State of Decay 2 CheatCC Review

Undead Labs has a tall order - to deliver a noteworthy exclusive for the Microsoft platform that desperately needs them. But will the bargain price allow many to enjoy this slice of death on the cheap?

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showtimefolks207d ago

another high class exclusive by ms. Wait wasn't this game delayed like 6 months to give developers more time what did they use their time on?

RpgSama207d ago

It must've been an unplayable mess last year if now it's like this

showtimefolks207d ago (Edited 207d ago )

to be quite honest i don't blame MS on this they tried giving more time to both this studio and rare but what the heck were these studios wasting their time/resources on if their games weren't good. I do blame ms for mismanaging these studios they should know what's going on

most publishers have these reviewers who will review the game before launch to let the publishers know what are the pros and cons i mean MS must have been told about both SOT and now SOD2 yet they released their games anyway