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LR: "One of the most ambitious games in history has come. When you’re presented with a heavy narrative form of entertainment from a person with inconsistency like David Cage, you won’t have any choice but to be skeptical the least. However, even with his disgrace painted around Beyond: Two Soul’s failure in the past, thankfully, I think he was able to redeem himself, for now, with Detroit: Become Human."

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DeadSilence180d ago

They gave God of War a 8 wooow

chrisx180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

looks like we have yet another masterpiece PS4 exclusive incoming. I totally enjoyed heavy rain and B2S. this game is a no brainier for me.

salmonade179d ago

Maybe. Still early. I've pre-ordered the digital version of Detroit. Finished replaying Heavy Rain on PS4. I'm very excited by Detroit though.

Aceman18179d ago

If this game scores mid 80s ti 90s a certain group is probably going to lose their s**t again leven though they'll say this isn't their type of game lol.

I have a question for these ppl do they enjoy playing the games Telltales make?

I got this on preorder so I'm ready to get on this game.

Gaming_1st179d ago

Well i am more concerned with why they are waiting till the day before to lift the embargo. Not only does that not make sense, it's kind of alarming.

IamTylerDurden1179d ago (Edited 179d ago )

I honestly was worried that reviewers would continue their vendetta against Detroit. The game seems phenomenal, buti felt as though it would receive unfair scores. Critics have targeted Quantic Dream and Detroit for a while now, but if they review it on its actual merit as a game it should do very well. It just seems like a quality production with A+ visuals, a high volume of meaningful choice, and a very cool setting.

bolimekurac179d ago

calling a qte game a masterpiece, really?

Wallstreet37179d ago

@gaming 1st...

Nope! Not alarming at all since a few ps4 exclusives that rated highly also had a similar embargo. I am pretty sure your aware of that because its happened a few times and the games still scored well. Some have said it is done so no spoilers are in the wild too early from reviews.

jznrpg179d ago

Heavy Rain was amazing I really love it. B2S was a letdown for me but I think if you didn’t play Heavy Rain at all B2S is a decent game but when compared its a step back except in visuals. Just my opinion

Gaming_1st179d ago


By all means fill me in on these PS4 exclusives that waited the day before to release the embargo.

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RpgSama180d ago

Hopefully this game gets reviewed by the type of game it is (interactive adventure, like a telltale game or a monkey island), instead of the type of game that reviewers want it to be

salmonade179d ago

Exactly. You're not supposed to go around shooting enemies and picking up health packs and hiding behind barrels lol

-Foxtrot179d ago

Look put it this way if all these websites can arse lick TellTales with their same God Damn games over and over with a different skin on from a huge popular series/film with a cult following then I don't think they can complain about this.

RpgSama179d ago


Oh, but they will, just wait and see, you see glowing reviews of the same 10 year's old engine for episodic games that are basically the same, but when someone try to push the envelope for interactive storytelling you see all kinds of strange reasons why something is not good about the game

mgszelda1179d ago

They more than likely will ding this game. I've said it a million times telltale is overrated big time. They give the illusion of choice.
Quantic dream does not. Of course quantic makes one off games

IamTylerDurden1179d ago (Edited 179d ago )

When critics go in with expectations and they attempt to box a game into a category it was never meant to be, that's when things go wrong. I feel like The Order suffered from this.

bolimekurac179d ago

no they will hype it up and give it all 9 and 10's and then weeks later real reviews will come out with the real scores. its a qte game and nothing more

Lamboomington179d ago

"the type of game it is... instead of the type of game that reviewers want it to be"

To what extent ? because you can use that to invalidate any criticism, honestly. Every game is judged according to people's subjective preferences, and this is very complicated. Even if you think you know what the developer wanted to achieve with some particular thing (you'll probably be wrong about that too), is it somehow wrong to disagree with that decision as a reviewer and score it lower for that ?

Every review will be according to what the reviewer wants the game to be, atleast to a large extent.

I get what you're saying, but more often than not I see this being used as an excuse to invalidate scores people don't like.

RpgSama179d ago (Edited 179d ago )


The only thing I mean by that, its for it to be compared to other interactive adventure games at the time of the reviews, this is not a shooter, it's not a 3rd person action game, it's not an open world game, this is another completely different genre, the only other thing that for me comes close to this its until Dawn, but it goes in the same group of for example the Telltale games or Life is Strange.

Kryptix179d ago (Edited 179d ago )


With your lack of logic and understanding, I don't think you know that mind, puzzle, and psychological games exist.

But it's ok, not everyone is intelligent enough to experiment with newer things and rather have their hands held all the time.

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Apex13179d ago (Edited 179d ago )

I would agree. Since when is an 8 a bad thing? GoW isn't perfect.

InTheZoneAC179d ago

If gow gets an 8/10 then every other review by them must be 7/10 or lower by default

Dark_Knightmare2179d ago

No game is perfect but there’s been ones that have close and gow is one of those games. I just beat it today and I would have to look extremely hard for anything to complain about and in the end it would just be nitpicking because the game is just that good

RememberThe357179d ago

Better than most. I mean, the platforming/climbing was kinda lame, but the rest of the game is just money! So well done, from the graphics to the story, it's just on a different level.

Lynx0207179d ago

Why? In my opinion GOW is an empty shell. It is made beautifully, everything is very polished, graphics are breathtaking. But story isn't very interesting and one week after I've finished GOW I almost completely forgot it. I sold my copy already - no reason to keep it because I know I would never play it again.

trooper_179d ago

When did anyone say 8 is a bad thing? It's when you slap an 8 on the game with reasoning that makes no sense that gets people questioning your integrity.

179d ago
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n1kki6179d ago

I know right, it's mind boggling that someone had their own opinion about a game and thought that god of war was a great game. OMG an 8, no not an 8. I thought god of war was great, but probably an 8.5 on my scale. I enjoy reading people with different opinions opposed to the general group think of the gaming community.

Apex13179d ago

What makes GOW a 9 or 10? After that I will say why it's an 8 at best

Babadook7179d ago

In my opinion, anyone who gave god of war less than 9.0 has no credibility.

hulk_bash1987179d ago

Boo freakin hoo, someone didn't like a game you did. Grow the heck up man, people can have different opinions without any ulterior motives. GOW is a near perfect game and so far is my GOTY, but I'm not naive enough to believe everyone will love it.

Babadook7179d ago (Edited 179d ago )

@hulk. Speaking of opinions. I gave mine. (and noted it as being “my opinion”). You can’t argue that a reviewer has the right to their opinion while saying i can’t give my own. So grow up yourself. I don’t treat every reviewer as useful and that’s entirely my choice. Scoreattacks gets a pass from me then as I don’t see god of war as being anywhere near 8.0 based on my time with it.

hulk_bash1987179d ago (Edited 179d ago )

I never suggested you weren't entitled to your opinion, you most certainly are. I just stated that my opinion is you should grow up. I'm not attacking you because of your opinion on the game itself. I'm disagreeing with your arguement that because they didnt give the game a score you wanted, it somehow affects their credibility.

Babadook7179d ago (Edited 179d ago )

I didn’t say it affected their credibility. I was pretty clear it affected their credibility (to me). Again this goes back to you needing to grow up. If enough people agree with me (and so far it seems they do) then it would certainly affect their credibility.

hulk_bash1987179d ago (Edited 179d ago )

You're opinion was that simply because a reviewer didnt give a game the score you wanted, they have "no credibility". And you used it as a blanket statement for any review that is lower than a 9. Those are your words. But there's really no point arguing with you about it.

n1kki6179d ago

You opinion is someone has no credibility because you don't agree with their opinion. Your contradiction is amazing. Nevertheless, this thread isn't about God of War, but here is what holds it back for me. The overall narrative and story of the game is not as ground breaking as everyone gives it credit, although engaging, it's not a master piece in story telling. The combat although fun, isn't as engaging as I hoped. The skill trees and weapon upgrades are fine, but again, not a master class in game design as the reviews would want one to believe. The graphics are unparalleled but visuals are not the only measure. I feel like critics have a tendency to ignore glaring short comings and rather than provide a review that accurately represents the good and the bad. Overall as a package, i still think it's a great game, just not a 9 or 10. That is a critical look at the game, not a fan writing about how much fun they had. There is a big difference between reviewing ag ame as a critic, and reviewing a game as a fan. I feel like the games media has moved to reviewing games as fans, rather than taking a professional approach to criticism.

Babadook7179d ago

@hulk. I’ve already pointed it out so I’m surprised you keep miss understanding and or misconstruing my words. Credibility is subset to “my opinion”.

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trooper_179d ago

Another killer exclusive.

hulk_bash1987179d ago (Edited 179d ago )

Broken embargo date, I dont trust this review. I'll just wait for this Thursday. But If all other reviews follow suit, congrats to David Cage and QD.

Lamboomington179d ago

Yes, and they gave this game a 9/10

Really shows you that reviews are subjective, and not everyone who gives your favourite PS exclusive an 8 or below is a bad reviewer, doesn't it ? Contrary to what everyone here thinks.

Either way, glad to see this score for this game, I was impressed by the demo footage.

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ArchangelMike180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

I thought the review embargo lifted on Thursday? In any case 9/10 is a good start. I've already got this game on pre-order so I don't care about the reviews.

Although I do take issue with the assertion that Beyond Two Souls was a "failure." It wasn't at all, it was generally well received critically, and sold over a million copies within 12 weeks of it's release. Why do you think Sony let David Cage and Quantic Dream make another "interactive Movie" (help - we need a new genre label). His games generally sell well, even though the SJW's hound him constantly.

UCForce180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

We have to wait and see, but 9 is very good score.

Prettygoodgamer180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

Maybe they got an early copy from a retailer ? If so they don't have to worry about review embargos

Edit: well I doubt they will be getting review copies from many other devs after that then/shrug

rpcdrag0n180d ago

From the piece - Copy provided by the publisher.

RememberThe357179d ago

They really needed that extra 50 bucks all these chicks are getting them.

twiggytree12180d ago

I really enjoyed Beyond Two Souls, good game imo.

Apex13179d ago

It had potential but it was a poor and flawed follow up to heavy rain. Annoying controls and cameras let that came down the most I can't wait to pick up Detroit though.

Anorexorcist179d ago

Beyond Two Souls is pretty solid. I've actually developed a little bit of a crush on Ellen Page now after playing that game.

Gaming_1st179d ago


Ouch i'm sorry...

angelsx180d ago

How you can be in every comment???

salmonade179d ago

I got it pre-ordered too, digitally. I never really liked Beyond 2 Souls. But still I'm a fan of Heavy Rain and David Cage

letsa_go179d ago

Aren't they called adventure games?

ArchangelMike179d ago (Edited 179d ago )

Yeah, we definitely need a new genre definition for these type of games. Something that's better that "interactive movie". How about - Interactive-narrative-third- person -action-adventure?

I'm sure someone can come up with something better :))

letsa_go179d ago

ICYOA - Interactive Choose Your Own Adventure?

rainslacker179d ago

The only people that call them interactive movies to define it's genre, are usually the one's that want to downplay them. The term stuck and it's used elsewhere sometimes.

The proper genre is "3rd person adventure". The fact it has a choice mechanic is just a game play trait, not a genre definition, but many compare it to a choose your own adventure thing.

IamTylerDurden1179d ago (Edited 179d ago )

Adventure games are Monkey Island and all the Lucas Arts/Double Fine games. Even Tell Tale games and Machinarium are in the genre. Tim Schafer is the Godfather of adventure games, but i believe that games like Until Dawn and Detroit are simply too advanced to be classified with point n clicks. Even The Order was a similar type game. I think this new breed of adventure style games deserves its own category, maybe cinematic adventure? And Super Massive needs to put out an Until Dawn 2. Sony should greenlight it.

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UCForce180d ago

Wait ? I thought review embargo supposed to be lift on 24th.

warriorcase180d ago

Rest in peace future review copies and business relations for them I guess

Veneno179d ago

Can we rest in peace the phrase " rest in peace"? Christ can anyone be original?

RememberThe357179d ago

Nothing's original. Everythings just a bunch of squiggles and pulses. Shadows and dust bro... Shadows and dust...

Veneno179d ago

Its not that nothings original its that most people are not original so they copy and paste or are derivative.

warriorcase179d ago


Like RememberThe357 said, it's all just squiggles. Don't get too bent out of shape over a phrase.

Rip in peace to common phrases - 2018 /s

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Obelisk92179d ago

Yeah that's weird. It says "Copy provided by the publisher" too, so they're intentionally breaking the embargo.

I can't deny I'm happy with the score though. lol

lxeasy179d ago

They were desperate for traffic on their site so they released the review ahead of time. Little do they know it does them more harm to do that since now game publishers won't want to do business with them again. Also I've never heard of this site. But anyway glad it got a high review as it is my most anticipated game of 2018 pre E3

Nitrowolf2179d ago

I don't know the embargo rules for this game but I for god of war, It's specifically even stated breaking embargo would have consequences for their future titles

IamTylerDurden1179d ago

Spiderman is my most anticipated. I just can't see it being anything below 84 Metacritic. Insomniac has nailed Spidey.

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Gatsu180d ago

This game will be amazing to experience ^_^!

lociefer180d ago

Sure there r some websites who were gonna break embargo.. but that score.. hmmmmmmmm. Let's wait and see . I really want it to be true coz i massively enjoyed the demo

DigitalRaptor179d ago (Edited 179d ago )

In case anyone was wondering about this 9/10 review... it appears that this will be far from the only one.

I think we're looking at a really GREAT game here.

A verified user had this to say on Resetera:
"I just finished the game. I am still under embargo so I can't say much about it yet sadly, but wow what a game... By far one of the best PS4 games ever and especially one of the best and emotional stories in video game history. Can't wait to talk more about it and see what paths everyone Will take."

And there are plenty of other people who have tweeted that they've played/finished the game and want to talk about it, implying great things:

Prepare yourselves Cage/Quantic Dream lovers/haters. I feel the biggest surprise of the year incoming.