Take-Two Comments on Challenges of Potential PS5 Transition in 2020; PC Is "Very, Very Important"

Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick was asked to comment on the company's outlook if PS5 launches in the near future, and confirmed the importance on PC.

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ArchangelMike212d ago

Reading in between the lines
(1) they haven't got any dev kits or specs for a possible PS5
(2) Red Dead 2 will release on PC
(3) there will be another traditional console generation

IamTylerDurden1212d ago

Rumors that PS5 dev kits already went out to select devs.

mikeslemonade212d ago

That’s why you make gta6 for ps4, not the lame red dead 2.

rainslacker212d ago (Edited 212d ago )

There are no dev kits yet because Sony likely hasn't even locked down final specs yet. If it was releasing next year, then they probably still wouldn't have dev kits out until sometime next year. They may pass out spec sheets so devs can tune their game closer to what the final specs can be.

At best, assuming a release next year, engine makers may have some details in order to start writing stuff into what the other developers will need when the dev kits finally do release.

There isn't a single substantiated or reliable source which has said that there are dev kits in the wild. Probably just some random people making crap up.

DarXyde212d ago

Ask yourself:

If true, why skip Take Two?

WilliamSheridan212d ago

If it was releasing next year, there definitely would be dev kits out by now. The fact that no one actually has dev kits shows it's over 2 years away. The first party and big devs would have them 2 years ahead

stefan_771212d ago

Didn't the guy who claimed the dev kits were out get it very wrong about when the Spyro remaster would be announced?

Obscure_Observer212d ago


Well, you can´t deny that the fact the Shawn Layden´s statements on what PS4 fans should expect from Sony´s presentation at E3 2018 regarding first party games announcements, brings some valid concerns on what to expect from Sony´s future support regarding the PS4.

rainslacker212d ago


Why can't I deny that I'd be concerned at the moment? If that's all they show at E3, then sure, I would probably start to wonder what's going on, and likely would expect a PS5 sooner than I do now. Sony has a track record though, and that track record affords them more faith.

But all Sony did was say they're going to go in depth with those games. They didn't say that was all they were going to show. I know they will likely show stuff that they have marketing deals with from other publishers as that's typical. I don't know if they'll show any new games though, because they may save that for PSX kind of like they did last year where they pretty much just repeated what they showed from before with just a couple new things.

Sorry to disappoint you. If it makes you feel better, I'll pretend to be concerned.

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lelo2play212d ago

Red Dead 2 will release on PC... unfortunately it will be a year or two later then the console release.

psynetik212d ago

Source? Apart from your ass, I mean.

ShellB212d ago

Yeah I can see it. R* wants those double or even triple dips.

Internetratnik212d ago (Edited 212d ago )

Otherwise, ur right hhh

jmc8888212d ago

Well hopefully that means RDR2 isn't too long of a wait on PC past the consoles. A few months, if necessary, but I don't want to see them trying to wait 1-3 years after.

Cmv38212d ago

Or you could just get a ps4 or x box. Ain't that the same thing pc elitist tell console players.

Xristo212d ago

Come on, PC gamers were happy games like Diablo 3 and Divinity: Original Sin were going to consoles... well at least this PC gamer was. I couldn't care less since I own a PS4 Pro also. The more platforms, the more money for more development. Us PC gamers just like the options available when a game comes out on PC optimized. Things like resolution, FPS, mods, and controller/mouse choices.

pyroxxx212d ago

depends what too long means

Kabaneri212d ago

That 5 will not look good with "PS" font, the logo should be "PSV".

battletrax212d ago

That could confuse people who think PSV equals PS Vita. And cause a huge loss of sales like the wii u.

Just kidding. The ps5 will sell millions upon millions.

The 10th Rider212d ago

Obviously they should go with binary: PS0101

OmnislashVer36212d ago

Agreed, the 4 looked nice but 5 I have a hard time seeing.

paintedgamer1984212d ago

Lol i know right? Qt some point one would think they would call it playstation something else instead of ps5 ps6 ps7 lol

Stanjara212d ago

Logo is messed up. You turn around letter p and draw a line of an s so that is in the font type. It looks good. Symmetrical.

letsa_go212d ago

Whoever created that PS5 logo needs to retake their graphics art classes!

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TheColbertinator212d ago

PC is always important and has been since the beginning of video games

monochromer212d ago

Yep. Nothing like those laughable PC ports of console games two years later. ;)

TheOptimist212d ago

I love that he used the term platform-agnostic.