Why Minecraft 2 Makes So Much Sense

Jacob St-Amour from Link-Cable Writes: "Mojang introduced Minecraft to gamers all the way back in 2009 and almost a decade has passed since its release and it is still considered a gaming phenomenon with more than 28 million copies sold worldwide. Its superb sales have led gaming giant in Microsoft to purchase the franchise and reaping the benefits of one of the popular titles dating back to the last generation. The series has been featured on a variety of platforms and in other media which has helped keep this gaming giant near the top. With all the success that surrounds the franchise, it is easy to imagine the potential for a sequel to Minecraft."

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PhoenixUp216d ago

Mojang still seems like a one trick pony

maybelovehate215d ago

Minecraft is their business. I don't think that is a bad thing. They are maintaining codebases on all consoles, all PC's, even bad ones, phones, tablets. They have education platforms built off Minecraft etc. This isn't your normal game, this is a full time business.

3-4-5215d ago

Minecraft 2 would have to increase the art style/graphics quality & add a ton of different styles and content.

500+ different block types, more music by C418, better shading and lighting. Just improve everything, but keep the same flow,style and feel of the game.

UCForce216d ago

I don’t know if Mojang willingly to make a another sequel.

FallenAngel1984216d ago

Why would Mojang make a sequel after doing so much work on building upon the original game? It’d be a huge undertaking trying to outperform the original, plus so many people are going to still be invested in the original that it’d just create a whole swath of comparisons between Minecraft and its sequel.

TheCommentator215d ago (Edited 215d ago )

Agreed. Mojang doesn't seem to have any problems adding new content to Minecraft, it's just taken them forever to get all the different versions aligned into one working version instead. Now that priorities are taken care of though I expect more content updates to follow. A couple additions I'd really like to see:

-Vertical slab placement and possibly "mini blocks" (where 8 mini's would form one regular block).
-A new form of redstone that can be buried into a block (like building circuits in Terraria).

FTLmaster216d ago

I think it would be silly for Mojang to make MC2 now. Wait a few more years when the buzz has died down, then announce a sequel and inject some new life into the IP. No brainer.

Kinda pointless making a sequel right now.

maybelovehate215d ago

Honestly that would kill Minecraft. Just keep building on the platform already there.

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