Steam Partly Backtracks on Crackdown on Games with Adult Content, Retracts Deadline for Censorship

After a couple of rather tense days for independent visual novel developers, it appears that Steam is taking a softer approach to the issue.

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Knushwood Butt210d ago

Great way to get some attention and sell some games.

bluefox755210d ago

Good. I don't need Steam to be moral puritans that tell me what's appropriate for me to buy and play.

rainslacker210d ago

There was a thread on one of the forums about this, and it had 84 pages(when I perused it last night) of mostly people upset that Steam was doing this for what seemed to be no apparent reason, and having a double standard in terms of what is considered appropriate.

I don't think Steam as a whole tries to be arbiters of the type of content appropriate for the platform. They outright refuse porn, but this kind of stuff is more akin to late night cinemax....although usually with better stories. They sometimes make decisions which don't make sense, but for the most part, they just want to make money.

This all started because some group trying to prevent the trafficking of children decided to make a fuss, and likely started a campaign that flagged these games as inappropriate. I have a feeling this whole thing wasn't some systematic thing by Steam where they actively decided to remove these games.

GrimDragon210d ago

I have to give it to huniepot devs they really push and fight back to defend their products. It’s a shame that the puritan disease has spread into the valve storefront. Adult games have a right to exist especially in a digital download store. What’s the problem with putting the games behind a credit card access area to avoid young prying eyes? I don’t know any 10 yr olds with credit cards. It’s infuriating to me that this bs continues to happen. That dismembered heads and gore is ok but sex and nudity is not. That murder porn thrives but sexual content is shunned. I can understand the ban on consoles but this should not be an issue on PC.

Anything can be modded and patched on PC. Valve is stupid. What exactly they trying to avoid? Being sued? Why skirt around the adult content of games? Just dip your toes in the sexual currents of adult content with games like elven love and a censored VR konojo? It’s rediculous just jump in already there’s money to be made in this area. Leave the censorship to consoles games. PC games can be modded and patched for sexual content but that requires navigation to other sites and a bit of knowledge on modding games. This should not even be necessary with PC games. Just sell the dam games as is use the rating system.

At any rate should steam continue with their non inclusive contradictory way of dealing with the sexual content of games because they have no spine in dealing with a few raging puritans who can’t deal with nudity. Go to FAKKU or DSLITE among others who thrive selling sexualized games for ADULTS who can deal with such content as ADULTS. Because apparently steam thinks only kids buy games.

TheColbertinator210d ago

Drugs,foul language,extreme violence are ok but sexuality is bad? Steam spilled the milk bad.

ErogeMaster210d ago

Hunie pops trash only reason it got famous was because pubic hair and markymark made the game famous.