Inside Xbox Episode 3 News Recap

This episode was full of a variety of projects Xbox is working on, like new content coming soon to Sea of Thieves and updates to The Master Chief Collection, as well as the official reveal of a specially designed controller allowing more gamers to enjoy video games despite any restrictions they may have.

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128d ago
butchertroll128d ago

Jokes were train wreck. Jeez

DigitalRaptor128d ago


He tried the "I can't just flip a switch" joke. I get he's trying to seem self-aware to fans, but that was just awful.

RainbowBrite128d ago

I like this. Sony should do something like this. I wonder what would they use instead of green Peter Pan guy

128d ago
Aceman18128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

They did back during PS3 days I forgot what it was called but it was hosted by some lady. I think it ran for a year before ending.

DigitalRaptor128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

Good lord this format is cringeworthy. Embarrassing.

"Here's some updates on some mediocre games".