Overwatch Director: It'd Be Beneficial To Everyone To Bring Players Together, CrossPlay Is Exciting

Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan said recently that it would be beneficial to everyone to open platforms up more to bring players together, before adding that cross-platform experiences are very exciting. This could indicate a change of heart at Blizzard after they didn't seem inclined to do crossplay.

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KaiPow204d ago

As long as there is some way to separate servers to crossplay (controllers only, if possible), I'm all for the connected future.

gamer7804204d ago

Rocket league devs said its easy to separate servers by criteria

dirkdady204d ago

The problem (or more of a reality) is that most PS4 owners don't really care about crossplay with Xbox. I think this feature request was wayyyyy down on the list below change psn names. I'm sure if it was near the top Sony would more seriously consider it.

gamer7804204d ago (Edited 204d ago )

@dirkdady honestly haven't seen any large surveys that say ps4 users don't want more people to play with especially on mp games that it could extend the life of. Companies in general want crossplay, it's better for business as well as gamers at large regardless of platform.

It's probably lower than psn name changes which gamers have wanted for many years.

Perjoss204d ago

Could you post a link to the survey or wherever youre getting this information from.

dirkdady204d ago

Oh you don't know about PlayStation Share the idea list and building the list?

With nearly half a million ps user votes cross platform play with Xbox fell off the list a number of times due to lack of votes. Because Change PSN name was at the top of the list Sony/Shawn stated they are working on this feature.

Bottom line is PlayStation users don't really care for cross play with Xbox..

darthv72203d ago

I'd say it's a lost cause this gen but perhaps next gen they will make amends and allow it to happen.

203d ago
gamer7804203d ago

@makod you are extrapolating ideas from a false rumor, I'd anything they be untethered and running in a vm or some type of isolation, not in azure. Sorry but this specificconjecture about vail rail azure and Polaris isn't correct.

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Imp0ssibl3204d ago

If only Sony wasn't dumb and deaf to feedback.

ArchangelMike204d ago

Sony are capitalising on their massive sales lead and don't want that diluted with cross-platform play. It's a strategic marketing decision, as we know that most game sell better on the PS4.

In other words, Sony don't really need cross platform play, as it serves them no advantage.

Vrabstin204d ago (Edited 204d ago )

And as far as honor goes in "doing the right thing", Sony is further discouraged from doing so due to Microsoft's resistance in the past.

Edit- I'm sorry am I wrong? I personally would love cross platfrom mp. My opinion does not change history.

aconnellan204d ago

Sony still has exclusives to make those sales, so that’s a moot point. And as for ‘serving them no advantage’, you’re right, but it serves the players. When did it become okay to support blocking features because it doesn’t help the big corporation make their sales? That’s ridiculous

That would be like supporting them if they stopped giving away free PS+ games, because it doesn’t serve them an advantage. It’s for the consumer, end of story


Sounds like someone’s good at holding on to a grudge from like 8 years ago

porkChop204d ago

They have a massive lead this gen, yeah. But Cross Play and Mods will be much bigger next gen. When choosing their next console, gamers will remember who did and didn't support Cross Play, Mods, etc.

ZaWarudo204d ago

That's true, but it doesn't change the fact that Sony's stance on console crossplay is anti-consumer.

For the players my ass.

JackBNimble204d ago

Sony has been doing cross play for years and continues to do so.

TheCommentator204d ago (Edited 204d ago )

Too bad. I thought Sony was, "For the Players", but I guess that's only if the players don't like playing with other console gamers or playing their own library of games on the latest HW. Hell, they're not even for the UHD players even though it's their own format.

I thought exclusive 1st party was what sold consoles, not Sony controlling who you can play with.

Edit: JackBNimble, ZaWarudo said CONSOLE CROSSPLAY. Read much?

Septic204d ago

Sony may have tactical reasons to not allow it but then we gamers have a reason to call out their 'For the Players' motto.

Console crossplay would be amazing but Sony selfishly hold on to their policy regarding that. Let their better exclusives do the talking if they are worried about preserving themselves. Surely people would recognise that when buying the console anyway like people regularly here say.

Kiwi66204d ago

If they don't need cross platform play then why do they have it with PC & Nintendo

shaggy2303204d ago


"as it serves them no advantage"

How about doing it "For the Players" instead of doing if for themselves, I mean that is their tagline isn't it.

shaggy2303204d ago (Edited 204d ago )


"Bullshit. PS4 has more cross-play games than Xbox.

Xbox has a total of 13 games that have crossplay between non-MS owned platforms.

PS4 has 38 games that have crossplay with other non-Sony platforms. Almost three times as much as Microsoft. Which company is more anti-gamer again?"

Like what you did there, remove the advantage that Microsoft had by not counting Win10 and Xbox One cross play.

Liqu1d204d ago

All these Xbox guys crying about this being anti-consumer yet last gen they didn't want to play with PS3 gamers on their poor network. They supported an online multiplayer paywall from the beginning. Free to Play games are locked behind XBLG on Xbox while on PS4 you don't need PS+. Where are the anti-consumer cries for that? These "fans" aren't pro-consumer, if they were then they wouldn't have supported other anti-consumer practices. They only care about crossplay because it's ammo for their console war.

DillyDilly204d ago

There was a time when Sony wanted Cross Play & not Microsoft Sony is saying no because they are simply not leading the way & there is likely some pettiness with Microsoft beating them in some areas like Backwards Compatibility

RememberThe357204d ago

Cross play defeats the purpose of consoles. The whole point is that the console maker can control everything on their platform, if they're trying to bridge over into an other network, they become beholden to the other networks differing standards/policies and lose some of their control. In the console business, lossing control of your platform is an end days senerio and probably something Sony wants no part of. MS has already pulled halfway out of the console business and have a lot less to lose now that their market share had slipped. I doubt any of us can see the future but I'm pretty sure cross-platform play is not in Sonys'.

VariantAEC198d ago

Actually MS is using Cross-Play games to artificially increase their own engagement figures and control the online experiences of other platforms gamers. It's underhanded and illegitimate in my opinion. Of course clowns everywhere will say well you do the same to play an Origin or Steam or U-Play or Square-Enix game on whatever non-PC platform you own. The major difference at least to date is the fact that those platforms don't typically log you in and inflate their console platforms stats... Because (just in case you haven't noticed) they have no hardware platforms (aside from Steam which ended Portal 2 crossplay with ps3 years ago now).
I just don't understand the want for cross-play and I do understand Sony wanting to avoid it when the tactics their competition is using are dirty.

That said Sony still allows crossplay with PC Mac and I think even Nintendo in at least one case so far... It's not Sony saying no flat out or even in most cases. It's something about Microsoft specifically and people keep denying the obvious (re-read the very first sentence for said obvious point).

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Septic204d ago (Edited 204d ago )

Hopefully they change their anti gamer stance on this. No need for these artificial barriers to exist anymore.

"I hope to see platforms open up and embrace the way players want to play more. The technology and the desire exist. I believe it would be beneficial to everyone to open platforms up more to bring players together. "

For sure.

xX-oldboy-Xx204d ago

Anti-gamer? I've heard it all now.

I think if you surveyed PS4 owners about crossplay you'd probably get a massive 'Meh'.

Do the same survey with x and switch owners. I reckon same result.

Sony had done crossplay for yrs with PC and instigated talks MS, I just can't remember how those talks were recieved. Wait, its come back to me MS weren't interested.

Anti-gamer lolz - absolutely pathetic Septic.

aconnellan204d ago


And if you go back to articles that covered those responses from MS, they got raked over the coals for it. Comments on N4G were talking about how cool it would be if all future multiplat games were crossplay

Septic204d ago

It is anti gamer. Not letting people play across all platforms is anti-gamer.

"Sony had done crossplay for yrs with PC and instigated talks MS, I just can't remember how those talks were recieved."

Please show me where Sony instigated talks.

:Anti-gamer lolz - absolutely pathetic Septic"

No...'lolz'. It is an anti-gamer stance and what's more pathetic is people willing to defend that stance.

trooper_204d ago

Cry me a river.

How is Sony looking out for their investments anti gamer? They've been doing cross play for a while.

Just not with Microsoft.

Razzer204d ago (Edited 204d ago )

Bullshit. PS4 has more cross-play games than Xbox.

Xbox has a total of 13 games that have crossplay between non-MS owned platforms.

PS4 has 38 games that have crossplay with other non-Sony platforms. Almost three times as much as Microsoft. Which company is more anti-gamer again?

ArchangelMike204d ago

Sony allows cross platform play with DCUO, Paragon, Street Fighter V, Eve Valkyrie, War Thunder, etc etc just to name a few. So your statement that they have an "anti-gamer stance" is provably false.

When Minecraft went cross-platform on the Switch it emerged that because Microsoft now own the IP, Nintendo Switch players needed an Xbox Live account in order to sign in. Why? Is that not "anti-gamer?" At the very least it could be considered as MS monopolising the consumer base which is anti-consumer.

Is it any wonder that Sony is reluctant to allow it's install base to all go get xbox live accounts? You don't have to be a genius to understand why that is bad business practice.

Razzer204d ago (Edited 204d ago )

And then there is Ark: Survival Evolved with their stance on crossplay written entirely by MS PR.

""We have said it before and we'll say it again--we want everyone to play together! While there are no issues with Steam, the main hurdle is Sony's policy against PS4 cross-network play with Xbox. We just don't have the time or resources to make multiple versions of the PC game and servers that support cross play with only one console platform (and it's confusing for end users). When the day comes that Xbox Live and PSN players are allowed to play together, we'll be first in line to support it."

Oh....but what about Xbox version cross-play with the Steam version? Nope.....not part of the deal with MS. If you are not playing the MS version of Ark then NO you cannot have crossplay. But yes......let's blame Sony for that.

SpineSaw204d ago

Sorry but it's not "anti-gamer" it's anti-Xbox, anti-Microsoft. It simply can't be anti-gamer if the gamers on the Sony system don't care in the least about gaming with Xbox gamers.

Edward75204d ago

MS did some crossplay with PC a longtime ago... why do people forget FF11!!!

Septic204d ago Show
rainslacker204d ago (Edited 204d ago )

So what's changed since last gen that makes it so these barriers don't need to exist anymore?

Let me guess....MS is on board now? So, it was OK last gen because MS wasn't on board. But now that MS is, Sony is wrong for not being on board? That makes sense I guess.

Or I dunno, maybe MS put up barriers that Sony can't agree to.

Ever consider that MS just isn't trying to work with Sony on making it happen? MS only said they're open to it, but what has MS done beyond that?

It's pure assumption that Sony is just refusing MS call on the topic. For all we know, MS makes public statements, but when Sony comes knocking, they say, "Sure, but we want you to agree to all this".

Maybe not. But the truth is is we don't know. No one knows. Not any dev that's talked about it...except maybe that Tekken director who seemed to indicate that it was a security issue. Not any journalist. Certainly not you or anyone casting blame at any company. It's all assumption that Sony is the sole reason preventing it being a thing right now.

Sony has had cross play with PC for over a decade now. While it was well received through the years, it has almost never been a big thing among the community to talk about it. When MS was against it, they never got as much hate thrown at them as Sony does now. But now MS said they were ready, then suddenly everyone was against Sony. It's pathetic, particularly since there is no actual known reason why or who is responsible for it not being a thing. It's not like MS has clarified who's to blame....just that they're on board and open to it.

Anyhow, it's not anti-gamer. It's not pro-gamer, but anti-gamer indicates that it's something that's bad for gamers to not have it. It's not bad that gamers don't have it, it's just a thing we don't have, and on PS4, there really isn't a shortage of people to play with in most MP games.

Just look at the total number of games that have cross play on both platforms. Add them together. Less than 1% of available titles even offers the damn feature. Yet Sony is anti-gamer for restricting a feature that isn't even that prolific? Despite having more in that area than their competition which is apparently all for it.

What does that mean? It means most developers don't care.

salmonade204d ago

Hey you know what's 'anti-gamer' ?

MS not spending their Billions and making actual high quality games for their Xbox fans. MS just looking for the maximum dollar instead of taking a little hit to make them proud and happy to be an Xbox gamer. Xbox has basically nothing going for it and it's MS' fault.

Instead of focusing on this non-existent console cross-play demand, they should be focusing on building their portfolio. It's too little too late this gen. MS are anti-gamer by not putting their Billions where their mouth is and making exclusives to be proud of.

RauLeCreuset204d ago

Roaring about "The Beast" has taken a backseat to whining about cross-play. I love how you switched it up to "console crossplay" in a more recent comment, above, after being told PS4 has been doing cross-play with PC and has more cross-play titles than Xbox. We see you. Selling games instead of giving them away free could be called "anti-gamer" too, depending on how desperate one is to find fault. But if it truly is anti-gamer and not just you taking your cue from MS, I'm sure you'll be able to show us your consistent history of talking about cross-play prior to MS making it a talking point.

Septic204d ago

"It's pure assumption that Sony is just refusing MS call on the topic. For all we know, MS makes public statements, but when Sony comes knocking, they say, "Sure, but we want you to agree to all this". "

Bullshit . You have had devs come out and say it's Sony and the best statement you have from Sony is the 'for the children' gaffe.

"What does that mean? It means most developers don't care."

I'm sorry- look in the article you're in? Devs don't care??? We've had several come out and say the want crossplay:

Rocket League Devs
Arm's Devs
Overwatch's dev

And loads more.


"I love how you switched it up to "console crossplay" in a more recent comment, above, after being told PS4 has been doing cross-play with PC "

It's always been about crossplay with Xbox genius. That's where Sony is blocking it. I didn't ever say it's blocking it with PC.

Go find my comment defending MS for blocking crossplay. Go fetch.

rainslacker204d ago (Edited 204d ago )

Did you know MS has the same policies regarding cross play with other consoles as Sony does? Do you now why? because neither console allows it. Do you know why? Because they haven't come to an agreement on how it should be implemented, or just don't want it...which one is it though? You don't know, I don't know, and anyone who might know isn't saying anything.

For this to be a thing, both companies have to work together. They either aren't doing that, or they are working on it and haven't finalized a plan now.

Everything everyone says on the topic is assumption. Including me. There isn't a single reliable source that has said 100% what the hold up is. A couple devs pointed to Sony's policies, while not mentioning that MS has the same policy. Rocket League dev said Sony said no....because they have a policy against it. Same as MS.

It's easy to interpret that as Sony is the problem, but it completely ignores the realities of the situation. That reality is that both companies have policies against it.

Beyond that, again, we don't know what's going on, and you are just assuming things that may or may not be true. It doesn't even help your argument that you seem more inclined to make this seem like it's all Sony's fault, and refuse to consider anything else but Sony is at fault. Moldy was worse than you are on the subject, but you aren't much better.

5-6 devs out of how many have commented on this? 5-6 devs saying something is not huge interest. Particularly when half of those devs make a comment in response to someone asking them the question. You can't list 5-6 devs, then just say loads more. How many is loads? How many is that in comparison to all the devs out there that this would be an issue of consideration for?

What does this mean?

Devs and pubs really don't care that much. Some do, most don't.

Moreso, I'll add that most gamers don't even care that much. PC gamers aren't asking for it, or care where it exists. It's there, they probably don't care much if they play console gamers. Console gamers that have it available on a limited number of games really don't care that much either. No one was clamoring for this feature, and no one made a big fuss about it for such an extended period of time like we see now when it was available with PS/PC. but suddenly some people act like it's the most requested feature ever, and it's absolutely vital to gamers, when it's not even an oft requested feature directed at ether console maker....including MS.

It'd be great if it happens. It'd be greater if people would stop assuming they are so in the know that they go around blaming things on companies without a single piece of knowledge about what's happening, or who is doing what.

There isn't a single shred of evidence that MS has done anything more than said they're open to the idea, yet you'll give MS all this credit when MS has a full generational track record of saying a bunch of stuff with no follow through.

Septic204d ago (Edited 204d ago )

That's complete nonsense.

The devs are pointing to Sony. Phil Spencer himself has been completely transparent about it. It's all Sony's doing:


“I have a real struggle making comments about their motivation or timelines"

"I know there is a certain view that says if my friends have this console, they can’t play with people who buy another console. That’s a reason they go buy my console. "

What do you think he is talking about here??

Microsoft also sent an open invitation to all companies in 2016. You know, the invitation that Nintendo have accepted?

And Rocket Leagues devs have pointed the fingers squarely at Sony along with other devs:

"In an interview with Engadget, Psyonix’s Jeremy Dunham talks about the issues they’ve been having with Sony and how they just seem to not be interested in."

Microsoft have explicitly come out and said that they want it. Spencer has said it and the devs want it. Yet here you are making the false statement that no one knows ?

"Just look at the total number of games that have cross play on both platforms. "

No. The point is, once Sony drops this silly stance, there is little reason ALL MULTIPLATS cannot have crossplay. That means all the big titles like COD or Battlefield, Fifa, Anthem, you name it. All devs would benefit from having a unified pool of players with faster matchmaking and more players to match players with.

Crossplay has enormous benefits beyond allowing your mates to play together, which in of itself is more than enough of a reason to have it.

Crossplay would be the BIGGEST game changer for me. Having mates play together on games they haven't been able to before.

RauLeCreuset204d ago


"Genius"? "Go fetch"? There's no point getting cheeky over the internet, so let's calm it down a tad.

It has not always been about cross-play with Xbox. That's you exposing yourself while blatantly moving the goalposts. Your concern isn't gamers as a whole, but Xbox gamers. People called BS on you in this thread and informed you that PS4 has more crossplay games. You shifted the goalpost in a later comment by changing your gripe to "console crossplay."

If it truly is anti-gamer and not just you taking your cue from MS, I'm sure you'll be able to show us your consistent history of talking about cross-play prior to MS making it a talking point.

doggo84204d ago

"Hopefully they change their anti gamer stance on this. No need for these artificial barriers to exist anymore."

oooooooo nooooooo what a disaster. No, actually no one gives a crap.

Razzer204d ago (Edited 204d ago )

"What does that mean? It means most developers don't care."

And most gamers don't care. Where are the mass of PS4 gamers who are so angry with Sony about this? All I have ever see is some developer or MS guy bringing this up. You don't see outrage over the exclusion of cross platform like you did with the inclusion of loot boxes. This isn't coming from the gaming community other than from console warriors. If this was a real issue then gamers would speak with the only real weapon they have: their wallet.

And the only reason Microsoft wants this is the same reason Sony wanted it last generation. It is/was to their advantage to have cross platform games. That is why Microsoft said no last generation and Sony is saying it now.

gangsta_red204d ago


"...and i know you hate facts but ps4 does offer cross play with pc."

But that's not the issue or what every dev is asking Sony for is it? Why must this excuse be mentioned when it has nothing to do with what is being discussed here.

"we just don't want cross play with xbox fanbase because it seems y'all didn't want it last gen"

Lmao, so two wrong make a right? Have we now resorted to "nyah, nyah, nyah" and "your mom" jokes. C'mon now, Sony didn't want it either unless you can provide a game that Sony themselves wanted MS for crossplay for.

" daily stand in regards to which platform they will defend"

So two things, what does this have to do with the article and does this also apply to you?


Sony never instigated any talks. It was the MMO FF producer and some developer for a SyFy MMO. Sony never stepped in and asked MS for anything. But it still didn't stop gamers from putting MS in the torture rack and claiming MS was ruining gaming.

So here's another reversal from MS and now all of a sudden "gamers are saying meh".

Interesting how gamers are saying meh to crossplay with consoles but sure out crossplay with PC on a pedestal.

rainslacker203d ago

You still haven't answered my initial question.

What exactly has changed from last gen that makes it so these barriers don't need to exist anymore?

I'm still failing to see why now that MS is on board, it's time, but Sony gets raked over the coals for a couple years much more than MS did last gen, when MS was actually upfront about not wanting it. MS went almost an entire generation, plus a couple years, before being on board, but now people expect Sony to capitulate as soon as MS snaps it's fingers?

What a joke.

Now onto the rest of your comment.

Spencer said he can't say why Sony isn't on board. In other words, he doesn't know anything, so you can go on assuming that Sony is to blame. It would indicate that he's not talking to them about it. Why is that? Is it because Sony is refusing his calls? Did they say no? Did they talk, and Spencer can't understand why Sony isn't on board with MS demands? Is MS not on board with Sony demands? Can he not say because NDA's prevent him from doing so? Sony isn't on board, but if Spencer can't say why, what good is his comment?

If Spencer was transparent, I wouldn't be asking those questions. He's passing the blame without saying anything.

The 2nd quote is just a business matter, and has nothing to do with what MS is doing to make it happen. All it says is that that they are open to the idea, same as Sony last gen.

An open invitation doesn't mean anything, because MS wills till have demands to allow it with their system. Honestly, it didn't really mean much last gen when Sony essentially said the same thing. Sony has expectations to allow it with PC. It's not just, "Use our API and it's cool". There are a rather rigid set of rules that have to be followed. MS is the same way, and just because Nintendo is cool with whatever is required for XBox cross play, doesn't mean that Sony is.

As far as Rocket League, why is this dev so special that Sony should bend over backwards to change their rules? Why is any developer? Sony has these rules for a reason, and not all of them are business related. This is a matter that is between the console makers right now. Of course Sony isn't going to be interested, because it's against their compliance standards. What did he expect to happen? If he went to MS, they'd say no as well, because of their compliance standards. They may give more reason, but they aren't obligated to.

You take a handful of devs, and say this is in huge demand among publishers or developers.. There is no major movement within the dev community asking for it. If there was demand, then Sony and MS would have to address it WITH THEM, NOT US. In dev communities, there hasn't been a single instance of either MS or Sony talking about how it's coming along, or if it's coming along at all. If there was demand, it'd have been addressed after all this time. There was a rumor a while back that something was happening behind the scenes, but it fizzled out due to lack of updated information. Some public comments by Spencer or even a few devs means nothing for the business side of things.

Cross play would be a good feature. I'm not against the idea at all. I just get tired of people casting blame instead of being more productive by taking proper channels to ask for the feature. Like the forums and feature request areas from both companies where people aren't asking for this.

Kryptix203d ago (Edited 203d ago )

Anti-Gamer. LOL

Valve must be anti-gamer, too because there's barely any Xbox crossplay on Steam

Or is Microsoft just pawning you and deluding you? Because if MS really cared for crossplay, they would of worked with alternatives like Steam, UPlay, and Origin. Oh wait, I guess Ubisoft and EA are "anti-gamer," maybe it's not as easy or like Sony, they won't fall for Microsoft's desperate clutches.

I believe it's probably too much work integrating it for a small community. Though PC & PS4 crossplay would be a different story which Sony has been open to, but that even shows devs don't really care or it's not as easy. Maybe both depending on game.

TKCMuzzer203d ago (Edited 203d ago )

Hey Septic, I will tell you what is anti consumer, releasing 3 consoles in a generation and not supporting them with games. Why don't you point your energy in the right place.
It is not Anti Consumer, Sony's responsibility is to support customers who purchase PlayStation hardware and that is what they are doing.
You are not bothered about Anti consumer, your only bothered becasue its anti Xbox.

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Teflon02204d ago

I personally only care about cross play with pc and ps4 which most games do these days so I could care less. Sony doesn't get much feedback on that. It's just the journalist trying to bully Sony into folding. But Sony was all for it before and MS wasn't complying. Sony's doing the right thing. MS only cares because they're behind

showtimefolks204d ago


yeah dumb enough to be ahead by 50 million and ms is smart enough to be so embarrassed to never even release sales data

masterfox204d ago

The only dumb and deaf are the ones who really thinks this cross platform game thing is even an issue, MS since are ones who bring this nonsense to the table, MS instead of creating new appealing games they are aiming at cheap tactics to gain some popularity in its already dying gaming division, sorry but that's the reality.

Mr Marvel204d ago (Edited 204d ago )

Sony already has cross-play, just look at Dragon's Crown.
There we have the only cross-play I'm interested in... between PS4, PS3 and Vita. :D lmao

DarkVoyager204d ago (Edited 204d ago )

“If only Sony wasn't dumb and deaf to feedback.”

If gamers give a crap about crossplay they wouldnt buy a PS4 and support Sony. Seems to be quite the opposite considering they’ve sold 80 million consoles and outselling the completion combined. The majority of gamers could care less about crossplay.

paintedgamer1984204d ago

If only ms accepted sonys willingness for cross play... last gen.

Razzer204d ago

oh....then there is THAT.

Cueil204d ago

people keep saying this, but I'm not aware of a single time Sony actively pursued this... also there was a PS2/Xbox 360 cross-play game... FF11

AmstradAmiga204d ago

That would have been a marketing disaster for MS last gen since they charged for multiplayer and Sony did not.

JackBNimble204d ago

Ya, everyone on the internet just made that up.

rainslacker204d ago


I'm not aware of a single time where MS actively pursued this either.

All I've heard from MS is about the same thing I've heard from Sony last gen.

MS and Sony both said that they were open to it in different gens. Sony said this again this gen.

Being open to the idea doesn't mean they're actively pursuing it.

People are giving credit to MS for being really proactive on the topic, yet there isn't any actual indication that they're doing anything beyond talking. Funnily enough, most of this gen MS has been criticized for doing a lot of talking, and not a lot of proactive stuff to try and deliver.

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SpineSaw204d ago

Based off your comment it seems you are sure that there is a demand from the PS4 gamers that they want cross-play when Sony is positively sure there is little to no PS4 gamer demand in fact the only ones demanding Sony fall in-line are Xbox gamers and Microsoft exces. Time to face facts little to no PS4 gamers that want cross-play and until they do Sony has no reason to give in.

salmonade204d ago (Edited 204d ago )

I could care less if Sony do cross-play with xbox or not. PS4 is the best console hands down. They can keep doing what they're doing. Microsoft is the one that needs to change things because they don't deliver anything.

Also if Sony stick to their guns then guess what..... Those people that want it so bad on Xbox will get a PS4. Bigger install base. Guaranteed great exclusives. In fact the more I think about it, the more I NEVER want Sony to do cross-play with Xbox.

King_Lothric204d ago

You mean the minority feedback because the majority does not want cross play with Xbox.

OffRoadKing204d ago

Best selling console with the best exclusive games, dont appear to be deaf and dumb at all, now whats Microsoft's excuse?

Kryptix203d ago (Edited 203d ago )

Funny part? The Xbox community didn't really want it or had the idea till Microsoft and very few devs brought it up during the time that it was in the manner of ammo against Sony.

Not once have I've read an Xbox fanboy want crossplay not even with PC all these years I've roamed N4G since 2011-2012.

I don't even think you guys even truly want it because if you did, you guys would take it to MS on why there's no Steam/Live intergration and they would rather split towards having their own online store in Windows.

Right. Logic flies over your heads.

TKCMuzzer203d ago

They are not deaf and dumb, they run a business with investors and shareholders. They would have to prove it would be of benefit to the PlayStation business to have cross play to these people in order for it to advance as a feature. The truth is there is no benefit financially to Sony, so the shareholders and investors won't even entertain the idea.
There is a reason Microsoft are entertaining the idea, any positive news is only good for them, as they need everything they can to continue climbing the ladder of dumb moves.
I would rather Sony be deaf and dumb to cross-play than Microsoft being deaf and dumb to providing engaging software for their hardware.

Realms203d ago

Cry me a river if PS fans really cared about cross play with MS, Sony would have already heard about it. Like anything some gamers do want this feature but the loudest people complaining about this aren't even Sony fans odd I wonder why? Plus Sony does have cross play with PC, and some Nintendo games Sony just doesn't want cross play with MS for obvious business reasons.

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yellowgerbil204d ago

It's called pc , consoles are separate entities and not DVD players