What Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Learned from More Competitive Games

Modern shooters have moved on, and so has their audience. Elements of PC-specific games that were once considered too complex for the mainstream, like extensive knowledge of weapons or additional character abilities, have become accepted as important skills in some of the world’s most popular games. But with Black Ops 4, Treyarch is taking some cues from its competition, the most popular and hardcore PC games, and raising the skill ceiling on Call of Duty as a whole.

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franwex205d ago

To be honest. I hope it does work out. The reason COD sucks for beginners is the killstreak System. It rewards players that are already good, and familiar with the game with advantages that...make it even easier to kill! Talk about unfair.
It’s not necessarily fast reflexes, though as in any shooter those help. But it’s also weapon and map familiarity that newer players just don’t have yet. They’ll get better with practice for sure. But I just don’t think anyone can really have the patience of constantly getting killed over and over and over again. I can understand why it gets old fast.
Hopefully whatever they figure out works out. Slowing the pace and being more tactful will probably help.