Destiny 2 Development Roadmap - 05/16/2018

Game Director Christopher Barrett:

Now that Warmind has officially launched, we're ready to add some additional details to the upcoming roadmap. There are a lot of eagerly awaited updates that are scheduled to arrive in September, and we’ll tell you more about those in the coming months, including our plans for year two of Destiny 2. But this summer won’t just be spent playing the waiting game. We'll be delivering the Prestige modes you’ve been waiting for, bringing back Bounties, providing quality of life fixes, and more. In addition, we're launching a new seasonal event called ‘Solstice of Heroes’ where Guardians will celebrate their accomplishments and, of course, earn sweet new rewards.

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irishyort185d ago

Well Season 2 looks like a nice revamp. Pity most of my friends have left. I picked it up again just before Warmind and PvP is definitely better with the exotic weapon changes, but I still feel you need to use them to make it better. Thats a bit late for my friends, i'm learning to like it a bit more now. September is a long time away though!

DevilishSix185d ago

If Bungie pulls this same crap with Destiny 3, by tearing everything away from the game then add it back later like they improving the game, then D3 will be dead on arrival.

Sam Fisher185d ago

D3 should be dead on arrival, do me wrong once shame on you, twice? Shame on me.

madforaday185d ago

Personally, I think D1 was a test game for what they want for the future of Destiny. They wanted to see how people will play the game and what people actually wanted (hardcore AND casual gamer).

D2 was just that, a game to slowly bring the casuals into the game. Of course, that was at the cost of the hardcore gamer. The more I see what they are doing the more I see they are cleaning everything up and balacning things out for the hardcore and casual gamer.

Destiny 3 (in theory) should be THE game they wanted to make all along. If they scratch everything off AGAIN, that will be the end of Destiny, in my opinion, well at least for me. Destiny should have been a service game. Just make one of them and add to it non stop with free updates and paid expansions.

DevilishSix185d ago

I for one thought that is what we were supposed to get from the original franchise reveal. A 10 year game that they would expand on and as Bungie stated "create a character and become legend". Well that only works when you don't take our stuff away like they did from D1 to D2. D2 should have been an expansion for $40 and added to what we already had in D1. instead they slapped a two on it and sold it for $60 and $100 if you went in blindly on the dlc. Now there is now continuity as a franchise since D1 and D2 are like stand alone games when it should all be merged together. The original idea was great but they have not executed on the original idea.

tombfan185d ago

Year 2 season 1... another Season pass for $40 bucks :D

SirBradders185d ago

The string of updates a second expansion is an improvement but they better blow it out the water with the larger expansion or the game will truly have the final nail in the coffin.

JeffGUNZ185d ago

So Year 2 Season 1 is close to where D1 ended. Neat. Can't wait for the Division 2. I just pray to god that Massive sees how 1.8 made the division amazing and don't go do a Bungie and tear down what worked and make a barebones game.