Dreams PS4 world-premiere hands-on: Finally, a good 3D take on LittleBigPlanet | Ars Technica

Sam Machkovech: "We mold, animate, design, and score some beautiful adventures using only a gamepad."

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antikbaka203d ago

I think it's gonna be reckoned as game-masterpiece...but commercial flop

JaguarEvolved203d ago

I'll be buying this game day one

getbacktogaming203d ago

I'm just waiting for campaign mode review and most likely buying for that and then super excited to see what people will be creating... and maybe I'll give it a go myself :D!

Rude-ro203d ago

Yeah... I mean little big planet did some good to decent numbers... but there was something for players to attach to and the campaigns were there for those not interested in building..

Will be interesting to watch the reception of this game.
The worlds that can be built though.. far surpass what little big planet could do... both in atmosphere and capabilities... so I would expect some amazing games to come from some talented people.

IamTylerDurden1203d ago (Edited 203d ago )

But Dreams HAS A CAMPAIGN. It absolutely has a developer made campaign just like LBP. It has a campaign and a mascot, the Imp.

The creation and the engine in Dreams absolutely destroys anything in LBP. This is creation on an unprecedented level for a console game. As long as Sony/Mm can market this game appropriately and emphasis exactly what it is in terms that casuals can understand i don't see why it wouldn't be successful?

They must emphasis that it has a legit campaign.

Market the Imp and some other key mascots ala Sackboy.

Rude-ro203d ago

From the preview I read, it did not state as such...
It has demo levels and then you will be dependent on player created levels.
Not saying this argumentatively, just from the game informer preview I read.

zeuanimals203d ago

They've talked about the campaign a lot already. It's actually like 3 different games that are interwoven. Basically there's a noir type game where you play and old man named Art who has strange dreams. In those dreams you've got a puzzle platformer and a beat em up.

They're also creating a bunch of other games with it that aren't part of the campaign that they're putting out as a way of kickstarting the community. And there's more than just building, there's also a fully featured digital audio workshop like FL Studios except even more complex and intuitive in many ways. Honestly, I think you just gotta give creation a shot if you think it's not for you. It makes it so easy to create that creation is actually fun because it's just so easy to change things and make it exactly how you want it. Most games that have creation feature tedious tools. This is painting and sculpting, not placing things on a grid. And it's so quick to create that it allows you to sketch sculptures and entire characters within moments and this promotes creativity and experimentation since there's no fear of wasting your time on a piece that'll take hours since you'll be done quickly.

P_Bomb203d ago

LittleBigPlanet and Minecraft didn’t flop. Why would their illegitimate love child?

Veneno203d ago

It will all depend on how the game is marketed. Sony really needs to hit it home that you do not have to create to enjoy countless hours of entertainment. It also wouldn't hurt if they had a mascot like LBP did with SackBoy

zeuanimals203d ago

I have a feeling you're right, but also that word of mouth will carry this game. Streamers and Youtubers will get kids to want to try it too.

zeuanimals203d ago

Word of mouth and twitch is going to make this game blow up, I just know it. They have a 10 year plan and everything, they're that confident in it and it's clear to see why.

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uth11203d ago

is this coming soon too? Too many games right now, my wallet isn't ready!

Majin-vegeta203d ago

This year.Just saw a trailer with 2018 at the end

Gunstar75203d ago

This appeals to a very specific type of gamer. I hope it does well. MS dropped project spark way too quickly. It was quite clever

Akarogg 203d ago

This is way more than project spark ever was

203d ago
zeuanimals203d ago


Maybe? Watch their latest stream about music and sound. There's nothing else like this on the market.

And the tools are so much more than Project Spark could ever have hoped for. Project Spark gave you pre-made assets only, and you can create with them, but you're left with those basic assets. With this, you create your own assets from scratch or use any of the billions that'll be uploaded when people start creating with it and you can create basically any kind of game.

tontontam0203d ago

lol the reason why project spark died is because lbp creation mechanics made project spark look like a turd.

Akarogg 203d ago

Not maybe. The feature set is far greater. Look it up

203d ago
Akarogg 203d ago

Lol, you're a clueless troll. Goodbye

UCForce203d ago

@SKR3AM Media Molecule is way more creative than Project Spark devs.

doggo84203d ago

Project Spark flopped, and is a shadow of LBG. Not even in the same League as MM game.

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Veneno203d ago

A specific gamer? You mean like everyone?

AspiringProGenji203d ago

What is this? Another PS4 exclusive set to succeed

THC CELL203d ago

This game will not flop when u seen people create there own versions of halo silent hill res evils and half life. It's all possible and u will see mini dream development teams

IamTylerDurden1203d ago (Edited 203d ago )

Dreams maybe very well revolutionize games to an extent. It might actually spawn some jr development teams or start the career of some future developers. People will create better games within Dreams than what Mm did themselves with the campaign.

The tools are already quite robust in Dreams, and if Mm continues to update the toolset (for free) like i believe they will, the sky is the limit for this game. I can see new combat animations, new assets, new tools, new audio mixing capabilities ect being added for free after launch.

Gamers are sleeping on this game. You will literally be able to create the original 2D Mario Bros and a facsimile of Super Mario Odyssey. You can even create Mario Kart. Anything. The user created content might actually be full games. People could theoretically publish games through Dreams and potentially get noticed.

zeuanimals203d ago

This. So much this. I can see people just streaming themselves making music on twitch. You can even create with I think up to one other person (hopefully more too). Imagine creating music, live, with your friends. And then I'm gonna throw game jams/parties and we're gonna DJ live with it. It'll be awesome.

MONOLITHICIDE203d ago (Edited 203d ago )

I like that, "mini dream development team." HalfLife.Dreams, silenthill.dreams etc. Oh the creativity will be outstanding!

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