Battle Royale: Treyarch says it will "do it best and better than” Fortnite and PUBG

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 developers are confident their take on the popular game mode will outshine the competition.

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Myst-Vearn205d ago

No you won't do it better because you're just copying someone else's success! no originality or creativity.

princejb134205d ago

Hmmm Facebook and google have something to say about that. They been dominating ever since they copy someone else idea

jmc8888205d ago

Yep. Anyone remember myspace?

I still remember when Facebook was for 'college students' only and you had to have a college email to sign up. They were 'above' myspace. They'd never change. Now they are firmly 10 levels of hell below myspace.

It really is funny people don't stop and realize how much something they think is 'new' is really just a copy of something from before, rebranded, with a little twist here or there.

Septic205d ago

Let's see if Treyarch can do it better. Hey they might just pull it off. I'm sceptical but who knows. Not going to completely write them off.

Perjoss205d ago

"I'm sceptical"

Lols can't even spell his own name

morganfell205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

"Lols can't even spell his own name"

Look before you leap...


It isn't incorrect, rather usage is delineated by geography and in some instance, time.

darthv72205d ago

At first i was thinking they should leave CoD out of this and just bring out their own BR game. Then I got to thinking even more and figured that if they want to make the BR trend really explode in popularity then what bigger name to use than CoD.

I really hope Sony is paying attention as they could have their own BR game if they bring back MAG.

porkChop205d ago


You should brush up on your reading skills. His name is Septic. Not Sceptic or Skeptic. Next time you want to make fun of someone try not to make yourself the joke.

IamTylerDurden1205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

It's definitely possible for Treyarch to do it better. If anything their BR mode should look and run better, and it'll probably have tighter controls. Idk if they will have 100 players, my guess is 60-75, but the core game will be from an A1 AAA team on a AAA budget. It should at the least be very interesting to see what they do. Let's be honest, Pugb isn't the prettiest looking or best running game in the world. It'll be nice to see legit production value in the genre instead of all these "early access" games.

Btw, H1Z1 popularized the BR genre before Pugb and Fortnite.

DJStotty204d ago


Battlefield has been doing 64 players for years!! but COD's getting praised for "possibly" doing 60-75?

Enjoy the lag compensation in COD BR, and wait till they decide to close the skill gap as per.

princejb134204d ago

@tyler H1Z1 didnt popularized anything. Ive only heard of H1Z1 though news articles but it has yet to come to consoles after 2 years of over promising is coming.

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SirBillyBones205d ago

Don't be ridiculous. Neither of those games created the genre. People have been crying out for a AAA BR game. COD is the first to take a swing. They can't really do worse than the appalling PUBG. Fortnite is popular with a lot of younger games, but they're fickle, and will flock to whatever is hyped by streamers and YouTubers.

DillyDilly205d ago

Fortnite is free of course the young ones with no money of their own would flock to it

Goldby205d ago


Umm Fortnite and Pubg are AAA BR games.
Maybe learn what AAA means before you make random comments like that

SixFragz205d ago

Younger gamers are "fickle" and will "flock" to Fortnite...

just like i'm sure you will flock to the rancid Call of Dookie Battle Royal.

I've never played PUBG, but it is nowhere near appalling. I'm sure you're a CoD drone who will shell out cash just to play the cheap BR mode.

Brazz205d ago

Fortnite/Pubg AAA !!? Realy, if that is true than AAA standards are very low nowdays. I mean, you can play these games on damn cellphone, this very far from the cutting edege performace and tech. Of a true AAA like GOW ( both gows), destiny, halo, uncharted and other...
Sure, pubg and fortnite got mass appel, but they are not big AAA games, they don't have the massive tech. Prowess of a true AAA.

jmc8888205d ago


You're right, but they aren't spending the money they don't have, they are spending their parents money.

That's why Fortnite is raking in hundreds of million a month.

It's why Activision/Blizzard have made 3.6 billion in mt's in 2016, and 4 billion in 2017.

It also, by the way, is the majority of their revenue.

205d ago
Ashby_JC205d ago

Was with you until you called PUBG appalling. To each his own.

DJStotty204d ago

dont rule out Battlefield sunshine. They already have the player count and map size for a BR mode.

They have dedicated servers which i highly doubt Activision will fork out for. COD BR will be P2P with host migration on death, you watch, you heard it here first.

DJStotty204d ago


a AAA game does not need to be tecnologically advanced in any way. the term AAA is to do with budget size. (amount of funding for said game).

Doesnt need to look good, play good, sell good. If its got a high budget, its AAA. That simple

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2pacalypsenow205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

Well neither Pubg nor Fortnite created the battle royale genre, they also copied it.

Fortnite being free made it as big as it is today.

BLAKHOODe205d ago

Fortnite might be free, but there is a reason Epic is making $100+ million a month off a free game. People are not just playing it, but buying into the cosmetics and seasonal BattlePass. Treyarch might be able to put together something better and being COD they'll have their player base, but not being F2P will likely hurt their chances of taking Fortnite's spot.

jmc8888205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

That's the point Blakhoode

Single player lootboxes and the like created boycotts that can destroy a franchise
Create a battle royale mode and sell cosmetics or season passes or loot boxes or whatever and profit by the hundreds of millions/billions.

Also notice that most people buy CoD for the multiplayer and the battle royale mode aligns with your core audience.

It sucks that there are many people left out in the cold because they bought CoD for single player or bought it for multiplayer but loved the single player. However there is a huge portion of their customers that will only see this move as added value. That they'd much rather have a huge new, vertical vehicles battle royale game on the scale of a battlefield game added in then a single player campaign.

They don't need take fortnite's spot, just be a significant player, create/reinvigorate hype for their product, and cash in.

IamTylerDurden1205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

H1Z1: King of the Kill was out well before Pugb and Fortnite BR. There were actually BR games prior to H1Z1, but H1Z1 is the first BR to really popularize the genre. H1Z1: King of the Kill was actually created by the mastermind behind Pugb.

It's interesting how Pugb and now BR is more synonymous with Microsoft, but in reality H1Z1 was originally developed by Sony Online Entertainment and H1Z1 really is the mother of BR. Or at least more so than Pugb. Perhaps that helped PS4 secure exclusivity for H1Z1 which i believe is out in some capacity on PS4.

subtenko205d ago

Yea yea yea yea...and every FPS copied DOOM..... stop your whining you pathetic morsel


I mean I say they can't because we all know they can't support large player counts which is what makes BR unique for me! If DICE tried to do BR in BFV similiar to PUBG (Realistic Gunplay/Combat) they would wipe the floor and this is coming from a HUGE PUBG fan!

jmc8888205d ago

It's not going to be the same exact engine. It'll be a different mode, tailored to do it. There's going to be vehicles like helicopters, all sorts of crazy weapons, etc. They even show people jumping off a huge tower (like a siege of shanghai) in the middle of the map. I'm guessing that's how it starts?

Dice is likely going to do it too.

It's not about wiping the floor. All these can coexist and make tons of money.

Good times.

PapaBop205d ago

And that's COD's biggest problem. It's the same game each year with the latest trends shoehorned in. The problem is that most of these trends just don't fit the COD mould so end up feeling half baked in comparison to where they've taken them from. Look at the wall running, it felt like a silly little addition for the sake of it and completely lacked the fluidity of Titanfall's movement nor were the maps designed around them. Titanfall, it was an absolutely joy whizzing around the maps, especially angel city. I really hope Treyarch do do it right though as if done right, it could be an amazing feature for COD but never should have came at the expense of a campaign.

jmc8888205d ago

Battle Royale is a fun mode that does fit Call of Duty. It has a huge chance to fit in nicely. Just like Dice. Both have great shooting mechanics. Battlefield already had the huge and vertical battlefield.

But CoD seems to think it can create a huge world 1500x the size of Nuketown and do it.

We also don't know the exact player count. It could be a more modest 50-75, or could be a full fledged 100. It may depend on the platform. PC or console.

The campaign is expendable in the eyes of many, but it does suck. But there has been talk that the campaign was about time travel and was canned. So they might have wanted to do all of the above, but it didn't work out. I don't necessarily think this one thing means all the other like Infinity ward are going to copy them. Maybe. Maybe not. It might end up being Treyarch's special flavor of their version of Call of Duty.

jmc8888205d ago

Do you think you are actually creating a coherent point? You do realize that almost every game is copied from those that preceded it. Originality and creativity are very small in video games. Most of the biggest sellers and best loved games had very little of that.

Most were sequels as well.

Battle Royale is one of the newest genres. Technically a sub-genre. But there are literally MORE CALL OF DUTY GAMES then battle royale games.

Even fortnite itself totally destroys your 'theory'. They copied people and did it better in some ways, and created a phenomenon.

spaceg0st205d ago

What a stupid f*cking comment

205d ago
rainslacker205d ago

I always wonder why developers set themselves up for being overly scrutinized instead of just giving credit where it's due, and simply saying what they feel sets themselves apart.

porkChop205d ago

Well we don't know if there's no originality or creativity considering we don't know much about the mode yet. We do know there are air vehicles and RC-XDs, so that's new and different.

We also know it will have CODs movement and mechanics, so we know it will play and feel better than all the BR games which have pretty janky controls.

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Smitty2020205d ago

Fortnight is free 😂😂

The7Reaper205d ago

And also infested with annoying children.

Smitty2020205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

Simple don’t talk too them 😂😂 but doesn’t cod

Sayai jin205d ago

I'm 43, but realize those kids are gamers too. I was a young gamer back in the days...most of us were. Cod is fukl of those children too.

Prince-Ali205d ago

and CoD is filled with level headed adults!? looooooooooooool

The7Reaper205d ago

All I'm saying is both games are filled with the same annoying trash talking children whose only words are swear words and racial slurs and all the disagrees in the world won't make me wrong.

Chris_GTR1205d ago

ehh... to be fair ,he is right. i pretty much have to mute all my teammates when i join a random squad cause its all children that havent even hit puberty yet. COD is full of annoying teenagers but they are for the most part older than fortnite players.

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BenRC01205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

Of course it will it has 100x the budget. Looking forward to it!
Fortnite ripped off pubg and no one cares, this is just 1 of 100s of BR games heading our way. The indie/budget teams laid the groundwork, now it's time for the big boys to step in.

Gaming_1st205d ago

Lol, Fortnite didn't rip off pubg. First off PubG didn't start the battle royal. Secondly, Fortnite took what was good of royal and made it their own from it's own gameplay stand point. Such as building, gliding, soon to be jetpacks etc.

nowitzki2004205d ago

PUBG didnt start it, but PlayerUnknown did.

jmc8888205d ago

Fortnite didn't start out as a Battle Royale.

Ever heard of the Save the World mode? That was the game when it launched. They tacked on Battle Royale later.

Quetzll205d ago


You call fortnite's battle royale mode "tacked on"? It's a huge focus for the devs and is obviously one of the most popular games right now.

Progress is made by people taking existing ideas and making them better. These devs are literally in a battle royale to keep making their version more appealing than the competition.

Goldby205d ago

Which indie/budget game laid the found work? Cuz both pubg and fortnite are neither of those

knickstr205d ago

And pubg ripped off h1z1 and h1z1 ripped off dayz, etc, etc.

Teflon02205d ago

When did dayz come out? Because the first time I saw this game mode was YouTube videos of Minecraft where they called the mode Hunger games. Have like 32 people start the round. They put a bunch of loot chests in the middle and scattered round the world and you have to find them and then be last man standing. Players made up the mode so it wasn't perfect but it worked exactly the same

knickstr205d ago

@Teflon02, that's why I included the etc. My point Is that this isn't an original idea. Minecraft users ripped off the hunger games and I'm sure the hunger games ripped off something else.

SirBradders205d ago

@knickstr it's ironic really because hunger games ripped of a Japanese film called battle royale PML.

IamTylerDurden1205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

Technically Minecraft had a Hunger Games mod that was arguably the first BR. Then games like ARK and DayZ had BR modes, but it wasn't until H1Z1 introduced King of the Kill that the genre really got popular. H1Z1 was very popular among streamers and it absolutely set the groundwork for Pugb. Then, Fortnite added a BR mode that was free to play and blew to doors off.

TheSaint204d ago

I remember reading a story in 2000AD when Strontium Dog entered a Battle Royale contest, this was probably in the 1980's.

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Smitty2020205d ago

We shall c what the big boys do, am salty as for them not having a sp mode. Like iv said before fortnite is free so ppl can really complain about loot boxes but with cod you will b paying 60 pound,dlcs and loot boxes if people think this is a good idea please give your head a shake

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XxExacutionerxX205d ago

Great Activision, your game could do it better 1000 percent over everyone else. I will not buy your game.

Veneno205d ago

How can I be as cool as you?!

IamTylerDurden1205d ago

So you won't buy their game even if it's great? Just on principle? A bit silly.

XxExacutionerxX203d ago

No, I won’t buy a game that removes single player in favor for a half-*** mode of battle royal. True fans of Call of Duty knows this series is completely gone, Activision has no idea where to go with it. WW2, Future, Past, present, or in space. They just want to charge 60 dollars and then keep charging you money for skins and stupid stuff or for a gambling box for random stuff. If you want to pay for that crap, heck people waste money everyday on nothing. More power to you, just not me. This game series is the reason your 60 dollars will never be good enough for the game industry.