This Sephiroth Cosplay Brings the One-Winged Angel to Life

CB writes: "My first gaming boyfrien ... I mean, Sephiroth from the legendary Final Fantasy franchise has been an icon for the series since his first debut back with Final Fantasy VII. The Super Soldier was a source of strife for characters like Cloud (see what I did there) and a source of fangirl swooning for the game's players (hi!). As a huge fan of this character and his story arc within the franchise, when I saw the below cosplay I couldn't just not share it. It's a moral obligation, you understand."

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TricksterArrow206d ago

It's not a sexy girl. We don't care.

FunAndGun206d ago

Hmmm, you clicked and commented...come on, you are obviously 'curious' a lititle bit. ^_^

Snookies12206d ago (Edited 206d ago )

Lol, you want a sexy female Sephiroth...? Uh... Why?

Platformgamer206d ago

male cosplays aren't news neither