Traffic Cop VR Announced + Screens + Trailer

Neocrisis - Traffic Cop VR has been officially announced today. Brian Bobik in collaboration with Waden Kane Game Studios brings the 1950s to VR in a comical and wacky fashion. As a rookie cop, you must prove yourself at the city's busiest intersection with unpredictable drivers and, also, by moving up levels to unlock mini-games.

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gangsta_red120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

VR is definitely a must have!!! This and Office Librarian VR are immersive gaming.

salmonade120d ago

Gee you're funny /s.
I own around 20 VR games and VR is awesome. This game looks bad though.

gangsta_red120d ago

I also own 20 VR games and VR is totally cool. /s

demonicale120d ago

I own Oculus but "games" like this aren't helpful. Let's get some AAA quality games.

Prince_TFK120d ago

And you wonder why VR never get off the ground.

salmonade120d ago

But it's already off the ground.

FPSFox120d ago

Beatsaber is amazing. Anyone who has VR, do yourself a favor and download this very second. You won't regret it.

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