBC2, there have been 3 modern Battlefields during that time, and none of them were 4-map multiplayer-only remakes.

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porkChop204d ago

So... what was the BF Twitter tracking about then? Wasn't it teasing a "new setting"? BF has done WWII twice already.

I like WWII so I'm not complaining. It's just weird they'd tease a new setting, when it isn't really new.

JEECE204d ago

BF1942 was long enough ago that (unfortunately) most people playing now never played it. BF1943 was just a weak remaster of a few maps from 1942, and hardly a true iteration of the series.

The 10th Rider204d ago (Edited 204d ago )

My take is that when saying it's a "new" setting they meant it's not the same as the previous entry, which was World War 1. From the looks of things it would have to be WW2 or an alternate history game . . . Unless they're purposefully misleading us it doesn't look like it could be anything else.

porkChop204d ago


Alternate history could be cool. I wonder if they'd actually go there though.

Majin-vegeta204d ago

People are guessing it's gonna be steamounk WW2...whateber that mean

The 10th Rider204d ago


Yeah, I'm not sure they would . . . but then again EA originally shot down a Battlefield game set in WW1 but DICE proceeded to make a demo anyways. I think DICE has the clout to make the Battlefield game they want to make at this point and who knows what sort of ideas they've had swirling around.

I imagine if they did an alternate history it would still be grounded though. Not over the top and stylized like games such as Wolfenstien.

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blacktiger204d ago


thorstein204d ago

How do you know it's not Post Apocalyptic Steampunk?

sander9702203d ago

Yeah I thought the numbered Battlefields were always going to be modern shooters, we haven't had a modern setting for a good shooter in a long time.

BadElf203d ago

I was expecting WW2. Hmm

gapecanpie203d ago

Hopefully it'll sell like crap and they'll move back to the modern bf games....

joab777203d ago

That’s all I want is a damn BC3! This would have been the perfect year too with CoD going no sp. Why wouldn’t they? An epic hilarious journey...ughh. Instead we get a 4 hr segregated campaign...most likely

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Blastoise204d ago

These boring military shooters keep swapping back and forth between eras. I don't know how anyone can even care anymore. We've had them yearly for like a decade. Christ give me a new Bioshock or Resistance game or something, anything with a bit of actual passion behind it

-Foxtrot204d ago

I like Bioshock, Resistance, Halo, the original Prey, Half Life, Doom, Wolfestein, Borderlands, Far Cry, L4D and the like are the only FPS games I can get away with because they have something special behind them, like a good theme or a unique spin like taking us to unseen locations

KyRo203d ago

WW1 had very rarely been done in the medium, even more so at AAA level. There's also a idea going around that BFV might be alternate history. Okay yeah it's been done before but considering how long the BF franchise has been around for they are trying to mix things up a bit if things become true. Tomorrow we will see.

UCForce204d ago (Edited 204d ago )

If I have to be honest, it’s disappointing to be honest. I love World War games, but it’s just getting boring to be honest. I would love a modern setting and VietNam War setting. And this is my unpopular opinion, I would love a futuristic BF game. We haven’t got a futuristic BF game since BF 2142.

cleft5204d ago

Looks like we are getting an actual SP campaign and its almost certain they will do BR. Imagine that, BR and SP... what a revolutionary thought. CoD is a billion dollar franchise, there is no reason they shouldnt have both modes.

SuperbVillain203d ago

Especially since they had 3 years to make the game

KyRo203d ago

I loved all BF games since BF2:MC (didn't have a pc to play the real BF2) but people's loved the Veitnam DLC for BC but I thought the setting whilst good for a DLC, wouldnt get as much praise as a single game. The maps would be very samey in terms of style and that's the last thing any people want from MP maps these days. People blast COD and destiny for having samey maps, BF doesn't need that too (although some of the apocalypse DLC felt similar to some of the other maps).

King_Lothric203d ago

To be honest, I don't understand why you use so many "honest" in your comment, to be honest.

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Majin-vegeta204d ago

Well looks like AlmightyDaq was right again...

AngainorG7X204d ago

My God, the Hud... Is this graphics???