The God of War Problem – Interpreting a Masterpiece

As gaming continues to evolve, is it time to focus our criticism on its subjective aspects? And what exactly is the God of War problem?

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fei-hung215d ago

Disagree with the writer here. The story isn't given in its usual Manor where it is drip fed to you like when being given a bed time story or when watching a normal film. Similar to souls there is a narrative and the player can get as much or as little out of it as they please.

Similar to one of the greatest collection of stories ever told, Alf Layla Wa Layla aka 1001 Arabian Nights, it has an overarching story with little stories thrown in that flesh out the world, it's myths and legends, it's secrets and the fantastical.

The stories within the game and ways and means they are delivered are naturally told and masterfully woven into gameplay and quite moments to teach you about the history of individuals, it's locations and habitants.

The main story although simple, broadens out as the game progresses and blooms incorporating some of the smaller and larger side stories you've been given. It allows you to learn about the past, present and what might be coming in the feature.

The simple act and meaning of the World Serpent taking a large chuck of the Thor statue is a great example of a tidbit of information having greater depth and meaning than just a statue being destroyed.

As an example, The Lord of the Rings has a moment where the last horn is being blown. For most it means little other than the final battle cry. For those who have studied Abrahamic Faiths know the significance of it being rooted in over millenia of religion and prophecies. The meaning goes beyond the simple act of a horn being blown. Similar to Gandalf returning as Gandalf the white as the first light of dawn.

Not everyone will appreciate or understand the brilliance of how this story has been crafted and the different ways it has been fleshed out since not everyone will get it. In the same way not everyone appreciates poetry and what the significance of the words are. Or paintings and what the meaning of colours and shapes may signify beyond just seeing a circle or the colour red, but that doesn't make it any less of a masterpiece or any weaker in its story.

KiloFive215d ago

I don't criticize the story we're given in the side-quests, but rather the gameplay of those missions. And more importantly, it's the main questline story that has a lot of issues as I've explained in the piece. That is the major negative for me about the narrative to the point where I stopped caring about the side-quests.