Nintendo E3 2018 Predictions - 10 Games That Need to be Announced

COGconnected: Check out our Nintendo E3 2018 predictions to see what 10 games we think have a chance to be announced and steal the show during Nintendo's exciting Direct presentation.

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mindtwang206d ago

I really enjoyed those and the Mario baseball games

Zeldafan64206d ago

The rumors about the Super Mario Odyssey dlc seem almost a given at this point.

G3ng4r205d ago

New game announcements are best but I would not fight a luigi's mansion themed kingdom. A dark creepy suburb with multiple mansions ala dark moon specifically.

racer22206d ago

I would like to have a new wave racer, f-zero, pilotwings and diddy kong racing 2. And a new James Bond game like Goldeneye. Is this too much to ask Nintendo?

mindtwang206d ago

New Wave Racer would be so cool

G3ng4r205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

Donkey kong is rumored to be in retro's star fox racing game and it seems likely. Not sure what space that leaves dkr2. Pretty sure f-zero sx could still happen since it would almost definitely be outsourced to platinum or bandai and star fox gran pri would be more of an aerial combat racer.


Day 1 buy for me. Loved MegaMicroMiniGames for the GBA!

G3ng4r205d ago

A new wario land incorporating wario ware minigames instead of golf or something would be fantastic.

paintedgamer1984206d ago (Edited 206d ago )

Golden Sun made for switch or Fatal Frame please!

Racer22: yes

indyman7777206d ago

OMG GOLDEN SUN? Id buy a straight port higher res day one. A remake? Even more so.....A NEW GOLDEN SUN! EVEN BETTER YET!

OmnislashVer36206d ago

Yes and yes. These games might make me buy a Switch.

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The story is too old to be commented.