It’s Time to Bring Back Viewtiful Joe

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "Of all the long dormant game series in the world, I don’t think there’s one I miss more than the Viewtiful Joe franchise from Capcom and I really don’t think I’m alone in echoing that statement. The series hasn’t seen the light of day since the mid-2000’s and yet demand has never really wavered for a new game in the series and I think it’s time that Capcom answer their fans demands and bring back everyone’s favorite (you know it’s true) superhero."

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PhoenixUp185d ago

There definitely needs to an HD remaster for the series

Fullmetalevolust185d ago

I can see Platinum games work on it, it seems to be in their wheelhouse aesthetically and gameplay wise.

Venox2008184d ago

as far as i know it might still be Capcom's it wouldnt be easy for Platinum to do it..especially, when Capcom closed Clover (ex Platinum)..I really am not sure would Platinum want to work again with Capcom

PhoenixUp184d ago

Why? Platinum will never work with Capcom. Plus it’s just a remaster so no need for Platinum. If Capcom can make Okami HD they can make Viewtiful Joe 1&2 HD

NecrumOddBoy185d ago

Incredible game. Would love a new one on consoles. Perfect Palico costume in MHW as well

talocaca185d ago

I can't express how much I want this!

It feels like a perfect match for the Switch.

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The story is too old to be commented.