DICE teases Battlefield V details: War Stories, new Battlefield in a new setting, gameplay changes

In order to further hype the official reveal of Battlefield V, DICE has teased some new details about this new Battlefield game. In a series of tweets, the official BF Twitter account shared things that may interest Battlefield fans.

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ArchangelMike205d ago

I skipped out on Battlefield 1, but this has me intrigued, especially for the new setting. We already know that at least one of the new modes will be Battle Royal. In any case colour me interested.

Obscure_Observer205d ago


"We already know that at least one of the new modes will be Battle Royal"

Has DICE confirmed this information?

ArchangelMike205d ago

Here. I'm not sure if it has been confirmed as yet, but trust me, they won't pass up the opportunity, especially as they are already half way there with 64 player maps.

Skull521205d ago

The V is for reVolution. Gonna be red coats and muskets. Battlefield like you’ve never experienced before.

MagUk205d ago

V will be for Victory with Winston Churchill giving us the the two fingers on the front cover ✌🏻

Usperg205d ago Show
BadElf205d ago

Nah, the V is for "Vagina". They will be PC and add Women as playable characters.(ooooof)

Nodoze204d ago

I wish, as I would be interested to play. Instead we get rehashes of WW2 over and over and over.

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Lionalliance205d ago

Where exactly did you get that it has a battle rotal mode?

ArchangelMike205d ago

As I posted above, I'm not saying it's been confirmed by DICE - it's just a very good educated guess that they will do it if they can. Why not when they already have 64 player game modes.

Elit3Nick205d ago

BF3 already had a BR-esque game mode called Scavenger, where you started with a pistol and had to find weapons laying around, although there were respawns.

ORyanDeee204d ago

I though dice said it was going to have a battle royal mode but not to expect it at launch ? I’m sure I read that somewhere

Obscure_Observer205d ago


Now you´re excited about an EA game?

Sam Fisher205d ago

Not excited, just wanna see whats new. Everyone is either counting down on hype or disappointment

UCForce205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

I don’t. But I do want to see what it is. Even my previous statements, I would rather buy Rage 2 over COD and Battlefield. So don’t be mistaking here.

Obscure_Observer205d ago


Good. For one second i though you would support an EA game. Keep fighting the good fight.

UltraNova204d ago

So we have to hate on the games as well if we decided to boycott the Publisher? Is that your logic's extend?

No Obsucure, I love BF games. I love their campaign amd their MP. I will continue to love this franchise even if EA f**** it up with MTs. I'll simply buy it used and I wont spend a single cent online (how it really hurts EA).

Damn some people are blinded by the hate...

Obscure_Observer203d ago


A few weeks ago:

"I couldn't wait for the new Battlefield game, now how can I support them when they blatantly declare that they regretted nothing? Damn you EA, really damn you."


"No Obsucure, I love BF games. I love their campaign amd their MP. I will continue to love this franchise even if EA f**** it up with MTs. I'll simply buy it used and I wont spend a single cent online (how it really hurts EA)."

Damn some people are blinded by the hate..."

Yeah, some people are really blinded by their hate. To the point of their own hate speech turn against them, it will trap them and eaten them alive while exposing their true nature as a bunch of turncoats and hypocrites.

UltraNova203d ago (Edited 203d ago )

Oh my...after everything I said do you actually believe I went back on my word? Are you so delusional?

Here let me turn on the lights for you; by support= buy it new or even buy a potential season pass!

Jesus Christ dude why so serious?

PS: I always mean what I say whether you like it or not, who gives a damn...I sure don't.

Obscure_Observer203d ago


"PS: I always mean what I say whether you like it or not, who gives a damn...I sure don't."

Good. Because it isn´t about me anyway. It´s you against yourself. But don´t worry, you´re not the only one. You´re just a number in a long line of people that will have to resort to lame and pathetic excuses to validate their purchases and support GaaS.

"I´m gonna buy it used", "I´m gonna buy it for the Single Player Campaign"

Anthem, TLOU 2, Death Stranding is upon us. And GaaS is gonna be your friend! And i know you´ll support it.


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fredpinta205d ago

There are EA games....and there's Battlefield

sKiiTs8204d ago

why is this simple comment getting down votes? i swear this website has the most toxic users

Scatpants205d ago

If it has a single player campaign it wins. At least in my book. Looks like they're Battlefronting COD.

morganfell205d ago

I'll purchase just for the campaign.

fewDankMemes205d ago

Fun fact: the specialist missions in black ops 4 are the exact same thing as war stories, so that makes you quite the hypocrite!

morganfell205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

Fun Fact: No it isn't the same thing as a woven story. Its more like the background shallow trash you get in a fighting game so that makes you quite wrong.

fewDankMemes205d ago

Whatever you say, there are still many people commenting here excited for this game that said they'd "never purchase an ea game again" so that's pretty amusing to see just because they're adding standalone sp missions just like Black Ops 4 is

Obscure_Observer205d ago (Edited 205d ago )


"I'll purchase just for the campaign."

Lol! Yeah, right...

morganfell205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

"Lmao! Yeah, right..."

You are hilarious. I have purchased more games than I can remember that, while having a popular multiplayer, only appealed to me for the Single Player. As I remarked elsewhere, I haven't played COD MP since MW3, yet I have purchased every single COD title and all of those latter ones for the Campaign alone.

What is worth a "LMAO" is people such as yourself that are completely unaware numerous people have no interest in the MP for a great many titles. It demonstrates the narrow field of your gaming acquaintances. I purchased Battlefront II and did not play a single MP game. Not one. I never even went so far as the MP lobby. Plenty of people, as God of War (perhaps you have heard of this game - maybe not because it is a PS4 title) recently demonstrated, numerous individuals love Single Player far more than online.

Aren't you supposed to be making more absurd predictions in some thread elsewhere?


Adding a mission isn't close to the same thing have an enveloping Story. It is a cheap one off. Campaigns are about far more than playing a set piece against AI.

GMEN718205d ago

This! I truly enjoyed War Stories on BF1.

Obscure_Observer205d ago (Edited 205d ago )


"You are hilarious."

Am I? You think so high of yourself, so smart, yet you couldn´t resist the urge to tell everybody that you gonna pay full price for an EA game only for the single player mode ignoring that it could be a 3 hours campaign game!

So the jokes is on you! I love to see people like you so full of themselves falling in contradiction over and over again! You love to hate EA just to give them your money next! And i can´t wait to see you doing Microsoft the same favor! So please, continue to move the goalposts!

"I´m gonna play this game on my PC"

There! Another absurd prediction for you.

fewDankMemes205d ago


The specialist missions DO have story to them. They tell the backstory of each specialist and i'm sure they will feel like individual campaign missions about telling the story of each specialist, JUST LIKE war stories tells the story of a different character for each mission. It's the exact same concept so you just need to get over it and stop being a hypocrite.

Sm00thNinja205d ago

I buy Call of Duty games just for the campaign..... Usually never touch the multiplayer. That shouldn't be so unbelievable.

ArchangelMike205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

I have to agree with Morgan here,

I too purchase (some) multiplayer heavy FPS games for their single player campaign. There's nothing wrong with that. I guess I'm from the old school generation where the multiplayer portion of a game used to be the free added bonus, but you got the game primarily for the single player campaign.

How things have changed aye?

morganfell204d ago (Edited 204d ago )


I didn't tell everyone that because I think highly of myself. How is that even a common sense remark? I think I am great so I tell people I spend money? One might do that to impress others with their wealth but in your rush to attack me your comment lacks rationality.

In fact I stated it because it is true and to rebut those that purport to speak for all persons concerning the purchasing of COD titles. I stated it because as with all my previous purchase for COD dating back to after MW3, it has been for the campaign. Remarking the campaign will be 3 hours is simply clutching at straws. You are also an individual that determines worth of an experience by time. Such a poor yardstick.


I have experienced such titles before and they never seem like they have any filling to them at all. In addition they lack that over arching story that also drives interrelation among the characters. A title can have great mechanics and smooth gameplay but if it lacks story or the MP doesn't relate and tie into a great story I could care less. On the other hand a game may have less than perfect gameplay, it may be buggy and crash but if it has a great story I will play that title more than once. That isn't everyone's preference but it is certainly mine and I am aware of more than a few other's that share this view.


Apparently persons such as you and I along with Archangel have passed unawares for certain board members here. As I said, I know of quite a few people that think in a similar fashion, along with those that are only about the multiplayer. It would seem the social experience of some others is not so broad.


I would bet even money that you and I are the ones that grew up on PC, spent a great many late nights trying to get DOS and Win 95 to run some title. I would purchase more games for their MP only nature or at the very least MP first structure were that MP not simple twitch shooting. 95% of my online time is now coop. To me that was what really made MP worth it. The teamwork. I only run with people I personally know and none of us care for aggro 12 year olds that do not even bother to operate together or employ decent tactics. I have a longer attention span that that required to play most modern MP titles. In any event, if this game has a normal campaign it will be a purchase for me. I haven't played an EA MP game since BF4 so regardless of the MP, I am looking forward to this. If the MP turns out to be something I like then that is a boon.

I understand very well why some people purchase a game like COD for the MP and never touch the campaign. Are such individuals so narrow in their perceptions they cannot comprehend why some persons would do the reverse? Who really lacks comprehension in this case?

morganfell204d ago


One other thought. Our purchasing habits apparently concern some people. If other people want to purchase COD they are welcome to do so. I have said I will not due to the lack of a standard campaign and such a decision by me and those that think in a similar fashion has set some people aghast. They apparently lay awake at night in turmoil over our decision not to buy a game. Persons whom they do not know and could exist half a world away.

But that is not the worst. In this thread we announced our decision to purchase a fully packaged title (in the traditional sense) and simply not play part of the game and they are bewildered. So it isn't just our purchasing habits which have set them on edge, it is also our gaming preferences which have them in a quandary.

ShadowWolf712204d ago

Too bad War Stories isn't a campaign.

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SirBradders205d ago

It will be the same as bf1's war stories.

SirBillyBones205d ago

I was honestly hoping they would drop the campaign and pour those resources into the multiplayer. The last four Battlefield campaigns have ranged from terrible to painfully mediocre, and have felt like a waste of time, effort and money. The same can be said about COD, except I hold the Battlefield franchise in much higher regard.

Scatpants205d ago

If anything they would drop the campaign and pour those resources into their pockets. Same price for the game though.

ArchangelMike205d ago

Don't you dare start giving them ideas. There are many that still love the single player story driven campaign, and who are not into the juvenile mindlessness of the endless grind that are the multiplayer modes.

Moreover never ever ever ask a company to give you less content for your money.


It's financial suicide.

Don't do it.

Rachel_Alucard204d ago (Edited 204d ago )

You need to understand when things get removed they don't get replaced in the entertainment world. I remember Arc system works got a ton of feedback saying that people didn't like having to wait 6 months for a Blazblue localization, so to release around the same time they removed the english dub for Central fiction. People were outraged and now Cross tag battle has a full dub as a result. But if you request removing features with the intention of putting those resources toward multiplayer, they'll never do it. They sell you something that passes as a $60 product and nothing else.

ArchangelMike205d ago

I've always preferred Battlefield games over COD, and I stopped playing COD a long time ago; but saying that, not all Battlefield games are created equal. For example Battlefield Bad Company 2 is still the best in the series in my humble opinion; but then Battlefield Hardline was for me a terrible game.

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Twinblade205d ago

We have WW1, WW2, modern and future settings... what new setting? Civil war?

Kabaneri205d ago

Vietnam war would be cool.

SirBillyBones205d ago

Vietnam wouldn't fit with their sprawling, multiple-front narrative. There's not enough scope for a modern day BF game.

Twinblade205d ago

Vietnam war has been done in Bad Company.

morganfell205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

The old PC game (console attempts were trash) called Vietcongn which had a full CAMPAIGN along with the full CAMPAIGN Add On called Fist Alpha demonstrated that Vietnam based stories could be intriguing, respectful, accurate (for the most part) and enjoyable. It also wasn't a politically correct game.

This guy turned off the music which was actually very well done:

Skull521205d ago

Are you people all too young to remember Battlefield: Vietnam? They’ve already done it, twice now with bad company’s DLC. If I remember correctly it was the second Battlefield game made.

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The 10th Rider205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

They've done WW1, WW2, Vietnam, the Middle East, and 2142.

Civil War seems like it would be an awful choice. I'd take the American War for Independence over that, but even that seems ridiculous. If it is truly a new setting I would guess an alternate modern timeline so it's modern, but not in the Middle East, or the Korean War (which would be amazing).

Most likely by "new" they mean "new" from Battlefield 1's setting, meaning it could really be anything.

Bhuahahaha204d ago

hmm i think they should do the forgotten war~ korean war

The 10th Rider204d ago

I think that would be amazing, but the chance of that ever happening has always seemed slim. I was thinking about it and EA actually originally shot down BF1 because they didn't think people would know enough about WW1. After the success of BF1 maybe something like the Korean war isn't so farfetched anymore.

SixFragz205d ago

This game will obliterate Call of Dookie Wack Ops 4.

Parasyte205d ago

People say that every year, and CoD still outsells it.

SixFragz204d ago

Obliterate in terms of innovation, quality, and just about every front where CoD is just uninspired.

Battlefield always sells handsomely and their games last. Call of Dookie games last for a single year until it's time for the next rubbish game on the conveyor belt that's the same exact rubbish as the game before.

Don't be surprised when Wack Ops 4 does terribly compared to other CoD's or even Battlefield V. The game is riding a trend as its only selling point, and surprisingly, a considerable amount of people aren't fooled. Trends die, and so will Call of Dookie.

Razmiran204d ago

People sure forgot about EAs microtransaction scandal fast

UCForce204d ago

Yeah, i’m not going to buy Battlefield and COD this year. I rather buy Rage 2.