Grand Theft Auto V Shipments Pass 95 Million Units

Grand Theft Auto V has passed over 95 million shipments as of March 31st, 2018.

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Nyxus63d ago

Insane, this game is untouchable in terms of sales.

IamTylerDurden163d ago

I have no interest in GTAV or GTAO. Online is to thank for why we won't receive a new GTA this gen. R* needs to go back to shipping games. I shutter to think how GTAO will impact future R* games.

2pacalypsenow63d ago

We’re getting RDR 2. I’d rather have that than GTA 6.

Cmv3863d ago

So you want rockstar to just release games just to fit some notion or quota in a generation? So it's not about quality for you....

D3TH_D33LR63d ago

Lol ok well we know you aren’t one of the 95 million but good for you?

UCForce63d ago

Yeah, this is very old game and still selling like crazy.

FallenAngel198463d ago

As much as I want to congratulate this game, this title is basically the sole reason we haven’t had a new game from Rockstar since 2013

PapaBop63d ago

And if RDR 2 turns out to be a GOTY contender? I like to think that the success of GTA 5 has just meant that it's given Rockstar the opportunity to make RDR 2 the best game it can possibly be free from worrying about Take Two breathing down their necks to release it faster to bring in revenue. At the end of the day, they still have all their employees on their payroll for the last five years so they had to be doing something.

FallenAngel198463d ago

Rockstar is more than just a developer, they’re a huge publisher. One of the top publishers in the industry.

They can devote as much time as needed to make a project the best it can be, but that shouldn’t mean it should come as a detriment to producing other new titles in the meantime.

Think of all the other IPs they have that aren’t Red Dead that have just been lying dormant because Rockstar can only be bothered to focus on only two franchises at a time.

Rockstar could at least even outsource development to keep their other franchises relevant as well as creating new IPs altogether.

UCForce63d ago

Rockstar is focusing on Red Dead Redemption 2. It willl be a long time to see new GTA.

stefan_77163d ago

Rockstar have numerous studios and GTA is their biggest franchise. I doubt it will miss a generation

PhoenixUp63d ago

Bring on any new game from Rockstar aside from RDR2 in general

DivineAssault 63d ago

Thats mind blowing.. Imagine all the microtransaction money they pulled in.. Yep

SickSinceSix63d ago

I've already bought it on 3 different platforms, not spending a cent on any of those shark cards though.

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