Star Citizen Alpha 3.1.4 is now available, full release notes and features revealed

Cloud Imperium has just announced that Star Citizen Alpha 3.1.4 is available to all backers. This new version of Star Citizen improves atmospheric simulation to support drag and gravity in motion control calculations, changes acceleration algorithm to transient and fixes various memory leaks.

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narsaku212d ago

I still have trouble believing this game is possible in a world where developers are taking out single player modes or making 4 hour campaigns and bullshitting with the ol', "Games cost a lot to make these days!!!!", balogne.

It really goes to show how strong of a grip publishers have on this industry still.

....For now.

Bobafret211d ago

Get back to me when I can jump in to an actual game.

narsaku211d ago

Idk when that'll be bud, games of this scope aren't made in a few years. In fact we really don't know how long they take as this is the first of it's kind.

Call it the AAAA or AAA+?

awdevoftw211d ago

This game costs over 150 million so far, and is still incomplete. Pretty sure it's not bologna. And this thing has some of the most expensive dlc out there. This guy is a freaking genius at conning PC players.

narsaku211d ago

No, it's a kickstarter game.

When people purchase or fund a game via kickstarter, "Lets say 10 million people did", that doesn't mean it has 10 million X 60$, "600 million dollars", put into it's development.

OffRoadKing211d ago

That's not the cost that's what was donated and then some.

2pacalypsenow211d ago

This game is still in alpha?? Lmaoo

Oh man I feel bad for those suckers that have been funding this

LiViNgLeGaCY211d ago

Seriously. I looked at the title, then just smiled and shook my head.

narsaku211d ago

Funding a MMO/SP game is a big order to fill bud, things this size take time. The only things made in a couple years are interactive movies or arena shooters.

You shouldn't feel bad for people funding this game, most are patient because they understand a little more on how large scale video games are made.

2pacalypsenow211d ago

The game has been in development for 6 years and they’ve spent 150+ million and it’s still In Alpha.

Doesn’t take a genius to know what’s going on, just imagine what a capable developer could do with 6 years and 150 million.

meka2611209d ago

Say that to elite dangerous. If star citizen didn't care so much about rendering the ass hairs on your character then the game can come out.

narsaku211d ago

It's almost like... No Man's Sky was a certain demographics answer to SC, and then when it bombed, that crowd couldn't accept it, so here we are now, laughing at something amazing.

One of the best thing about seeing this game release down the road will be the zealots quietly licking their wounds.

OffRoadKing211d ago

I'd laugh at this even if No Man's Sky never existed. In NMS defense at least it actually came out. Keep donating that money though you'll get it "down the road" LOL!!!!

OnDec76211d ago

This game is still in Alpha?😓, smhh🤔