Spider-Man PS4's E3 Mural Is Complete and It Looks Amazing

A few days ago, we reported that a really big mural for Spider-Man on PlayStation 4 was going up in downtown L.A. as part of Sony’s elaborate advertising for next month’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. Good news, webheads -- it looks like it’s finally completed!

Insomniac Games has posted a new tweet that shows the work in progress on the mural and it pretty much looks finished, save for mild clean-up and getting the crew out of the way. And based on what you can see in the tweet below, it looks...amazing? Simple terminology, sure, but it works.

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UCForce205d ago

Oh my god ! I can not wait for this.

SuperSaiyanGod41205d ago

It's crazy to see the potential this game has to not only be the best Spiderman game to be ever made but Spiderman is already an iconic name in the world. This is the type of games that people will go out and buy a console for. God of war sold 3.1 million in 3 days, I think Spiderman can do this on day one.

SuperSonic91204d ago (Edited 204d ago )

Kratos: "Don't be sorry. Be better."
Spidey: " Great power means great responsibilty. Be greater."

Words to live by.

Hyper_Tension140204d ago

Opened the Twitter page, looks like some people are still upset it's not coming to Xbox.

Mr Marvel204d ago

Well, they bought the wrong console, so now they have to live with that decision.
The alternative would be to fix their mistake and buy a PS4 Pro.

DemonChicken204d ago

When people started port begging despite it being a game published by Sony, you know that Sony must be doing something right with its' lineup of exclusive titles.

Neonridr204d ago

sure why not? It's a great game. And for those people who only support one hardware (still cannot understand this logic), they are stuck with their decision.

To be honest, if you are only going to support one hardware period, why you would choose MS over Sony is a little bit of a head scratcher.

choujij204d ago (Edited 204d ago )

Yeah I just read the Twiitter comments. Some are still very salty. lol Makes for a good laugh.

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PhoenixUp205d ago

Sony always has an overlooming presence at E3

narsaku205d ago

I guess Miles Spiderman will be the sequel's E3 mural?

UCForce204d ago

You are not helping here.

Legatus204d ago

Who knows, but what's certain is that future Spider-man games will be Playstation exclusives.

Mr Marvel204d ago

Nah, stick with the REAL Spider-man please... Peter Parker.

None of this alternate universe crap, or wherever the hell this Miles dude came from.

Goldby204d ago

Miles takes over after Peter dies

ShadowWolf712204d ago

Miles took over after Peter died in an alternate universe. Peter Parker is still very much alive, Miles now lives there too but is potentially headed back.

DigitalRaptor205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

Does Sony have this space reserved for the past 5 years or something?

They always seem to have a big game each year to put up, but Spider-Man takes the crown as the biggest, most iconic one. I love the colors here. I didn't appreciate the Spider-Man cover art at first, but it's so striking that I can see why they went ahead with it. This is definitely going to draw some eyes towards Sony's E3.

XxSPIDEYxX204d ago

E3 will be something special this year. What a time to be a gamer.

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The story is too old to be commented.