PC has an HDR support problem - and Nvidia wants to fix it

Richard Leadbetter:
At the forefront of gaming technology pretty much since the year dot, the PC format has fallen behind in one key area: support for high dynamic range - the future of display technology. HDR screens for PC users are thin on the ground and often poorly specced, while the list of supported games stands at less than 50 per cent of the number found on consoles.

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maybelovehate210d ago

It's not just the monitors. Windows 10 HDR Support is kind of trash. I hope they get it right. It works now, but it can be done much better.

FinalFantasyFanatic209d ago

I don't even turn it on when I connect my PC to the TV, disappointing.

maybelovehate209d ago

I turn it on but it sucks it isn’t automated better.

2pacalypsenow209d ago

Windows 10 barely even support 4k resolutions it’s scaling is trash.

maybelovehate209d ago

The os scaling is good but some apps fail to use dpi correctly.

narsaku210d ago

"pls buy our new now 100 dollar more graphic card so we can fund our car program."

DEEBO208d ago

They got their hands a.i too,
Just brought some stock,I got Faith in them.
I got some AMD stock too,so go! Buy those cards and monitors.

Killa78209d ago

The monitors being released cost an arm and a leg, better off waiting for adaptive sync to be built into TVs through hdmi 2.1.

Screw the nvidia tax.

morganfell209d ago

Nvidia has their own line coming out this year up to 65 inches.

Cobra951209d ago

15:02 - Oh, yes, you do have to watch out for Cincinnati wildlife, Rich. I've been there.

Cool vid, even without HDR. Thanks.

I'm still perfectly happy with normal HD and normal brightness range. This presentation was informative, but won't get me to part with any significant amount of cash. It looked fine on my old screen here.

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