E3 2018 | Predictions for Nintendo

GotGame predicts what Nintendo may have to announce at E3 2018. Nintendo has the most potential for surprises, so it should be a good show this year.

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crazyCoconuts212d ago

Epic announcing Fortnite for the Switch? That would go over well...

TheEspiownage212d ago

It’s pretty likely, I mean Minecraft went over well and if Fortnite is on phones, nothing holding that one back.

DivineAssault 212d ago

You think nintendo fans will gravitate toward a game like fortnite?

crazyCoconuts211d ago

Small sample size, but both my kids who play Fortnite on tablets and PS4 can't wait for it to come out on Switch. As they grow up they're looking for more Rocket League/Fortnite and less Mario Kart

TheEspiownage211d ago

Older fans, no. Younger fans that play trends, definitely. It didn’t make the prediction list but Fortnite on switch is practically guaranteed. Maybe not at E3, but it’s definitelt in planning stages.

DivineAssault 212d ago (Edited 212d ago )

Metroid prime 4, Bayonetta 3, Smash bros, & either pokemon or fire emblem. Fingers crossed for the latter but pokemon makes them boatloads of cash.. Combine those earnings with smash and nintendo will have it easy for the rest of this gen.. Oh and maybe a 3ds game or 2 as well as some nindies