DF Retro: Revisiting E3 2004 - PlayStation Portable vs Nintendo DS

Nintendo DS vs Sony PSP - when these two handhelds debuted at E3 2004, it looked like the most one-sided console war ever, but history would go on to tell a very different story. Join John and Rich for this look back over the reveal of two very different mobile devices, each of which would help define the template of handheld gaming - right up until today.

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Daishi179d ago

My favorite E3 of all time.

Profchaos179d ago

Loved my psp back in the day

FlyingFoxy179d ago

Both consoles were great, i loved the PSP GTA games as well, LCS and VCS both pretty fun and a good step up from GTA 3. I never really had much of a liking for 3, i think it was too serious and the vehicle acceleration/speeds seemed off.

Profchaos179d ago

Yeah those portable gta titles absolutely blew my mind to see what was possible for a hand-held.

Its a shame we never got to see the long rumoured San Andreas stories