Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date To Be Revealed Next Month

Kingdom Hearts 3 recently had a major preview event for the press. The event gave fans and press an opportunity to check out the game before it officially launches later this year. So far, Square Enix has still listed for a 2018 release but with no release date set for it.

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BeardedDrachen87d ago

Probably at Playstation,'s E3. Gonna be a hype conference

BeardedDrachen86d ago


What has your source been right about in the past?

rainslacker86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

For someone who always says they have a source, how are you always so wrong about so many things?

Also, given how often you relay your sources info, why would that source continue to trust you to keep feeding you so much sensitive information? Even industry insiders with hundreds of sources don't seem to get as many juicy rumors as you.

You should become a game journalist if you really have this much insider information. You could probably actually make a living at it.....of course, you're sources would have to be right....which they usually aren't based on your past comments.

narsaku87d ago

I didn't play the early games, and never will but I did watch an hour long history video to catch up on, "kinda", what happened.

...I'll probably give this game a try. Why not.

NecrumOddBoy86d ago

Good luck. I've played a majority of them and the story is so far long gone from making any sense that I have little faith they will rope it in here.

Prince_TFK86d ago

I wonder why they don’t just reboot the story. This game series is released on so many platforms that it is almost impossible for people to play all of them and get the story.

muttsurini86d ago

why would they can't get the story when all of the games are playable and watchable on the remastered version for the ps4.

Agent_00_Revan86d ago

You can get everything on the PS4 collection.

Movefasta199386d ago

Anybody who dislikes you is just a fanboy who won't admit that you need to go to YouTube to make sense of the story . Still great games but good lord

rainslacker86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

I've never really found the story complex. It's convoluted, but easy enough to follow because most of the story is just filler BS which can be ignored because it only exists to give new content for a new game. For the most part, anything outside the 2 main line games is pointless to the story and was just made to retcon things in that didn't make sense in the 2nd game, or give back story which wasn't even necessary to understand the plot regardless.


all the games are available on the PS3/4. 2 of which are just cut scene showings Outside the two main games though, you don't really need most of those DS/PSP games to actually understand what's going on. It's not really that hard to figure out that the antagonists are the bad guys, and their motivations are mostly pointless to Sora's story.

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FinalFantasyFanatic86d ago

You should pick up the HD collection of the games, I'm looking forward to this game. KH is generally one of the few games they haven't screwed up. Seriously, don't screw this up for me Square-Enix.

thatguyhayat86d ago

Praise the lord!! 10 damn years waiting for this, spin off after spin offs. This is to be Soras last game

Larrysweet86d ago

No he stated sora will always be main character. This is just end of dark seeker saga

thatguyhayat86d ago

Oooh, ah well but still finally

FinalFantasyFanatic86d ago

...Dark Seeker Saga? I'll admit I haven't kept up with the story or theories.

Adnanilyas2186d ago

don't believe it.......a release date???