Gamers for this video game league train harder than some pro athletes

Blizzard Entertainment's Overwatch League is emulating major league sports but for gamers.

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Nacho_Z182d ago

"They all spend time working with nutritionists, they work on their sleep schedule, all the things you'd expect a high powered athlete in any sport to do, but the training that they do during the day is playing Overwatch."

So no, they aren't training harder than any athlete. Eating well and sleeping isn't training.

Fist4achin182d ago

I would beg to differ that proper sleep and eating are actually a huge part of a professional athlete's training. Definitely just as or maybe even more important than the training itself as it is a much needed balanced regime to stay properly focused, rested, healed, and energized.

I don't think these guys can hang with any professional athlete on a physical level on whatever sport, but they are definitely on a much higher level than the majority of us and that is extremely taxing on the mind and body.

Nacho_Z182d ago

I lift weights and while nutrition and rest are important parts of it, if I didn't actually pick up a dumbbell I'd never have put on an ounce of muscle.

Kokyu182d ago (Edited 182d ago )

You've obviously never been an athlete training for competition. There is nothing taxing on the body about sitting on your ass playing games. As an actually competitor in an Olympic sport (Judo) your statement makes me laugh.

They may be good but they arent athletes competitors sure but not Athletes.

Fist4achin182d ago

@ kokyu

You obviously make assumptions that do not not know what I'm talking about as far as being an athlete. 2 ironmans to completion, 2 marathons, and numerous obstacle races all to completion.

I'm not talking about the physical demands of sitting on your ass playing a game. I'm talking about the focus needed to overcome another. That focus is the same as needed elsewhere. That's why you're not making a living professionally gaming.

AnubisG182d ago (Edited 182d ago )

Based on this I'm training harder than a pro athlete as well because I have a sleep schedule too and I eat healthy.

Can we stop with this nonsense? Pro gamers are not athletes!!! Put them in a ring with a pro athlete, a muay thai fighter...they will be eaten alive. Put them on a soccer field...they won't last 5 minutes without colapsing. Put them in a pool with waterpolo players, they will drown in a matter of minutes.

Being an athlete is a physically demanding endevor and it's something the average population can't do. Being a pro gamer is something ANYONE can do.

Stop comparing these talentless people to athletes. It's an insult to athletes and to our intelligence as well.
Playing video games is not a sport!!!! Damn it!!

It's like saying that a whore on the streer corner is just like a supermodel. Just NO.

Fist4achin182d ago (Edited 182d ago )

This is where I will beg to differ from your opinion. These guys play a game on a level much higher than the majority of us. While gaming is something you can log a ton of hours and get good, but for some they are naturally good and can pick up a keyboard/controller and wipe the floor with everyone else. There is a reason why some of these guys get paid serious amounts for professional gaming.

I might compare what these guys do to something like professional golf, Olympic level archery, or curling. Sure they might not be able to hang with many on those sports you mentioned, but I can guarantee that not many can hang with these guys in whatever game they are a pro in.

Nacho_Z182d ago

I think pushing the athletes tag for pro gamers does them more harm then good because it makes them look foolish just as it's becoming popular. Just come up with a snappy word for competitive pro gamers and drop all the sports and athletic references and it will have more credibility.

ghostrider32182d ago

Wow, lay off the weed and stop insulting pro athletes.