PlayStation Vita: What's Already Dead Cannot Die

So, developers won't be able to release their games physically on the PlayStation Vita soon. So what? It's really not a big issue.

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Nyxus185d ago

Limited Run Games has been releasing physical Vita games on a monthly basis.

Yodagamer185d ago

The article isn't saying there aren't any releases, but Sony has been reported as saying that they'll stop production on physical Vita games next year.

getbacktogaming185d ago

Seems like everyone has been supporting the Vita better than Sony! Sold mine so I moved on...

mikeslemonade185d ago

Thank you. The vita had died more than 3 years ago but there’s triggered fans on this site that won’t accept it lol

crazyCoconuts185d ago

Article headline doesn't match with the closing statement . Is it alive or dead?
Anyway, yea Sony could have dedicated more $ into 1st party to keep it alive in the same way Nintendo does. But I believe the real problem is what Sony stated earlier: Mobile gaming. It turned handheld consoles into a niche. And while the Switch is doing well now, they'll suffer from the same challenges after the honeymoon is over...

AmstradAmiga185d ago

See the similarity in what Sony say about mobile gaming and what MS say about single player games? When these companies f**k up everything else is to blame but them.

Sony made so many missteps with the Vita which is why many punters were put off. Its like they learnt nothing from the PSP.

crazyCoconuts185d ago

What kind of missteps? Not enough games?

AmstradAmiga185d ago

The first major misstep was introducing another proprietary storage format...then pricing it unrealistically.

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DivineAssault 185d ago

Western developed games died off for it but not the east.. Memory cards, L2/R2, are why it failed i think.. It was a great machine back then.. Switch is like its spiritual successor for me anyway..

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