Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition Review - IGN

This Zelda game in the style of Dynasty Warriors has all the fun and virtually none of the performance issues of its predecessors.

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Zeldafan6436d ago

Seems metacritic score for this will be in the high 70s which is where I figured it would be.

Grilla36d ago

Yeah it’s crap, I don’t know who they make these dynasty warrior type games for. I never liked em.

shuvam0936d ago (Edited 36d ago )

So devs should only make games for you then???

Outlawzz36d ago

They make it for fans of the genre

FlyingFoxy36d ago

Grilla can't count i guess, many seem to think that a 7.x score is bad, 6 is average and 7 is good so anything above there is decent if you enjoy the type of game. Plus taste differs, that's why scores change depending on the website. I don't pay that much attention to scores unless it's a terribly low score.. too many sheep these days.

Grilla35d ago

My opinion of this game is not based on the IGN score. I owned it on the Wii U. I tried to like it. The gameplay is shallow and the combat isn’t satisfying at all. Plus the graphics suck

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milkshake236d ago

Most Musou type of games get around 75-ish on metacritic. It's been like that for years.

DivineAssault 36d ago

I really liked this game.. FE warriors as well.. A good 8/10 in my book since you can change characters on the fly in this one

Zeldafan6436d ago

Changing characters on the fly would bump it to an 8.5 for me. Not being able to do so is my biggest complaint in the Wii U version.

DivineAssault 35d ago

Ehhhh maybe but its not like FE where you can send your officers to defeat specific enemies.. You can switch to whoever is closest to your goal though.. 8-8.5 is about right for this game.. But like you, i disliked the wii u version because it was like a beta of what they were going to do.. Some of the characters are too over the top but thats what these games are about..

OnDec7636d ago

7.5 really?, IGN arw haters, this game is more like an 8.5 9.0

milkshake236d ago

What now IGN? Too much characters to choose from?

wonderfulmonkeyman35d ago

Having all the content in one place instead of divided into two versions really makes this worth the re-purchase.
And although the two extra costumes isn't that much of an extra at all, it's still better than nothing new at all.

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