Things in Minecraft you only notice as an adult

Perhaps because of its friendly look and anyone-can-play sensibility, it's been hugely successful with kids…which means their parents have had to endure an untold number of conversations about Minecraft and having to watch their kids play the game. Naturally, adults have a very different take on the game — they may see things that only time, experience, and an aged, world-weary eye can reveal. Here's a look at some of the silly, dark, and just plain weird things in Minecraft that only adults notice.

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Zeke68206d ago

"In 2009, a bored computer programmer and video game designer named Magnus Persson — soon to be better known by his alias, "Notch" — quietly released a charmingly low-resolution project called Minecraft."

You should know his name is Markus, not Magnus before you write your piece and post it for the whole world to see. Shame on you author..