Inside Xbox One X Enhanced: Below

The original Xbox One X upgrade of our engine and the game itself took about a week to get up and running at 4k with higher frame rates than the Xbox One. Beyond that it was lots of optimization and tweaking.

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gangsta_red214d ago

It's about time this game release soon. Can't wait, along with Ashen too.

omegaheat214d ago (Edited 214d ago )

Xbox OneX enhanced? What? I love Xbox, but there must be something more than meets the eye about this game that hasn't registered with my eyes. What's there to enhance; the game looks like it can be be displayed in 4K on mobile devices. C'mon, Xbox One and One X are capable of so much more than this. I first saw this game in 2013, do the devs have part time jobs or something?

gangsta_red214d ago

They stopped working on the game to do some other game for whatever reason.

But yea, not really worried about the enhanced part myself.