God of War Director Cory Barlog On New Game Plus: ‘We’ll Have To See Where It Shakes Out’

Cory: "It is definitely something that I am still trying to convince people of, but we’ll have to see where it shakes out."

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b163o1205d ago

Please, cause my silly ash was excited to show my brother the first boss battle, and lost my game, on hard, almost finished. I was so pissed that haven't even started over again....🤬

joab777205d ago

And let us carry over from the hardest difficulty anything we have earned.

RandoCommenter204d ago

I hate how NG+ is not just an automatic thing lately. Of course we want it! Should go without saying.

ArchangelMike205d ago

Come on guys, it's a no brainer. Do we have to start a petition?

I'm still grinding gear in Niflehiem and Musphelheim so I can take down those pesky valkyries. It would be sweet to be able to go through the game again with Epic gear on NG+.

C'mon please make it happen.

RememberThe357205d ago

The Valkyries are some of the hardest boss fights if ever done. I'm still stuck on the last one.

UltraNova205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

Get to level 7,5 at least. Equip anything that increases cooldown and defense. Get the talisman that reduces Valkyrie damage and fully upgrade it.

Then go beat her ass.

Thank me later.

ArchangelMike205d ago

I still have to take down the Valkyrie in Nifleheim, but by the time I get to her, my health is just not enough to even consider starting the fight :(

UltraNova204d ago


Dont loot, jusr run straight to the boss. Its one of the easiest of the bunch imo

bujasem_89204d ago

@archangelmike theres a niflehime talisman that gives you a healt and mist burst. (on L1+O) its purple.

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FernDiggidy204d ago

Maxing out your Runic and Cooldown stats will do you justice.

kranker205d ago

Also an option to skip cutscenes please Cory.

IAreBeMrLee205d ago

Considering the camera never cuts... I don't think that seems plausible...

kevnb205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

Of course they could do it, they might not want to though since it would break the no cutting camera.

KwietStorm205d ago

Not sure how that would even work in this game since there aren't any cutscenes.

kranker205d ago

I know right. Just that I'm doing my second play through and as much as I love the story I could do without watching it again.

kevnb205d ago

Pause the game during a cinematic and it actually will tell you there is one playing. I understand they are rendered in game, but they are still cinematically/cutscenes.

lsujester205d ago

I'd take an option to skip walking through the transit realm every time I want to warp somewhere.

KwietStorm205d ago

Then you'd probably end up staring at a black loading screen since that's what it's masking.

Dark_Knightmare2205d ago

Than you would just be staring at a black screen and missing out on the conversations so I don’t see how that would be a better option

DaMist205d ago

You can do what I do. Just stand there, and go grab a drink, by the time you are back the portal would be there waiting lol

lsujester204d ago

You do eventually run out of conversations though, and then it's just them jogging through the exact same place you've seen a couple dozen times. At that point, I'd prefer to see a loading screen since I don't have to needlessly navigate around.

So yeah, an option would be better.

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thornh205d ago

It is definitely something I want as well but there are certain things in the game that make it more difficult to include. There are specific items that are only acquired during story missions. There are things you could definitely not be allowed to have at the beginning of the game. Plus you currently get specific rewards for finishing the game on "Give me God of War" difficulty. Obviously, you should not be allowed to earn those if you start with greater abilities. It's one aspect of the game where SSM dug themselves a little hole. It's not until the end that I felt truly powerful and once you complete all of the side missions there is really nothing left to do. I want to play it again but I need some more time away from the game to want to jump in from scratch without all my cool stuff.

bluefox755205d ago

Yeah, I don't know how they'd do the weapons.

morganfell205d ago

Thanks for posting this. It isn't a simple as some people think. And had they made it possible from the beginning then the game would not have possessed the structure that is part of its greatness. In this instance, New Game Plus for me already exists since I restart the game armed with knowledge and girded up with tactics.

ArchangelMike205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

If I'm reading you correctly, I think there is a way they could implement some of the items. Spolier alert follows.


For example, the blades. The devs could make it that on NG+ you don't start with the blades - as normal; but when you get to that point in the story and retrieve the blades, what you actually retrieve are your fully upgraded blades from your first playthough.

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