5 Announcements Xbox Can Make This E3 To Win Favor With Its Fans

Microsoft is riding on a wave of goodwill and momentum- here’s how they can continue down that path.

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BeardedDrachen206d ago

From the article:
1. New IP
2. Halo/Gears/Forza
3. New Fable
4. Remove F2P
5. Continue 'awesome' focus on services.

I guess Xbox fans are easily swayed....

Godmars290206d ago (Edited 206d ago )

Number 4 is never happening.

Also, how wouldn't new IP's solve a lot given the main current issue against MS is inability to develop IPs?

RpgSama205d ago

"Microsoft is riding on a wave of goodwill and momentum"

What Momentum? Who writes these things and in what world do they live in?

morganfell205d ago

MS is past the days of a new IP announcement making a difference to thinking gamers (that is the key part) unless it is followed by the words "launching today". If Phil comes out and shows something new MS supporters should remain skeptical and insure MS knows they are withholding support until said title hits the street.

Otherwise cheering gamers are simply architects of their own demise. At some point gamers have to accept the responsibility their favorite company acts as they do because their actions not only allowed but also encouraged the company to adhere to their current practice.

RosweeSon205d ago

New IPs fine of course they need New and good games but the rest of the list 🙄 ain’t winning them nothing more
Gears forza and halo well yeah that’s helped them massively so far.
gears has had its day forza becoming a yearly churn.
At this point Microsoft need to start planning their next Gen as this one has been lost literally they would need to buy Sega or Sony wouldn’t hurt (but would never happen haha) but they on back foot and this gen been lost get over it move on and play some proper games.

UltraNova205d ago

A new full on Fable sequel with no MP/GaaS shenanigans will go a long way. Love that game. Common MS for once...

MuddyWaters205d ago

Nothing Microsoft does at E3 will win them over with fans because many of these "fans" are already invested and won't really care what they show. It's too late this generation and even when the new one begins many of these "fans" have already made up their mind who they continue to plan on supporting.

rainslacker204d ago

I could see the 4th happening if game pass gets enough subs

FloydianAndroid204d ago (Edited 204d ago )

In case youre new to this site, it’s 99% Sony fanboys. You’re not allowed to like anything about Xbox. I’ve tried to make the point that I have both systems so I can play Sony’s exclusives and everything else on Xbox because the x has better graphics, better ui, better controller, and better online service, and I just get 150 down votes and maybe 3 upvotes. Lucky for me I have thick skin I guess.

Godmars290204d ago

@rainslacker: I don't see it happening by example what was done to secure timed exclusivity for Netflix only to tie it directly to XBL gold, then the stubbornness displayed in the face of XB1's launch. Think it wasn't until the wake of that disaster they freed up Netflix.

zerocarnage204d ago

I doubt it's an inanity to develop new franchises, more like Microsoft need to get in gear about developing them, which are completely two different things.

Me being an Xbox owner, sure it would be nice to see some more new stuff, but I can't say I've been entirely disappointed that Microsoft have not developed these IPs like all the Sony fanboys keep going on about that Microsoft should be doing. It does seem to me that the only ones mainly bothered about microsoft creating new IPs is the sony crowd on this site, its become a regular circle from them, while I myself could not give a damn nearly as much as them because I know I have hundreds of games to play ( and no they are not all BC games either before the fanboys jump on that, most are third or firsts).

I say if Microsoft do get in gear with new franchises games then look out because the service has been amazing from them and has never let me down.

I will say this to the fanboys of the other side when you keep rattling someone's cage ie in this case Microsoft, where the publicity of you calling them out often on new IPs, be very careful because if you stir a sleeping giant, it will eventually wake up to stomp you into the ground. I would say that to even the fanboys on my side of the Xbox console if they were doing it.

I've always said industry changes and where one is on top for some time, there is only one way to go from the top eventually and that's back down once the limits have been reached. There is always someone ready to topple that top spot and they are there and it will happen at some point to Sony. If history of gaming has taught me anything its that anything can happen and one mistake can cost a developer almost everything.

Godmars290204d ago

"I doubt it's an inanity to develop new franchises"

Then where are MS's new franchises? Certainly not Grabbed by the Goulies.

Honestly ask yourself: aside from their trinity, Halo Gears and Forza, what else have they done that has had any legs? What in first party have they built rather than bought?

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Obscure_Observer206d ago


"I guess Xbox fans are easily swayed...."

- New IP - I belive Microsoft will announce a new IP exclusive in partnership with From Software.
- Halo - I don´t think so
- Gears - I don´t think so
- New Fable - Unlikely since Playground assembled their new team about an year ago. Maybe an offcial -
- announcement with some CG trailer.
- Remove Paywall for F2P games - Not gonna happen.
- Continue 'awesome' focus on services. - They will, and the Forza Horizon 4 on Game Pass Day One announcement, will make people eat crow.

BeardedDrachen206d ago

What makes you think FromSoftware is partnering with Xbox?

Obscure_Observer206d ago


From Software developed 2 IPs for Sony, 1 for Bandai Nanco and 1 for Square Enix. They will create a new IP for Xbox if Microsoft throw them money! Just like the companies i mentioned above.

Since Phil Spencer is looking to boost Xbox One´s japanese games catalog, nothing would upset the balance more while bring mommentum to Xbox, than an exclusive Dark Fantasy JRPG from From Software.

That´s a logical conclusion, and i think Phil Spencer will pursue this route.

BeardedDrachen206d ago

FromSoftware is currently working on a new Armored Core game, 'Shadow's Die Twice', and a multiplat that includes PSVR. There is literally no indication that they are working with Xbox for an exclusive game considering how poorly new IP's on Xbox sell.

Obscure_Observer206d ago (Edited 206d ago )


"FromSoftware is currently working on a new Armored Core game, 'Shadow's Die Twice', and a multiplat that includes PSVR. There is literally no indication that they are working with Xbox for an exclusive game considering how poorly new IP's on Xbox sell."

1 - Where did you get the information that they´re working on and a multiplat that includes PSVR?
2 - Shadows Die Twice is their multiplat game
3 - To worry about how a Microsoft´s new IP performs on sales is not really From Software´s bussiness since they´re been payed to create and develop the said new IP for Microsoft which means they´ll not have to spend a dime on the said project. That´s why we don´t have a Bloodborne PS4 Pro enhanced patch, a Bloodborne or Demon Souls sequence! From Software got their job done! What´s is left of these IPs is under Sony Japan Studio´s management which seems to be too lazy to do anything with it on their own.

According to OmniPotent from ResetEra:

"From Software has 2 other projects in the works (A Dark Fantasy game and a reboot/remake most likely to be Armored Core)"

This Dark Fantasy game could be a new Otogi game or a new exclusive IP for Xbox!

Godmars290206d ago (Edited 206d ago )

"From Software developed 2 IPs for Sony, 1 for Bandai Nanco and 1 for Square Enix."

There's more to business than "it's their turn" m'laddo.

Hell, nevermind that they did have a "turn" with Chromehounds on the 360. Two, if that OG Xbox title with the multi-panel controller was From's too.

No way MS is getting a Demon's Souls type game exclusively. Sony holds rights on that as well as Bloodborne.

Seriously doubt SDT is a mech game. Square is doing a TPS in the Front Mission universe though.

205d ago
DigitalRaptor205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

- From Software exclusive is based on absolutely nothing, as others have said.
- Why wouldn't Halo 6 be announced at this point?
- A Gears of War spin-off is supposedly in development by Splash Damage.
- Fable is a next-gen project and years away (pre-production begin in Dec 2017) so yeah, unlikely.
- You're spot on with the F2P, which is sad.
- How will FH4 being on GamePass make people eat crow? All of their games being day one on that service is a known and a given.

Also why are you sticking with the "Dark Fantasy game" being an XB1 exclusive when it's clear it's the multiplatform Shadows Die Twice.

LMAO at you calling Japan Studio lazy when they've been Sony's most active/productive studio this gen... and for years before that.

Obscure_Observer205d ago


"Also why are you sticking with the "Dark Fantasy game" being an XB1 exclusive when it's clear it's the multiplatform Shadows Die Twice."

Dude, you don´t even know what we´re talking about here. Go educate yourself.

"LMAO at you calling Japan Studio lazy when they've been Sony's most active/productive studio this gen... and for years before that."

Yes! Japan Studio is a lazy bunch! I don´t care how hard you try to sugar coat their lazyness. What they´re doing NOW? They can´t even release a damn enhanced patch for Bloodborne without From Software around. Hell, they don´t even support Bloodborne since 2015! To this day CD Projek Red still supports the PS4 and PS4 Pro! FOR FREE! Japan Studios is on the freaking Sony´s payroll and they won´t give us a freaking enhanced patch! If you´re happy with their lazy practices, more power to you!

TKCMuzzer205d ago

There is no business logic whatsoever in From Software releasing an exclusive game for the Xbox directed at the Japanese market. Just becasue a company throws money at you does not make it a good business decision.

Plus, people like you assume the answer is for MS to throw money at people, what does it do for Xbox?(Titanfall, Tombraider, even PUBG has had little effect in attracting new sales) It doesn't lay down a foundation, it doesn't promote anything apart from a panic strategy and highlight their lack of investment in what is important. MS want quick fixes, the trouble is, their in a long term battle, the two don't go hand in hand becasue the gaming industry has long, long memories.

DigitalRaptor205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

@ Godmars290

"There's more to business than "it's their turn" m'laddo."

It reminds me of all the Xbox fans who have been complaining and insisting that Marvel needs to do an exclusive superhero game with Xbox, just because Sony has a contract with Marvel for the future of Spider-Man games, as if that is how the industry works, or why the PS4 project got off the ground in the first place from the perspective of Marvel.

@ Obscure_Observer

"Dude, you don´t even know what we´re talking about here. Go educate yourself."

Your initial comment was based on nothing but a wishful hunch, and a quote from a person on a message board, and you're telling me to go educate myself? From Software is working on 3 games.... 1 VR game, 1 Armored Core game, and Shadows Die Twice... and this is all public knowledge based on minimal research. They are a limited team that you somehow think can work on 4 unreleased games at once, just because of something you want.

"Yes! Japan Studio is a lazy bunch! I don´t care how hard you try to sugar coat their lazyness. What they´re doing NOW?"

Oh yes... the lazy devs argument. That always goes well. I'm not even sure if pathetic is enough to describe your comment. You are the same person that said and justified that these companies are paid to do nothing more than create games and that's it. Where is Sunset Overdrive's XB1X patch from Microsoft. Are they lazy?

What is Japan Studio doing now? I would wager that they have been funnelling their resources into creating more games and all that jazz, and not looking back on old projects that already were well enough supported with DLC. Your desire for a PS4 Pro patch for one game doesn't relegate a proven hard working and productive studio to being "lazy".

CD Projek Red is an independent studio that has only released 4 games (not including DLC) since 2014, and Japan Studio has developed/produced and released 15 games (not including DLC) since 2014 - and 5 games in 2017 alone. But please tell me more about how Japan Studio is lazy and blame your fake and hilarious claims on me. I'm astounded you attempted to even go there.

There's absolutely nothing you have said in this comments section that you haven't dragged from between your buttocks.

morganfell205d ago

Logical conclusion? How is it logical to make up something with no proof or hint of the fact at all? That isn't logic. It's called a flight of fancy. In fact and has been pointed out, their current commitments actually oppose that wholly unsupported hope.

Dragonscale205d ago

@bearded, fromsoft really? LMFAO.

trooper_205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

1. They need their own studios. Not ride on the coattails of another company.
2. Stale.
3. Stale.
4. Maybe a new Fable.
5. No paywall removal.
6. You're delusional.

Foxhound922205d ago


Just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed Raptor owning you and exposing your bs.

On topic: This list is a pitiful display of what Xbox gamers need to get excited. Is that all you guys need? One new game that may or may not be real, some more halogearsforza, and "awesome services?"

I would say this is setting the bar a little low, but then I look back at the last 3-4 years of Microsoft output and realize that it's accurate.

UltraNova205d ago

From soft doing an exclusive for Ms is wishful thinking. But, the mighty $ has proven to be widldy unpredictable so...

notachance205d ago

oooohhh I can't wait to see XB fanboys get excited with any new announcements that's still far away from release, what with them mocking PS4 'early announcements' and Phil himself saying they're not gonna show anything too early anymore

the amount of hypocrisy we're gonna see on that day.... both from MS themselves and the fans.

UCForce205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

That’s so unprofessional and everyone including myself was like : “Are you seriously ?” You keep believing in MS words and hyping all up without checking your expectations. And you insulted Sony Japan for calling them lazy ? That’s called a troll, not fact. Reconsider your thought. If you keep doing this, you are closing to be MS Loyalist. When it does, you will never come back and everyone will call you a MS fanboy.

Ben Dover205d ago

Obscure.. it's more likely for FromSoftware to partner with your fat mom than create a partnership with Xbox. You're so butthurt and frustrated, it's very amusing to watch. Please proceed.

Godmars290205d ago

Reminded me how during the start of the console wars, from where they escalated with PS2 vs OG xbox, how some Xbox fans actually tried arguing MS should be #1 because "it was their turn".

FFS this has been exhaustively stupid.

Markusb33204d ago

From software. Wow that's a stretch
Guess everyone needs a dream

Realms204d ago

LOL. Why would Fromsoftware partner up with MS after the success of Bloodborn? Many Japanese developers are cautious when dealing with MS specially after seeing the recent falling out with Platinum and the cancellation of Scalebound.

Kryptix204d ago

After what happened with Scalebound, don't think any Japanese dev like From Software would want to deal with Microsoft's wishy washy mindset.

DarXyde204d ago

From Software did publish Tenchu Z and develop Ninja Blade.

If those are the games they're working on (or anything like them), Microsoft has learned nothing since both were terrible.

zivtheawesome204d ago

nah. the from projects are already rumored by insiders. the already revealed SDT is a multiplat, armored core i think is said to be a PS exclusive and a more traditional soulslike multiplatform game.

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205d ago
jznrpg205d ago

New Ip will help , ForzaGearsHalo won’t do much except keep the diehards happy, Fable has never been very good . With all of that happening they still are screwed. They lost a lot of customers last gen after Kinect and more during this gen. Maybe some will go back but most are tired of MS

TheHan205d ago

Oh yeah, the understatement of the year. When Sony fans get carried away over a poster lmfao 🤣😂

subtenko204d ago

Theres nothing exciting about any of that too me. If you say new IP, compared to Sony new IP's then what is that doing for Xbox?

Frikkn xbox, wtf are they doing.

and what 'awesome focus on services'? What is this?

Oh I see, its gamingbolt,lol regardless even if xbox does this, its still dissapointing. Really stale gaming market

ApexWolf22204d ago

In the last 5 years we've seen squat from M$. 1 Halo & Gears entry, yet 5 focking Forzas! The rest is garbage, It's an embarrassment honestly. So glad I bought a Pro & Switch as well.

Jinger204d ago

To be fair, Horizon and Motorsport are nothing alike other than driving cars...

I personally enjoy arcade racers more so I'm all for more Forza Horizon and with the leaked images, it looks like Honk Kong is the next location and I'm down

Jinger204d ago

What do you mean? Doesn't everyone want these things for any platform?

New IP's, continued franchises and more gamer friendly services... pretty sure that's what we all want from every console lol

BeardedDrachen204d ago

The new IP's need to be good.

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Obscure_Observer206d ago

Their focus will be on games! With focus on the X!

Obscure_Observer206d ago


Japanese games
New IPs
Forza Horizon 4
Some unexpected sequels like Ryse 2
New Third Party Exclusives

BeardedDrachen206d ago (Edited 206d ago )

So really just Forza Horizon 4 is all we really know right now.
Ori & Will of the Wisps is another likely possibility.
Rumor of no talks of Halo 6 this E3.
Maybe Splinter Cell exclusivity
Possibly some multi plat Japanese games similar to last year.

Quantum Break 2 seems more likely than Ryse 2 because the latter isn't happening.
Don't count on Sunset Overdrive 2 or Recore 2.

I don't see any 'New IP' being announced at this year's E3. (if there is i'll be extremely surprised)

BeardedDrachen206d ago

You are in the dark. Don't act like you know more than you do.

Obscure_Observer206d ago


"You are in the dark. Don't act like you know more than you do."

Your predictions aren´t better than mine, dude. I´m expecting MS to deliver a great show. You´re expecting disappointment. And life goes on.

BeardedDrachen206d ago

Your 'predictions' aren't enough good enough to be called predictions.

ThoedEssay773205d ago

Super console luanch exclusives!

Sayai jin205d ago

Bearded, isn't that a part of E3? You know, the announcement of new games.

204d ago
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205d ago
TKCMuzzer205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

Why would they focus on the 'X' and alienate the Xbox One? Haven't they already alienated the Xbox One enough. You like Microsoft, they don' know what their plan is .

1:What is Nintendo's strong point and their focus?
2:What is Sony's strong point and their focus?
3:What is Microsoft strong point and their focus?

The top two questions most people could answer without thinking. The third question would still have many scratching their heads and that is a big issue.
Want people to trust and follow you, first you must have a clear direction worth following. This is where is Xbox is falling short, no one, including MS it seems, knows it's focus or direction.

UCForce205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

“Your predictions aren´t better than mine, dude" WTF was that ? Oh my god ! Seriously you are way too arrogant. Calling Sony Japan is lazy ? “Sigh” You are really not helping here and everyone won’t take you seriously, not just fanboy. You are acting nearly like EA executives who stick with their gut without realizing their flaws and keep being stubborn.

Obscure_Observer205d ago


"Seriously you are way too arrogant. Calling Sony Japan is lazy ?"

I bought a Bloodborne game! I give Sony Japan Studios my money and support! To call them lazy for stop supporting Bloodborne is my right as a customer! I don´t care how you feel about it since it´s MY MONEY!

UCForce205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

@Obscure_Observer Wow, you didn’t understand them enough and calling them lazy ? You can use boost mode on PS4 Pro to make Bloodborne run better. They supported Bloodborne long enough and it is not right for you to insult them. You deserved to be downplayed for being disrespectful and immature to Japan Studio. That’s very unprofessional and a troll attitude from you.

bluefox755205d ago

Must be tough for you guys :(

trooper_205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

So what were they doing before if their focus is NOW on games?

Once again, come back to reality like the rest of us.

And no Japanese developer in their mind would take a chance with XBox when you guys barely buy the games.

You are delusional boy.

Xavi4K205d ago

agree this year E3 will be all about the games

OffRoadKing205d ago

Their focus will be on GaaS games with a focus on games that score in the 60's on metacritic.

rainslacker204d ago

Last year it was all about games. Most people would be hard pressed to remember more than a couple games from that conference.

And why focus on the x? Most of their user base doesn't have it, and it did nothing to.change any tide for them

204d ago
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narsaku205d ago

For me it's always Conkers Bad Fur Day 2, A new, "BETTER THAN 5", Halo SP game, a Fable reboot that recaptures the magic of Fable 1.

..And I'd really like to see this shitty platform get themes/dynamic themes. Man the XBOX UI is total garbage.

FallenAngel1984205d ago

Microsoft’s focus should be on trying to appeal to people outside of the Xbox ecosystem more than anything else

N1GHT_W0LF_X204d ago

I came to say this exact thing but snarkier. Fans of Xbox have already been “won” by Microsoft. Making more exclusive games is the only way to win non-fans and they don’t seem to understand this. Recycling the same IPs will also not work since if those franchises were a selling point then they’d already own an Xbox One. And BC will only get them so far until even their fans begin to question why they bought a new Xbox One if all it does is play old Xbox 360 games.

DJStotty204d ago

I dont agree.

I bought an xbox one x on day one, and still to this date i dont question myself why i bought one. I get enhanced games, a 4K Blu-ray player (£250-350) minimum for a half decent one standalone, as well as my back catalogue of games from the xb360.

For £450 big ones, no brainer

WickedLester205d ago

It's going to take a lot more than one E3 to win me over. MS is going to have to demonstrate to me an extended, consistent pattern of not only actually releasing exclusives but that they be critically successful. Furthermore they are going to have to show me a commitment to the single player, narrative-driven experience. All these online-driven "community" based games do not interest me in the slightest. This generation is lost for MS as far as I'm concerned. Sony and Nintendo literally cover every gaming need I have. To me, Xbox is just fighting for relevancy in the console gaming space. With each passing day and each badly reviewed title from them, I find it harder and harder for them to justify their existence in the console space. The services are nice and all. But I dont play services, I play games.