New Kingdom Hearts 3 Screenshots Tease Beautiful Keyblade Transformations

Square Enix recently held a premiere event for Kingdom Hearts 3 letting the press and fans get a chance to play the game before it launches. Nomura also made an official announcement about the release date of the game being announced soon, aside from that, there was plenty of gameplay shared from the event.

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narsaku210d ago

That's what I love about cartoon graphics on this current gen. Since they aren't good enough to make games look real life yet the games that are semi-cartoon like Ratchet and Clank and this really shine. I'd say it almost looks Pixar quality. And because of that I expect it will age very well as time goes on.

FinalFantasyFanatic210d ago

I think when Ray Tracing becomes common and very possible we'll have a ridiculously life like look.

Name Last Name209d ago

I'm not liking these ridiculous-looking keyblade transformations

terrorofdeath209d ago

Game looks quite polished. I'd be hoping for an December 2018 release.

LinkMaster64X209d ago

I've been really wanting to play these games. Did the ports to PS3/4 have any problems?